The Great Candy War of 1492

Chapter One

It was a dark and stormy night.  Tiggerkat shuddered under the covers of her bed.  She thought back on how long it had been since she had her last Reese Cup.  Too long  she thought to herself  At most its been 15 minutes,   How can a Tigger function under such conditions!

“Reese!”  Tiggerkat called.  The happy brown and tigger striped puppy bounded to her bedside. “Fetch me a Reese Cup!”   Reese happily complied.  He bounded out of the room as Tiggerkat waited.

And waited.

And waited.

This isn’t right!  Tiggerkat began to worry.   “Peanut Butter!”  Tiggerkat called.  A creamy tan piglet yawned from his bed, stretched his stubby legs and looked angrily over at Tiggerkat.   “Where’s Reese?  Go find Reese, Peanut Butter!”  The piglet glared at Tiggerkat, rolled his eyes and rolled back over returning to his slumber.

Hmmpff!  Worthless!  Thought Tiggerkat.    She looked over at a small cage on the night stand.   A little brown and white hamster ran furiously on his wheel.  He didn’t even break his stride as he glanced at Tiggerkat with that look that said, “Don’t even think about it!”

Now she would have to get out of bed herself and get that Reese Cup and maybe find Reese in the process.   Worthless pets! she thought grumblily to herself again.

She turned on the lights to the hall and worked her way through the treehouse to her secret stash…..the jar that held her Reese Cups was broken, on the floor.  Tiggerkat gasped! 

There was evidence all around the kitchen of a scuffle, and the trail ended at cardboard box, turned over so that it’s open end was facing the floor.  Hobbe’s Time Machine?  Tiggerkat remembered she had yet to return the time machine to Hobbes.  Tiggerkat had gone into the future… wasn’t pretty.  She shuddered as she remembered her recent blog post about it.   

Tiggerkat looked under the box…..there was one small reese cup, not hardly the numbers that there should be for the size stash Tiggerkat knew she had.  Someone has stolen my Reese Cups and taken them and Reese into some other place and Time!  Tiggerkat thought, alarmed.  She popped the last Reese cup into her mouth for safe keeping and looked at the crayola inscribed markings of the Time Machines Dashboard.  “1492" was the read out in bright primary colors.  Why would someone take my dog and Reese stash to 1492 ???  Tiggerkat wondered.

Chapter Two

Tiggerkat sat, staring at the Time Machine Box, stupefied.    A small hoof touched her shoulder.  She turned to see Peanut Butter.  He was wearing his Explorer outfit, Cup fitted neatly in a back pack, nose twitching at Tiggerkat expectantly.   Tiggerkat smiled.  “You’re right, Peanut Butter!  It’s no use just sitting here wondering what to do!  We need to go after Reese and that Reese Cup / Dognapping thief!”  Tiggerkat boldly exclaimed.   Cup squeaked in delight as Peanut Butter high –fived….uh...high-hoofed Tiggerkat.  The team crawled into the box and pushed the “GO” scribbled and circled in Green.

The box fluttered and shuttered and swirled around the team.  There was a slight hum and pale purple glow at the seams of the box. The three began to float within the box, suspended in some space-time continuum…they sensed time and space swirling past them even though they could actually not see or feel a thing.  There was also a foul stench of chocolate covered wafers!  Kit Kat!  Tiggerkat realized.  Yes this does seem like something my little sister would do Tiggerkat thought to herself.    Peanut Butter and Cup were holding their noses with a grimace.  They knew too, who the dastardly villain was.

The box came to a standstill and became dark and quiet.  When the group peered out from under the box they found themselves to be in a small dark room with stone floors and walls, lit only with a small torch.  “I think we are in some kind of castle”  Tiggerkat spoke.  Cup squeaked at Tiggerkat.  “Ok Cup, you can go on reconnaissance, see what you can learn of our situation here in 1492.   Peanut Butter and I will secure this location as our camp base”.  Cup scurried from the room, Peanut Butter examined the walls and floor of the small room.   Tiggerkat looked for clues to the whereabouts of her Reese Cups and dog Reese.

Akumu came to the past because Kit Kat is the ruler of the world in her time and the people of the future are organizing a rebellion. When she heard about Tiggerkat's Reese Cups being stolen, she came to help out

Chapter Three

About an hour later the door creaked open, waking up…...I mean alerting Tiggerkat and Peanut Butter.   In bounded Reese, a very happy striped puppy who bounced into Tiggerkat’s lap and began licking her all over her face and neck.   There  was a sudden flash of light and smoke and a Court Jester came in somersaulting.  She was dressed in black with blue diamonds and her fingernails were painted purple.  

She presented Tiggerkat with Cup pulled magically from her sleeve and then the Jester began to shimmer and fade.  Standing in place of the jester was a wolf that was black with a white star on her forehead and black wings with blue wing membrane and purple claws on the tips.   She smiled and said “My name is Akumu.” 

Tiggerkat eyed her with suspicion.  “Relax, Tiggerkat!  I’m on your side! I’m here to help you find your Reese Cups and stop Kit Kat from ruling the world!”  

Tiggerkat stammered, “How…how..?  How do you know about that?   What were you doing with Reese??  Where is Kit Kat?  AND WHERE ARE MY REESE CUPS!”  Tiggerkat was in a frenzied state.

Akumu smiled.  “ Let me explain.  I am from  the 31st century.  I came to the past because Kit Kat is the ruler of the world in her time and the people of the future are organizing a rebellion. When I learned about your  Reese Cups being stolen, I came to help out here in 1492 and thought I could at the same time stop Kit Kat from taking over the world in the future!”    Peanut Butter approached Akumu and studied her closely with a magnifying lens.  Akumu smiled again.  “I arrived here before you, about 2 weeks ago and got a job as the court jester.  I was practicing my juggling in the court yard when Reese came bounding in wanting to play fetch.”

Tiggerkat glared at Reese.  “You let Kit Kat get away didn’t you?!  Just because you saw a bouncy ball you just couldn’t focus on saving my Reese cups, you just had to go play, didn’t you?!”  Reese wagged his tail and licked Tiggerkat again.   Tiggerkat sat back and sighed, “How am I EVER going to get my Reese Cups back?!”

Akumu hugged Tiggerkat.  “Don’t worry, I have a plan”  she said.

Chapter Four

“First, we have to get you out of here”  said Akumu.  “But we will have to disguise you somehow.  Tiggers are not very common in these times!”   Peanut Butter held out his back pack to Akumu.  “What’s this?” she asked as she looked inside and saw disguises “Perfect!  Good job Peanut Butter!  I can see you are the brains in this operation!” 

