Thursday, July 26, 2012

A Great Day for Water Skiing!

Another Hot Day in Belize,

Another Excuse to Hit the Water!!

Today We Ski!!

I am such a Great Water Skier, I don't need Skis!   Or  A Boat!

Reese Is A Great Water Skier Too!

Peanut Butter Doesn't like Skiing, Too Tame for Him

He Likes ParaSailing over the River!

Poor Cup, He really Wanted to Go!

But I was Afraid some Fish Might Confuse Him with Lunch,

So Cup Stayed on the Beach

This is Reese Puff's First Ski Adventure!!

He did Great!!

Kit Kat Skied Too

(She thinks she's Stylin' in that Yellow Cap!! *snicker*)

To Be Honest, Kit Kat is pretty Good!

Here she is with her Friend!

Kit Kat's Pup, Yorkie was too young to ski,
She played in the water near the Beach

There were Lots of People Skiing Out There Today!!

Sandy Cheeks Was Showing Off Her Moves!!

These Chicks are Awesome!!

(They were driving all the Roosters crazy with their moves!!)


Moose the Goose Did a little Skiing too

And even Maurice was out and about today!

And Uncle Melman was there too!!

And my Good Friend Ellie!!

(But I think, sadly, the boat wasn't powerful enough to pull her)

My Mom had a great time skiing with her friends!

And my Dad, the Adrenaline Junkie did too!


And Dad's Brother,
My Uncle Bob.....


Not the most skillful one in the family.........

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