Saturday, July 21, 2012

Tiggerkat: Hair Stylist Extraordinaire!

I reported today for my first day on the job at Curl Up & Dye

I have been dreaming of this moment for like my whole life

(Or at least since yesterday)

Anyway, I wanted to share with you the
Mind Blowing
Show Stopping
 Hair Styles
created by the One and Only Tiggerkat!

Here is My First Master Piece!

I love how I captured his Inner Tigger!!

Mr. Harry wasn't happy,

he said I couldn't use orange sharpies to colour scalps

So I thought I would try paints!

I'm Brilliant!!

Look at the Bright Colors on this Master Piece!

(and I thought Hello Kitty was a nice touch!)

Here is another Painted Beauty

Such Pretty Colors!!

But again, Mr. Harry was not happy.

It seems I am supposed to use Dyes to colour hair.

Dyes are special chemicals.

Did you Know they are Flammable??


Guess the Job Just went Up in Flames


  1. DX nooo! *throws water* all better! XD

  2. **person with the flames goes bald** you made him\her bald

  3. The guy in flames looks like Sinjin from the show Victorious on Nickelodeon...


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