“Hey!”  said Tiggerkat angrily.  “Who do you think taught him such resourcefulness?!”  Peanut Butter rolled his eyes then bowed at Tiggerkat.  Akumu laughed and shape shifted back into a Court Jester. 

“Ok, Cup can hide in the back pack.  Reese—let’s put this on you”  Akumu gave Reese a black and blue scarf  that matched her outfit. “There, you look like you belong to me and are part of the act!”   Reese bounced all around the room showing off his new scarf.   “Ok, Peanut Butter, you can follow me, its not uncommon for people to bring piglets to market”  Peanut Butter shot Akumu a look of alarm.  “No, no, no!  Don’t worry, you are not going to market!!  I’m just saying that you will blend in as you are!’  Peanut Butter continue to look at Akumu suspiciously.

“And what about me?” Tiggerkat asked impatiently. 

Akumu looked Tiggerkat up and down.  “Hmmmmm”  Akumu rubbed her chin.   “Here!  Put this on”

Tiggerkat accepted the red ball from Akumu and looked at her dully “A clown nose? Seriously?”

Akumu smiled.  “With all your bouncing around it will be easy to pass you off as a clown!  And if you want your Reese Cups back, then you will need to wear it.”   With that Tiggerkat grudgingly put on the big red clown nose. 

How humiliatin’  Tiggerkat though to herself.

Akumu led the group down the stairs and out of the castle.  The sun was just beginning to rise and the guards were asleep, so it was easy getting out.  Akumu quickly ushered them across the courtyard and markets to the wall that surrounded the castle.  “Now what?”  asked Tiggerkat.

“Watch this!”  smiled Akumu.  She released Cup into a small hole in the wall.  A few seconds later the gate lowered, Cup popped out of the hole and the group left the castle, crossed the moat on that the gate now bridged and then slipped into the forest.

Chapter Five:

The group finally came to a stop in a small clearing deep in the forest.
“Ok, we’re safe here” said Akumu who then shape shifted back into the wolf with black and glue wings.
“How do you do that?!”  Tiggerkat asked in wonder.
Akumu smiled and said, “I’m from the future, there are shape shifter in the future.”
Tiggerkat’s eyes grew wide.  “Tell me more about the future!”  she asked.

Akumu began, “Well, Earth has been finally cleaned up and is completely unpolluted because everything runs on solar, wind, water, and nuclear fission power. They use hydrogen for gasoline and there are also lots of electric cars. People can even fly little miniature plane hovercraft helicopter thingies to travel great distances”

“Like what kind of distances?” Tiggerkat asked, her eyes as big as saucers.

“Well, people can use them to go on vacation to anywhere in the universe.  Oh, and aliens have been discovered…”   Tiggerkat gasped and clung to Peanut Butter in fear.  “Don’t worry!”  Akumu laughed, “ they are friendly”

Tiggerkat looked suspicious.  “Do they like Reese Cups?” 

”No” responded Akumu, “So your Reese Cups are safe!”  Then she frowned.  “Well, not exactly”

“What do you mean??!!!!”  Tiggerkat grew alarmed.
“It’s Kit Kat………remember, you had a glimpse of the future!  She takes over the world and she……uh, she…….bans all Reese Cups”.

Tiggerkat fainted.

Chapter Six:

A splashing bucket of cold water hit Tiggerkat right between the eyes.  She jumped, sputtered and her furry hackles raised.   “Who did that!!”   She looked at saw Peanut Butter with a bucket.   He quickly passed it to Reese, who looked confused.  “REESE!!!  BAD BOY!!”   Reese looked further confused, but then wagged his tail and took off playing with the bucket.

There was a soft rustling sound in the trees behind Akumu.    Cup jumped on Akumu’s back for safety.   Peanut Butter hid behind Tiggrekat (who was hiding behind Akumu)  “What is that?!  Who’s there?!”  Said Tiggerkat bravely (from behind Akumu)

There was a snort and a stomp of a hoof on the ground.  Then pushing through a bush from behind a tree was a beautiful winged unicorn.    “Hello”  the unicorn spoke softly “My names is Raichu”

“I’m Akumu”  Akumu spoke “and this is Tiggerkat, Peanut Butter, Cup and over there with the bucket stuck on his head, that’s Reese.”

Raichu blushed “Nice to meet you.   What brings you this deep into the forest?”

“We are looking for Kit Kat, my thieving sister!  She stole all my Reese Cups!”  Tiggerkat angrily explained.

Raichu gasped.

“What is it?” asked Akumu.

“Is Kit Kat a striped tabby cat?   With a little glint of evil in her eye?”  Raichu asked.
“THAT’S HER!!!!”  Tiggerkat shouted “Where is she?!!”

Raichu lowered her head sadly.  “I have bad news.  Your sister has been captured by the Evil Ice Witch, Chevella”

“But that’s great news!!”  grinned Tiggerkat.  “No more Kit Kat?!  Heck, I can forget about the Reese Cups if I can go home to no more Kit Kat!!”  

“No, Tiggerkat” spoke Akumu.  “You don’t understand.  This is terrible!  It is from the Ice Witch that Kit Kat got her powers to take over the world in the future!”

Tiggerkat fainted.

Chapter Seven

Once again Tiggerkat awoke to splashing cold water on her head.  She jumped up, sputtered  her furry hackles raised.  “Who did that?!?”  Peanut Butter threw the bucket under a nearby bush and shrugged his shoulders innocently.    “Must’ve been a freak rain storm”  Tiggerkat muttered to herself.

“now that you have rejoined us, Tiggerkat” Akumu spoke “I was saying that we will have to form a rescue operation to get Kit Kat away from the Ice Witch before the Ice Witch apprentices her and teachers Kit Kat how to take over the world!”

“Do we have too??”  Tiggerkat whined.  Peanut Butter rolled his eyes, cup squeeked angrily with his little paws on his little hips.   Tiggerkat sighed.  “Okay.  But where can we find this Icey Witchie Poo?”

Raichu spoke up “She lives in a castle in the mountains of darkness, and it is very, very far from here.”  Raichu then stretched out beautiful shimmering wings and said, “But you can ride upon my back and I can take you there very quickly.”

“That’s great!” said Akumu who shape shifted back into a human and climbed on.  Cup and Peanut Butter were able to fit in her pouch.  Reese slipped and fell and slipped and fell and finally Raichu lowered herself so Reese could climb on and sit in Akumu’s lap.   Raichu stood back up and looked at Tiggerkat.

“Well?”  asked Raichu.
“Well what??”  asked Tiggerkat

“Are you not going to get upon my back?”  she questioned.

“Errr…..I was waiting to hear plan B”  Tiggerkat replied.

“There IS NO Plan B!”  said Akumu.  “So  c’mon and get up on Raichu’s back!”

