Sunday, September 30, 2012

Just For Fun!

Hmmm....I think I found my next Summer Job!!


"Let's go Fly A Kite---Up to the Highest Heights!"

Just a little Mary Poppins to Start your Day!


Today is the 

Belizean Kite Festival!!

I LOVE to fly Kites!!!!

This is soooo Much Fun!!  

The whole family participates!!

Reese Loves The Sun and the Wind

Peanut Butter Likes to Para-sail while we fly our kites

Cup likes his Giant Whale Kite....He always draws a crowd!!

(and hopefully doesn't get stepped on!!!)

Reese Puff likes flying his Box Kite

Dad....well He likes to go "Kite Fishing" at the Kite Festival

He got really wet from the waves while fishing 

So He decided to dry out his clothes.......




moving along......

My Mum, the Artist,  Makes
Beautiful Kites!

This is my fav!

Do you like her "Flyin' Lion Fish" Kite?

Kit Kat gets a little Nervous around Kites.

Dad has to Hold Her

Just  Because Once when she was a Kitten, 

Trying to Fly a Kite the Very 1st Time.....

A BIG gusts of Wind came along and......

I came so CLOSE to being an only child!!!


oh well

T T F N !!

Welcome A01315

Welcome A01315, another "un-official" follower, 

and brother to Carrot80948

So Big Welcome to "A" !!!!!

**Cheers and Confetti and Reese Cups Shower the Stage**

Thank you so much for Following!!!!

Friday, September 28, 2012

Don't Ever Get a Pet Peeve!!

So Last Night I brought Home my New Pet Peeve!

I should've gotten a Dictionary to find out what an "Irritant" was

When I opened the Box......

"This" flew out!!

It keeps singing "nyanyanyanyanyanyanyan"

and pooping Kit Kats everywhere!!!

I CAN'T STAND IT!!!!!!!!!!


Get it Out Of Here!!

It's Driving Me Crazy!!!

If this is what a Pet Peeve Is...I don't want it!!!!

Welcome Carrot80948 !

It's another Un-Official Follower!  
(meaning no blogger account that I know of)

Welcome to:
Carrot80948 !!

Her name is Carrot, but she likes Green Foxes!!

Carrot80948 has been commenting alot recently on my Blog and I wanted
to give a Big Thanky Doodle Do to You!!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Pet Peeves

I've noticed alot of my Blogger Friends 
have been talking about their Pet Peeves 
on their Blogs.

Some of you have a LOT of Pet Peeves!

Take for example, my cousin, Great Shot

She has like 30 Pet Peeves!!
(That seems a bit excessive, doncha think?)

Anyway, I've been feeling a little left out
because I don't have any pet peeves!!

SO I decided I had to do something about This!!

So I headed into Town to The

To Look for a Pet Peeve!

It was one of those Pet Stores that Pets can Come Shopping Too!

I Found a Sales Clerk and
I asked What aisle Could I find the Pet Peeves?

The Sales Lady Looked at Me and Said:

"Do What????"

I repeated My self and she began to Laugh at Me!  :(

So I left and walked Home.

Then I saw this Little Girl and This Sign!

Pet Peeves for $1 !!

I can Afford that!!  So I bought One and she put it into this Pet Carrier!

I can't wait to Get Home and Play with It and Then I can Blog to you guys about MY Pet Peeve!!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Today at School We Tried American Football

I am from America, So I already Know how to play


(modest too!)

I can play ANY position!


Wide Receiver....


And no one can tackle me!!

And I Tebow after every Touch Down!

(Tebow is my FAVORITE American Football Player!)

Kit Kat on the Other Hand.......


Not So Good at Football

Anyway, Our School in Belize Has a GREAT Team!

We Have a Linebacker That Sacks the Quarterback Every time!

We have a Great Field Goal Kicker

(don't let his looks fool you!)

And Our Team has the Prettiest Cheerleaders!!


Monday, September 24, 2012

For my Friend Annie

Annie's School is having Spirit Week

On Wednesday its neon mustache day!

I don't know how exactly Annie is supposed to grow a Neon Mustache in 2 days!!


So I made a potion to help her!

To make sure it is safe, I tried it out First

And Look!!

It works!!

I gave some to my Dad

(Look!  It's the Infinity Sign for Annie's Blog!)

So Annie, I think it will work!

 Now I just have to get it to be Neon instead of Brown !

So I will give you the Potion, and Paints!

I can't wait to see how You look!!

Please be sure to Post a Picture!!

And the Poll sez...........

Give Kit Kat a Chance!

This Could Get Interesting.......

Never Hire a Stuffed Monkey to Do your Homework!


Stupid Monday

Sunday, September 23, 2012

I Need Help with Homework!!

It's Sunday Afternoon and I'm Still Not Done My Homework!

Mum Is Gonna Kill Me!!

But it is SOOOOO  Pretty Outside!!

I just want To Play in the Sun All Day!!

Stop and Smell The Flowers!!

What's A Tigger To Do??

I Know!!

I'll  hire someone to Do My Homework For me!!

I am so Smart Sometimes I Scare Myself!!

TTFN !!!!