Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Falconry and Reese Cups

Spino made a really great post about Falconry!  
They use these beautiful birds to hunt prey.

This gave me an idea! 

Maybe I could train a Falcon to hunt and collect Wild Reese Cups for me!!

So I got a Falcon and Said
"Bring me a Reese Cup Snack!"

He must've thought I said "Snake"


It wasn't even chocolate

Ok, so maybe Falcons are not really too Smart.

Everyone Knows if you want a
Smart Bird

You Get an Owl!

I Told Him To Bring me Something
Brown and Delicious!


Ok, that didn't work either...........Bleh

I had to resort to placing an ad for a

Well Trained Retrieving Bird

I only had One Response,

This Dude showed up:

With a Rooster

I said, Can He Fly?

(Because we Know Wild Reese Cups
are in the Highest Tops of Trees!)

He said
"Don't Be Ridiculous!  Roosters Can't Fly!"

"They Swim"


Just as I was about to Give Up All Hope,

I heard a Frail Voice Speak to Me

"Don't Worry Yerself Ther Tiggerkat!
I  Ken Helps Ya Get Yer Reese Cups"

I looked down and there was
this Ancient Looking Squirrel

With A Walker.......

I Almost Fell to the Ground in Laughter!

Then Suddenly There was a gust of Wind and a Flash of Gray!

That Old Squirrel was at the top of a Tree in a Split Second!

Then He Came Down with a.......


He Did It!!



Ate  It !

**Burp !!**

**Sighs Heavily**


  1. Never trust a squirrel. Never.

  2. you can always put glue to make it easier to climb a tree!*starts spraying glue on the tree*

  3. Yay tiggy have to waste. Few more years for me

  4. umm tiggy i was climbing up the try you glued me on the tree... ouch


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