“Ok, but I’m not really much of a rider, I’m more of a bouncer!”  Tiggerkat grabbed Akumu’s hand and pulled herself up…..and over…Raichu hitting the ground on the other side.

“Yes, I see you bounce very well! “ grinned Akumu and the others laughed.  Tiggerkat grumbled and tried again, taking Akumu’s hand, and getting onto Raichu’s back…..except she was backwards.   Before she could turn around, Raichu took off into the air.  Better for me to keep watch for rear attacks  thought Tiggerkat to herself as the forest flew by quickly beneath them.

Chapter Eight:  

Nothing very exciting happened in the flight to the Ice Witch’s castle, so I am going to skip Chapter Eight and get right to Chapter Nine, where our heros are on a rocky ledge nearby the castle so they can get a good look at things.

Chapter Nine:

“We must be close!!”  Grinned Tiggerkat.  “I can smell Reese Cups!!”
“Yes” Raichu said “Kit Kat and your Reese Cups are just over those walls.
“Looks like we will have to cross that moat and somehow scale those walls, I don’t see any other way of getting in” explained Akumu

“We are all good swimmers and climbers” stated Tiggerkat proudly “so that should be no problem!  We can go at dark!”
“Uh, there is a problem” spoke Raichu “There is great danger in that moat, a sea serpent that protects the castle”

“Well can’t you fly us in?”  asked Akumu
“No, the archers on the wall would see us and shoot us down”  responded Raichu.

“We gotta do something!!”  Tiggerkat started to panic.  “I am going through Reese Cup withdrawl!!  I haven’t had a reese cup in almost 12 hours!!”
“Well let’s put our heads together and think of something!”  Akumu said encouragingly.

So the group went into thinking mode, pacing and scratching their chins when Peanut Butter began tapping Tiggerkat’s side.  “Not now Peanut Butter!  I’m thinkin’ here!”   Peanut Butter stopped tapping and instead began to tug at Tiggerkat.  “What?!”  growled Tiggerkat.  Peanut Butter pointed towards the moat.    A small fuzzy brown creature was scurrying along the rocks down to the water’s edge.  “CUP!!!””  Tiggerkat grew alarmed.

Cup had got tired of all the “thinking” and decided it was time for action.  He approached the edge of the water and tapped at the water’s surface with his fuzzy little foot.   Bubbles from deep within the moat began to rise to the surface of the water, growing in size and numbers.  Two very large eyeballs broke the surface.  

Cup began squeeking and his paws were very animated as if he were talking to the submerged beast.   The beast looked with interest as Cup completed his explanation.   Then the beast rose, taller, taller, taller, towering up above the water’s surface.   It was Huge!!    The beast stretched its great neck to within 10 feet of the rocky ledge.  The group huddled in fear and pressed against the rock’s wall.    

The beast smiled.  “Ello my luv-lies, my name is Nessie.”  The beast had a thick Scottish accent.   “Your friend Cup ‘ere explained your situation an’ I think I may be of sum service!”

Chapter Ten:

The group looked at Nessie with suspicion.  “Is eating us your idea of being of service?”  Tiggerkat challenged. (from behind Akumu)

Nessie laughed, “No! No, Lassie, I don’t eat Tiggers!  Or dogs, pigs, hamsters, wolves or unicorns! “

“You don’t eat Reese cups do you?” asked Tiggerkat, dreading the number of Reese’s a beast of this size could eat.

Nessie smiled and said, “Only if they are the same thing as a haggis would I even consider it!” 

“What’s a haggis?”  asked Tiggerkat.

Nessie began to drool, “It’s a delicious medley of sheep hearts, liver, and lungs mixed with spices and fat delicately wrapped in sheep stomach”  Her eyes began to glaze over in bliss as she thought of the Scottish dish her Mum used to make.

The group scrunched up their face in disgust.  (except for Reese, who pondered how great he’d smell if he could roll in a haggis)   “Ew!”  said Tiggerkat “That most definitely is NOT a Reese Cup!”

Nessie began to cry.  “What’s wrong?” asked Raichu.

”I miss my Mum!  I miss home!  I miss Haggis!”  sobbed Nessie.

“We’ll get you home!” stated Akumu proudly.

Tiggerkat whispered to Akumu “Uh…you do see the size of this beast, right?  What back pack do you think she can fit in??”

Akumu smiled  “Leave that to me!”  Akumu turned to Nessie.  “IF you can help us rescue Kit Kat and Tiggerkat’s Reese Cups, we will surely get you home, where ever that may be!”

Nessie brightened.  “Scotland is where I call home.  Loch Ness to be exact!”

At that moment there was a rush from the shrubs above the rock ledge as a black furry creature pounced on Peanut Butter!  There was a scuffle, dust and fur flying, Peanut Butter squealed, Cup flew into the melee to help his friend.  Then Cup flew out of the melee in a furry ball with another small creature tangled up with him.    Nessie let out a deafening roar that brought everyone to a frozen position of fear.

Chapter Eleven

Nessie, Akumu and Raichu looked at the group to assess the situation.  A black and white wolf had Peanut Butter pinned to the ground under her front paws.  Cup had a small gray and white rat pinned to the ground under his front paws.  And Reese had Tiggerkat’s tail pinned to the ground under his paws. 

“Who are you?”  asked Akumu to the wolf.

“I am Silvia”  replied the black wolf. “Is this your clan?”  She asked seeing Akumu in her wolf form.  “Or your kill?”  Silvia looked at Peanut Butter.

“Neither” replied Akumu.  “They’re my friends!”

“Friends?”  asked Silvia, allowing Peanut Butter to get up.   Cup let go of the rat, Reese began to chew on Tiggerkat’s tail.

“OW!”  said Tiggerkat as he snatched his tail from Reese’s mouth then hit Reese on top of the head with his tail.  “Bad dog!”   Silvia began to snarl at Tiggerkat.  “Uh, I mean, good dog?”  said Tiggerkat nervously. 

Silvia continued to speak.  “I am sorry I attacked you, but I was worried that you may be a threat.

Akumu laughed.  “A threat?  This group??”

Silvia replied, “Well in my experience, you can’t trust anyone, everyone is a threat.  The only thing I trust is my pet rat, Dazzle”  Silvia gestured towards the rat who scurried over to her and climbed up on Silvia’s back.

“So, “ said Silvia “What brings you here to the Ice Witch’s Castle?”  Raichu quickly explained everything.  “Wow!”  responded Silvia. “That could be a tough one, getting into and out of the castle is one thing, but to free a prisoner and this treasure you call ‘reese cups’.   Lucky for you I happened along!”

“What’s that supposed to mean?” challenged Tiggerkat. “Peanut Butter isn’t feeling too lucky!”

”Oh.  Yeah.  Sorry about that.” Silvia said to Peanut Butter.  Then she began to explain.  “Do you see this black sword”  She gestured to the sheathed sword on her back.  “It’s magic.  And it’s special powers can be used to defeat the Ice Witch!”

Chapter Twelve

Akumu looked the sword over.  “Hmmmmm.  Doesn’t looks too special to me.” Akumu spoke.

Silvia pulled the sword out of its sheath and a red glow began to come from the sword, surrounding the sword and growing until it surrounded Silvia.  “Throw a rock at me”  Silvia said.

“Huh?”  spoke a confused Tiggerkat.  Peanut Butter didn’t hesitate to pick up and throw the biggest rock he could find right at Silvia’s head.    The rock bounced off the red glow.  It was like a force shield! 

“Touch it”  said Silvia.

“Huh?” Tiggerkat was still confused.  Peanut Butter grabbed it, then quickly dropped it shaking his hands.  Akumu put a paw on it.

“Its hot!”  said Akumu in surprise.

“And that is why I can defeat the Ice Witch!”  smiled Silvia.

“When do we go?”  Raichu asked.

“Tonight!”  replied Silvia.  “I have a great plan!”

Okay, well my plan is to skip Chapter Thirteen because that’s an unlucky number and I don’t want anything bad to happen to our friends.  So on to Chapter Fourteen which finds the group inside the castle walls.

Chapter Fourteen

“I can’t believe Nessie got us in here undetected!’  smiled Riachu.   The group was in a small room at the top of the castle that was clearly never used by all the dust that was in it.

“Well she’s so big they could hardly see us on her back and up her neck over the castle’s wall”   said Tiggerkat, while drawing pictures of Reese Cups in the dust……then licking them….”Blech”

“And it was really funny how all the guards ran away when they saw her coming!!”  laughed Akumu.     Akumu shape shifted into human form.

 “Whoa!”  said Silvia surprised.  “I thought you were a wolf!”

Akumu smiled, “Sometimes I am!   I’m going to pretend to be a court jester and mingle with the people of the castle and see what I can learn.”

“Cup and Dazzle can map out the place, they should be able to get all over this castle without being detected.” Said Silvia

“What should we do?”  Tiggerkat asked.

“Stay put!”  Silvia said.

“Why can’t we help?  I have the best nose for finding Reese Cups!”  explained Tiggerkat feeling annoyed.

“You attract too much attention!”  said Silvia.

Tiggerkat grinned sheepishly and blushed a bit.  “That’s true!”

“I’ll check out the guards situation and see what the castle defenses are.  Now Tiggerkat, it is very important that you stay here with Raichu, Reese and Peanut Butter to keep them safe!”  said Silvia

Tiggerkat suddenly felt important.  “Will do Silvia, buddy ole gal!”

Silvia rolled her eyes.  “Ok.  Let’s move out and meet back here in 6 hours”

Chapter Fifteen

Six hours later.

“Ugh!  Where is that Tiggerkat?!!”  said Silvia as she returned to the small room.  Raichu, Peanut Butter and Reese where sitting in the corner playing a game in the dust.  

“She said she could smell the Reese Cups and went to find them.   There was no holding her back once she had her mind set to it.  She’s been gone over five and a half hours.” Explained Raichu.

“She didn’t even last 30 minutes!!??”  said Silvia angrily.  “Who knows what kind of trouble that tigger will get into!”

Cup and Dazzle came scurrying into the room.  They rolled all over each other playfully.    “Did you map out the place?”  asked Silvia?

Cup nodded and began to draw elaborate schematics in the dust of the entire layout of the castle, and all the ways into and out of it, including doors, windows, secret passages and pipelines.

“Very good” said Silvia. 

“I’m back”  the group turned to find Akumu.  “I found out where the Ice Witch is keeping Kit Kat and her treasures!”  Akumu joined the group.  “Wow!  That’s a great map!”   Cup squeeked in delight.  “See that room there?? That’s where Kit Kat is”

“Not in the dungeons?”  asked Raichu

“Nope!  Seems the Ice Witch has taken a liking to Kit Kat and has made her a princess!  They have training sessions every day in this room over here.”  Akumu explained.   “And I heard that the Ice Witch’s treasures are kept in the dungeons.”

“Then that’s where we’ll find Tiggerkat, I’m sure.” Said Silvia with a sigh.

Chapter Sixteen

“So what do we do first?  Get Tiggerkat or rescue Kit Kat?” asked Raichu

“I think before we can do any of that, we need to defeat the Ice Witch”  said Silvia

“Do you have a plan?”  asked Akumu

 “Why yes I do!”   Silvia smiled.  “I will take care of the Ice Witch.   Akumu, can you shape shift into anything?”

“Any living thing, yes”  responded Akumu.

“Ok, right now the Ice Witch is holding court.  Stay shape shifted as a court jester and use Raichu, Reese, Cup and Dazzle as part of your act to distract the guards outside.  Peanut Butter and I will capture the Ice Witch and then Akumu, you can shape shift into her so the guards won’t know she was captured!”  Silvia explained.

“But how will you know which witch is which?”  asked Raichu.

Akumu responded.  “My nails always stay purple, the real Ice Witch’s are white.”

So the group agreed and set forth their plan.

Akumu and her group came down the stairway and as they entered the great hall Akumu began juggling while riding on Raichu’s back.   Cup was on Akumu’s head, hold up Dazzle high above and Dazzle was juggling as well.   Reese bounded happily between Raichu’s legs.  

The guards were mesmerized.     The set down their weapons so they could applaud.    Akumu slid off of Raichu’s back, Cup and Dazzle did flips through the air to land on Reese who merrily chased his own tail around and around.   Akumu began a series of flips and acrobatic spins and Raichu soared to the top of the room.  The guards oohed and aaahhed and never saw a small pig and black wolf with a sword slip past them into the Ice Witch’s court.

Chapter Seventeen

While Akumu and the pets entertained and distracted the guards, Silvia and Peanut Butter slipped into the back of the court room.   The Ice Witch was looking bored up on her throne listening to the complaints of an elderly woman.  She was complaining about the eternal ice and snow that the witch loved so much, how cold she was all day and night and it was hard on her old bones.    The Witch looked at the old woman and smiled sweetly at her and then offered an improvement to her home that would allow her to be much warmer.   Then she would order to have their homes burned down.   That seemed to stop any further complaints.

Silvia and Peanut Butter were able to sneak up the side aisles undetected and slipped behind the Ice Witch’s throne.    At Silvia’s direction, Peanut Butter began squealing and running all through the court room creating a huge commotion!  He was slipping between peoples legs, under chairs and tables, causing things to go flying off tables, walls, people to fall down, etc.  

While everyone was watching this little pig create such havoc, Silvia slipped around the throne and held his sword to the witch’s throat.  She was powerless in the presence of the sword.  “Come with me” Silvia hissed.  And the Ice Witch disappeared with Silvia behind the throne and into a secret passage.

Chapter Eighteen

“Who are you?!”  demanded the Ice Witch
“Your worst nightmare!”  growled Silvia

Silvia half dragged half escorted the Ice Witch into a supply room and chained her to a wall in the back.  Silvia sheathed her sword, she knew the Witch would not be able to harm her in here because all her powers came from a special gem in a special necklace that Silvia had already snatched from her and smashed to the floor.

The Ice Witch smiled an evil smile.  “What do you want?” she asked sweetly.

“I want the release of Kit Kat and all the Reese Cups.” Silvia demanded.

The Ice Witch laughed.  You can have those silly Reese Cups, I have no use for them.  And you can take Kit Kat…..if she chooses to leave.  She is not my captive, but my guest”

“We’ll see about that” and Silvia gagged the Ice Witch so she couldn't call for help and left the supply room.

Silvia joined back up with Akumu, Raichu and the others.  “Ok, Cup, Dazzle, lead us to the dungeon to find Tiggerkat”  The two rodents scurried ahead and the group followed down the long dark winding staircase.

“Where’s the Ice Witch?” asked Raichu
“She’s contained” answered Silvia “For now.”

As they approached the dungeon they heard a spooky moan.  The group froze in their tracks on the stairwell and pushed up against the wall in the darkness. 

The moaning grew louder and spookier.  The hair on Reese’s back stood straight up in fear.  Everyone huddled behind Silvia and Akumu.  “wh-wh-what’s that noise?”  whispered Raichu. 

“I don’t know” whispered Silvia. “I have never heard anything so hideous in my life.  Who knows who or what is being tortured and in what horrible way down here”

The moan became almost a scream. 

The group fell backwards onto themselves in fear.  Reese tuck tail and ran back up the steps disappearing at the top.   Dazzle and Cup rolled up in a little fuzz ball in the shadows.  Peanut Butter was hiding behind Raichu’s hooves.  Even Silvia was shying away from the noise.

“I’ll check it out” said Akumu and she shape shifted into a cricket, something so small and inconspicuous as to not be noticed by any guards who were torturing the beast moaning in the dungeons.   She chirped once and hopped away.   The group waited in tortured silence.

Then they heard a scream!

Then they heard something hit the floor!

Then they heard laughter. 

Loud uncontained laughter……it was Akumu!   

The laughter wouldn’t stop.   Then the group heard a shout.  “Quit yer laughing you good for nothing cricket!  Can’t you see I’m dying in here!!”  It was Tiggerkat!!

The group rushed in to take in the scene.  Akumu had shape shifted back into her human form and was rolling on the floor laughing,  her hands were on her belly which was aching from the laughter.   The group looked into the cell and saw Tiggerkat………..........Tiggerkat??

Tiggerkat looked like Jabba the Hut!!  

She had eaten ALL the Reese Cups and was now a big orange blob with stretched black stripes.  She was a bit green around the face, feeling sick from eating so much Reese Cups!     She glared angrily at the group who all were on the floor pointing and laughing at her.

Chapter Nineteen

“What’s so funny?”  Tiggerkat demanded.

Silvia wiped the tears of laughter from her face. “You!”  she grinned.

Tiggerkat looked at herself, down at her engorged stomach, over the inflated fatty shoulders.   She blushed.  “It was the only way I could think of to carry all my Reese Cups back home!”

The group laughed again.  Tiggerkat crossed her arms across her enlarged gut and glared at the group.   The she smiled.  “Can you guys help get me out of here?”

Akumu looked at her.  “I don’t think you can fit back through the cell door”.

“I think you will have to stay there until you slim back down and can get through the door”  Raichu added.

“This sounds strangely familiar”  Tiggerkat  pondered.  “I think something like this happened to a friend of mine one time, only he got STUCK in the door!  And it took like a WEEK for him to loose enough weight to get out!”

“Well, guess we’ll see you in a week!” Silvia stated “Come on guys, let’s go find Kit Kat”.

“Hey!”  Tiggerkat shouted.  “You can’t leave me here!”

“And we can’t get you out either!”  snarled Silvia

Tiggerkat frowned.  “True”  she sighed.

Chapter Twenty

The group formed the plan.  Tiggerkat would stay (obviously) in the dungeon until a few pounds were shed.   Peanut Butter and Reese would stay with Tiggerkat.     Cup and Dazzle would lead the group to Kit Kat’s room. 

“Silvia”  spoke Akumu
“What?”  Silvia replied.
“Kit Kat is not going to want to leave.  She is training with the Ice Witch and she will not want to give that up”
“Well then we will just have to convince her!”
Akumu smiled.  “So you have a plan”
Silvia smiled slyly “Don’t I always?”

Cup squeeked to alert the group that they were at the door of Kit Kat’s room.  “Okay, Dazzle, you know what to do!”  Silvia whispered.  Dazzle squeeked and darted into the room alone.  “We’ll wait here” Silvia stated.

There was silence broken by a crash and a scream.  “Help! Help” came a voice from behind the door. 
“Stay here!” Silvia ordered the group and burst through the door.   The group peeked in to watch the show.  Dazzle was on her tip toes trying to look big and fierce.  A gray tabby cat was in the corner cowering with fear.  “I’ll save you!” said Silvia bravely drawing her sword.  Silvia began to swing the sword at Dazzle who darted and dashed avoiding its sharp blade.   Dazzle ran from the room and Silvia put her sword away.

“Thank you!” said a very relieved Kit Kat  “Who are you?”

“I’m Silvia, at your service my Princess”  Silvia smartly bowed.  She knew enough about Kit Kat to know that Kit Kat thought herself a princess and above all others.

Kit Kat smiled.

“Princess Kit Kat?” Silvia inquired still bowing.  “May I introduce my troupe?”

“Yes, please!”  Kit Kat responded.

“Akumu,  the court Jester!  Please come in with your act”  Silvia called.

Akumu came into the room riding on Raichu.   “Wow!” said Kit Kat, amazed to see a flying unicorn.  “She’s beautiful!”   Raichu blushed.

“And I want her!” Kit Kat demanded.
“But Princess!” Silvia said in a worried tone “She is mine.  She is the only means of travel and income that I have!  Perhaps you will allow us to give you a show instead?”

“NO!”  snapped Kit Kat greedily.  “I want her and you will give her to me!  That is my royal command!” 

Akumu looked worried at Silvia.  Silvia winked a reassurance, then turned to Kit Kat.  “Yes, your majesty, if that is what you wish.  I will leave her with you.  But please, take good care of her, and whatever you do, do not try to ride her”

Kit Kat sneered.  “I will do whatever I wish! Now go!”  Silvia and Akumu left the room. The door slammed behind them.  Cup and Dazzle came out of the shadows.  Cup crawled up on Akumu, Dazzle onto Silvia.   “Now what?”  Akumu asked.

“Now we wait”  Silvia replied.  “Back at the rock ledge”

Chapter Twenty One

“So what do you think?”  Tiggerkat was sucking in her stomach trying to look as thin as possible.  Peanut Butter shook his head.  Reese barked.  “I guess not” Tiggerkat sighed and relaxed her stomach muscles allow her enlarged stomach to bounce to the floor.

“Sheesh.  This is really getting boring.”  Tiggerkat looked around.  “There has to be something we can do to get out of here.”  Peanut Butter held his arms apart as if to measure Tiggerkat’s girth.  Then he did the same at the door, looked back at Tiggerkat and shook his head again.   Tiggerkat glared at Peanut Butter.  “Are you saying I’m fat?!!”  Peanut Butter looked around in the air silently whistling.   

Tiggerkat sighed.  “How am I going to loose this weight so I can get out of here?”  Reese barked and began to chase his tail.   “That’s it!  I need to exercise!”  Tiggerkat smiled.  “I can chase my tail too!”

Tiggerkat began to grunt and groaned, leaning over her hips trying to stretch for her tail.  She huffed and puffed but was unable to even spin half way around her enormous weight.  Reese barked encouragement.  Peanut Butter pushed and pushed.  But Tiggerkat wouldn’t budge.

Tiggerkat let out a big breath.  “Whew!   This is going to be harder than I thought!”  Reese began jumping up and down.  Tiggerkat beamed.  “Now THAT I can do!!  Tiggers were born to bounce!”  

Tiggerkat bent over her knees, elbows back and with all her might reached for the ceiling.  But nothing more than her arms moved upward.  “No Bounce???” Tiggerkat began to sniffle.  “No Bounce???”  She said again as she began to cry.    “What’s a Tigger without a bounce?”   Peanut Butter and Reese tried to comfort a distraught Tiggerkat.

Peanut Butter reached up and pushed Tiggerkat's face into a forced smile.   Reese licked Tiggerkat's face and the forced smile turned into a real one.   "You guys are the best!"  Tiggerkat gave her pets a big hug, pulling them (crushing them) into her fattened body.  When she let go they bounced off her large bouncy tummy across the room and they smashed against the wall.   (no one was hurt) Tiggerkat began to laugh and laugh and laugh.  She laughed until she was out of breath.  

Peanut Butter rushed up to Tiggerkat, arms spread as if to measure her.   Then Peanut Butter began to grin and made rapid hand gestures indicating that Tiggerkat had shrunk ever so slightly.  'I'm smaller?" Tiggerkat asked.  Peanut Butter nodded his head enthusiastically.  "That's it!  The more I laugh the smaller I get!" Tiggerkat grinned  "Ok, guys, make me laugh!"     And then the fun began................

Chapter Twenty Two

The group left the castle and called to Nessie at the moat.   Nessie rose above them.  “How may I be of service?”  she smiled.  
“Can you give us a lift over to the rock ledge?”  Silvia asked
“But of course, poppets!  I would be my pleasure!”  Nessie lowered her head and the crawled on top and she carried them over to the ledge.

“So how’s the plan coming?” Nessie asked. 
“So far so good!” Silvia smiled. “Oh, and Nessie?  I got you something from the kitchen”
Nessie looked inquisitively as Silvia reached under her sword and pulled out a Haggis.
Nessie’s eyes grew wide with excitement.  “A Haggis!  For Me?” she drooled.
Silvia gave it a toss and Nessie snatched it up and did a cheerful back flip into the moat, creating quite a wave against the castle walls that stirred up all the sleeping guards.  The group laughed and relaxed for a moment.

“So how did you know Kit Kat was afraid of rats?” Akumu asked.
“Just a guess.  I figured all princesses are, right?”  Silvia responded.  “And, every princess wants a unicorn, right?  Especially a flying one?”
“I guess” answered Akumu.  “But why did you leave Raichu behind?”
Silvia grinned.  “From all that I gathered from you and Tiggerkat, Kit Kat will do pretty much the opposite of what she’s told.’
”So?” Akumu wondered.
“So…..” Silvia stopped “Look!”  Silvia smiled “Right on time!”

From the castle something was flying…and yelling…..yelling not so nice words, words that will not be repeated in this story!   It was Raichu, Kit Kat on her back, coming closer and closer to the rock ledge.  Raichu landed roughly and bucked Kit Kat off her back and onto the ground.  Raichu looked very upset “Never leave me alone with that foul mouth cat ever again!” She said and then flew off for some peace and quiet in the forest above the ledge.

“What’s going on?!  I demand an explanation!”  shouted Kit Kat.

“Save it” Silvia snarled “You’re not a princess out here!”  then she smiled.  “Actually, you are our prisoner!”  Kit Kat growled in frustration.

Chapter Twenty Three

“This is great, guys!”  Tiggerkat was grinning ear to ear.  She was just about back to her normal size.  “My sides are aching from laughing so much!”  Peanut Butter  and Reese were on their  hindlegs dancing.  They stopped abruptly and tumbled to the floor, grinning. 

As the group grew quiet for the first time in hours they realized they could hear a slight rumbling sound on the other side of the dungeon.

“What’s that noise?”  asked Tiggerkat.  Peanut Butter shrugged.  “Let’s go investigate” said Tiggerkat. 

They opened the dungeon door and  tippy-toed across the dungeon, clinging to the shadows on the walls.   As they approached another dungeon cell, the rumbling grew louder and louder.  “That sounds like………..sounds like………snoring?”  Tiggerkat exclaimed.

The group peered into the cell.  Fast asleep was another Tigger!!   “Tiggytiger!!!”  Tiggerkat yelled into the cell.  The other tigger continued to sleep.   “We have to find a key and unlock this cell!  Reese!  Use your nose!  Sniff out a key!!”  Reese put his nose to the ground and began to hunt.  He sniffed all over the dungeon, disappearing from site.  Peanut Butter tugged on Tiggerkat’s elbow.  “What is it?”  Tiggerkat asked.  Peanut Butter pointed to the wall next to the cell door.  Hanging on a hook was a large key.  “Good work, Peanut Butter!”  Tiggerkat grabbed the key and unlocked the door.

“Tiggytiger!  Wake up!”  Tiggerkat shook the sleeping tigger roughly, but she wouldn’t budge.  “Peanut Butter, she must be really tired!”  Peanut Butter put his hands on his hips and rolled his eyes.  Then he began to gesture to Tiggerkat.  “You think she is under a sleeping spell?  Well, I guess that makes sense.  How do we get her out of it?”  Peanut Butter shrugged.   

Just then Reese returned with a drinking satchel.  “Reese!  You silly dog!” Tiggerkat scolded. “I said ‘KEY’!  Not ‘TEA’!”  Just as Tiggerkat was about to toss the drinking satchel aside Peanut Butter grabbed her arms and pointed to the writing on the satchel.  “It says ‘Wake Up Tea’” Tiggerkat read. “Peanut Butter!  You’re brilliant!”  Reese and Peanut Butter rolled their eyes.

Tiggerkat poured the tea into Tiggytiger’s mouth.   They waited a minute and then Tiggytiger began to stir.  “Tiggerkat?  Is that you?”  She spoke sleepily. 

“Yep!  It’s me cuz!!  But what are you doing here?”  Tiggerkat replied.

“I was trying to get your Reese Cups back!   I saw Kit Kat stealing them and went into the time machine after her.  But I thought I would set the time to get here BEFORE Kit Kat so I could stop her as soon as she arrived, but the Ice Witch captured me and put me under a sleeping spell!  I’m sorry Tiggerkat.  I let you down.”

Tiggerkat grabbed her cousin and hugged her tightly.   “Tiggytiger, you did great!  Thanks for trying!  You are the bestest cousin a tigger could ever have!”  Tiggytiger smiled and hugged back.   

Chapter Twenty Four

“She’s not very happy.”  Smiled Akumu

“But at least she can’t bother us from in there” Silvia replied.

“Thank goodness!”  Said Raichu, rejoining the group.

The group had tied Kit Kat up and put her in a cave on the rock ledge.   Cup and Dazzle were keeping guard. 

“I guess I will go back for Tiggerkat.” Sighed Silvia. 

“Do you think she is small enough to escape yet? It’s only been a day” Akumu asked

“Probably not, but I’ll figure something out.” Silvia replied.

At that moment there was a loud noise and big commotion on the side wall of the castle.  There was an explosion and something was being catapulted over the wall and coming right to the rock ledge!

“Take Cover!” shouted Silvia.  The group huddled back against the rock ledge, seeking protection from the small over hang.  They heard a crash and a commotion as the object struck the ledge.

“Well that was fun!” said Tiggerkat.
“I had a lot of bounce saved up from that long nap!” grinned Tiggytiger.

“TWO TIGGERS????” said Silvia, rubbing her eyes in disbelief.

“I’m Tiggerkat’s cousin, Tiggytiger” explained Tiggytiger.   Peanut Butter and Reese bounded out of the crash site and over to Cup and Dazzle.

“How did you escape?”  Silvia asked, still in disbelief.

“Tiggytiger can do amazing things with a glue gun!”  Tiggerkat answered.  

“But we don’t have long!!   The Ice Witch was calling her guards as we bounced out of there!”  Tiggytiger exclaimed.

And as if on queue, an explosion was heard from the castle as a cannonball was fired at the rock ledge.

Chapter Twenty Five

The cannonball hit too far to the left, so no one was injured but the group was jolted.   Nessie reared up and roared, sending the Ice Witch’s guard for cover. 

“Return Fire!”  shouted Silvia, sword drawn

“With what?”  asked Riachu.

“Do we have anything?” Silvia asked?

“I do!”  said Tiggytiger, reaching into her bags.  She pulled out a handful of whoppers.

“Candy?” Silvia asked with doubt.

“Whoppers” Tiggytiger smiled.  “And I brought this!”  It looked like a glue gun, but it had a dial on it  and  was capable of turning the whoppers into an endless supply of ammunition.   

“How do you shoot them?” asked Silvia

“With our bouncy tails, of course!” answered Tiggerkat proudly.

Silvia put her sword back in its sheath and bowed at the two tiggers. “Ok then” she said “Fire when ready!”

“Nessie!  Clear!”  shouted Akumu.

Tiggerkat and Tiggytiger loaded the crook of their tails with whoppers and launched them at the guards.   The guards repelled from the candy bombs.   But still managed to shoot arrows back to the ledge.  Silvia swung her sword deftly reflecting the arrows.

The Ice Witch appeared and was shouting orders at the guards.  She held her broken gem in her hands, pressing the pieces together.  They were beginning to glow.  “That’s not good” Silvia drew her sword.  “Raichu, can you carry me over?  Tiggers, cover us!”

Silvia climbed on Raichu’s back and they flew to the castle.  The tiggers kept a continual launching of whoppers at the guards holding them at bay until Silvia reached the Witch.

Silvia slid from Raichus back and began to fight the Ice Witch.  The witch had just enough power to repel Silvia’s sword, but not enough to defeat Silvia.

“Looks like we are going to have to play hard ball!”  Tiggytiger exclaimed.  “I really didn’t want to have to do this….” She reached into her bag and pulled out a handful of kit kats. 

“NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! “ cried Kit Kat from within the cave.  Dazzle and Cup chattered at her and Kit Kat recoiled.  

“Watch this, Cuz!” smiled Tiggytiger.   She used her special glue gun to turn the kit kats into powerful spear-like weapons.   The tiggers used their tails almost like bows to launch the kit kat spears over the castle walls and send the guards into a full retreat back into the castle.

Silvia was still fighting the witch.  The two were equally matched, back and forth in their battle.   Neither was weakening to the other.   Then Silvia slipped a bit and almost fell over the ledge.   The Witch saw her opening and lunged.   At that moment Raichu dove through the air like a falcon in a dive and hit the Witch, knocking her into the moat below.   Nessie dove in after the Witch, both disappearing into the deep.   Everyone stood, speechless, breathless watching………………and watching………..the seconds passed.   Then minutes………a few bubbles escaped…………then nothing.

“Where’s Nessie?” cried Raichu.   The group was beginning to fear the worst when there was a huge wake and splash and Nessie rose high above them all, grinning ear to ear.

Chapter Twenty Six

Raichu and Silvia returned to the rock ledge.  “That’s it!  It’s over!” Cheered Akumu.  
“But we still have to get everyone back to where they belong!”  said Raichu. 

“can you take Nessie back to Scotland?”  asked Akumu. 

“Only if you can make her about the size of a rabbit!”  laughed Raichu.

“Can do!”  Akumu pulled some stones from her pocket.  “These are shape shifting stones.  We can shape shift Nessie into a rabbit, you can carry her back to Scotland and release her into the loch.  Smash the stones and she will return to her original Nessie self”

There was a big splash as Nessie did a joyful flip.  “thank you!  Thank you all!”  Nessie was crying with joy.

“I will escort the tiggers and their crew back to the villiage where I have hidden my time machine and get them back to their proper time.”  Akumu stated.

“And I will bid my fond farewell”  Silvia bowed to the group.  Dazzle climbed onto her back.  “It was a pleasure meeting you all!  I hope to not see you again real soon!”  she laughed and slipped over the rock ledge and back into the forest.

“How will you keep Kit Kat under control?” asked Tiggerkat.

“No problem” smiled Akumu as she shape shifted into an exact duplicate of Dazzle.  “Cup and I can handle her!”  Cup squeeked in agreement.

“The let’s go!!”  Tiggerkat and Tiggytiger bounced leading the way back through the forest, back to the village.

Chapter Twenty Seven.

“Where’s that blasted Tiggerkat now?”  asked Akumu.

“She wanted to go to the market to see if they had Reese Cups”  Tiggytiger answered matter of factly.

“They don’t have Reese Cups in 1492!” said Akumu.

“I know, but you can’t tell Tiggerkat that!  Besides, what harm can come of her looking around?”  Tiggytiger asked.

“Just how well do you know your cousin, anyway?” Akumu asked.

Tiggytiger just laughed.  “Well, we’re all ready to go as soon as she gets back”

And as if on queue, Tiggerkat bounced into the small house where  the group was staked out waiting to return to 2012.

“I hope you didn’t stir up any trouble” said Akumu, “People of this time period are not used to seeing, uh, tiggers”

“No worries, Akumu, buddy ole pal!”  Tiggerkat said proudly.  “I stuck to the shadows and no one saw me!”

“Good” Akumu sighed relief.

“Well except for this one feller”

Akumu looked with concern.  “What ‘feller’?”

“Some guy who was drunk as a skunk!  He thought he was hallucinating when he saw me and we struck up a conversation.  He was sad, sad, sad, and he said a talking ‘Tiger’ was just the last thing he needed.”

“What happened?” asked Tiggytiger.

“That’s what I asked!  See, great minds, always thinking alike!”  Tiggerkat beamed.  “I asked why he was sad and he said because he was broke and had nothing to live for.  So I gave him my last reese cup!’

The entire group gasped!

“I know, I know!  I’m such a generous soul!”  Tiggerkat continued.  “He said he has never tasted such a delectable treasure, where did I find such a thing?   I told him they are made in America, that in America they are everywhere!  He asked where is America.  I said to the west, across the ocean.  He got very excited and said if he could find these treasures and bring them back here he would be rich!  He gave me a big hug and a kiss (blech!) and said he was going to round up 3 ships and talk to his queen about financing him to go west for these treasures!”

Akumu looked with astonishment, “Tiggerkat! Do you know what you’ve done?  Do you know who you were talking to?”

Tiggerkat looked puzzled. “Yeah?  Some sad dude names Chris.  What’s the big deal?”

Akumu fainted.

“Ok gang!  The time machine is ready!  Let’s head home!”  Tiggytiger pushed Kit Kat into the box, and the rest of the gang were close behind. 

“What about Akumu?” asked Tiggerkat

“She’ll be ok, she has to go to a different time than us anyway.  So let’s go home, cuz”  Tiggytiger answered.


“Land Ho!”  came the cry from the crows nest.

“Captain Columbus!  I spy land!”  the first mate alerted his commander. “I will signal the other ships and we will set anchor in that bay to the south”

“Yes, very good.” Spoke the Captain, who began to write in his captain’s log:

October 12, 1492   Captain’s Log

Land has been sited.  We will anchor in the shallows and set our boats to shore by early light.   Whilst the crew is looking to establish trade for gold, pearls and spices, I wilst be looking for the mysterious Reese Cup which was told to me by a tiger in a dream.


  1. Name: Akumu
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: Black with a white star on her forehead and black wings with blue wing membrane and purple claws on the tips
    Personality: Akumu is friendly, clever, and smart. She is very good with her paws and at making/inventing things.
    History: Akumu is a superintelligent, time-traveling, shape-shifting wolf from the 31st century (3000). This is some stuff about the future that she could tell to Tiggerkat:
    The planet has been cleaned up and is completely unpolluted because everything runs on solar, wind, water, and nuclear fission power. They use hydrogen for gasoline and there are also lots of electric cars.
    People can go on vacation to anywhere in the universe.
    Aliens have been discovered, and they are friendly too.
    People also like to bike everywhere.
    Lots of endangered species have been brought back and extinct animals have been found alive in certain secluded areas.
    People can drive little miniature plane hovercraft helicopter thingies.
    People can also live in floating circular buildings that can be moved by remote control or stay in one place.
    And it is very uncommon for a home not to have pets because people have come up with a way to cure allergies AND in-curable diseases!
    Robots are very common.

    1. whew! that's alot of details, but I think I can work with it!!

  2. P.S.
    Akumu came to the past because Kit Kat is the ruler of the world in her time and the people of the future are organizing a rebellion. When she heard about Tiggerkat's Reese Cups being stolen, she came to help out.

    1. Yes!! we need all the help we can get!

  3. Name: Raichu
    Personality: Sweet and kind.

    1. She is also shy.

    2. Raichu? Hey, that a Pokemon name! :P


    3. I know. Raichu is evolved pikachu.


  4. Name: Nessie
    Personality: Speaks with a Scottish accent, likes haggis and swimming.

  5. Name: Silvia
    Animal: Wolf
    Personality: Daring, smart, fast, mysterious, thinks of great plans. Usually never tells anyone what she is doing.
    Appearance: Black with white underbelly and paws, black sword, brown pants. Walks on all fours.
    History: Silvia had lived only with her pet rat, Dazzle, and grew up in 1492. She heard Tiggerkat amd the gang talking, and attacks Peanut Butter, thinking they are a threat.


  6. hmmm i have one!:D
    Name: Tiggytiger
    Animal: tigger/tiger
    Personality: jolly,funny,usally helps tiggerkat with her missions.
    Appearance:orange with black stripes has a long tail whichshe can bounce on like tiggerkat's.
    History:tiggerkat's cousin, the ice wich put a spell on her to put her in a deep sleep for 3 months.

    1. I can work with this! welcome back Tiggytiger!!!

  7. Woah, so.... long..... must..... finish.....

  8. :'( u didn't put me! D': your mean!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. character sign-up:
    Animal:Pergrine falcon
    Personallity: nice and sweet and carefull but sometimes can get a little mean when she's mad.

    From:nikkiroo2 P.S Feeather can fly up to high places to get a bird's-eyeview on finding the reese cups and dives down to tell the info

  10. i forgot to say i am a rare breed of a Pergrine falcon instead of grey i'm brown


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