Wednesday, October 31, 2012

It's Halloweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen !!!

Time for Trickin' and a Treatin'!!!

Well, mostly I just like the Treatin'!!

Thought you'd like to see Our Costumes 
For Halloween 2012!

Reese is a spooky Penguin!!

(Ok, not so spooky, he's always too happy to be scary!)

Peanut Butter is a  Diva

(which is not really different than any other day!)

Cup broke out his Halloween Cup to Hang out in

Reese Puff is a Pirate

(Arrrrr!!  Hoist up the Reese Cups, Matey!)

I was surprised to see York as a Biker Dude

She's usually more Glam!

On our way out 
We stopped in to see Tiggerpaka

His kids were carving Jack-o-Lanterns

Oh!  There's Tiggerpaka!!  

Look!  Mrs. Tiggerpaka joined him!!

Oh....And here is the Costume I got for Kit Kat

Annoying Just Like Her!


Happy Halloween!
And May Reese Cups be ever in your Favor!!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Scaredycrows Don't Scare Tiggerkat!

Last Year I was a scaredycrow for Halloween


This Year Reese is going to borrow that costume!

And York too!

I love Scaredycrows, Here I am with the one

down at the market place

And this one outside of my Friend Mickey's House

And Here is a Lovely pair

(and there's Crow from my story peeking from behind one!)

And these are the funniest Scaredycrows on our block!

Satellite is fixed and were back on the net!

Now....what to post about????

Welcome Sunitha!!

Sunitha is not your typical Tiggerkat follower,

She doesn't play animal jam (I don't think)
and she is a Real Artist

And an Art Tutor!

So many of you are artists too, so maybe you can learn from Sunitha!

Check out her artwork at:


She has beautiful ethnic artworks!

So let's give a Big Artistic Welcome to


**roses and reese cups shower Sunitha**

Monday, October 29, 2012

monday! how could you!!

monday monkies broke my satellite internet....and i hate posting with my away....head hung low......

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Tiggerkat's Halloween Bash


Welcome to my

Come On In!

We have a lot to do!

We will Paint Pumpkins

And We have Face Painting

There is Bobbing for Reese Cups

(oops, I mean apples!)

And There's Music and Dancing

And of course  we have to eat

All Those Goodies I made Yesterday!

And the Grand Finale 

The Halloween  Costume Contest!!

Winner of the "I'm almost Invisible" Costume:

Winner of the Toughest Costume:

Winner of the "Roar-iest" Costume:

Winner of the Most Creative Costume:

Winner of the Bravest Costume:

(C'mon.....He was really Brave standing by the Giant Zombie!)

Winner of the Cutest Costume:

Winner of the "What the Heck?"  Costume:

Winner of the Most Lovable Costume:

Winner of the "I scared myself!" Costume:

And the Winner of the Scariest Costume

Bwaahahahah !!


**catches breath**

Well !

Thanks for coming!!

Hope Everyone Had a Great Time!

Don't forget your Goodie Bag!

T*T*F*N !!

(see the "TTFN?")

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Halloween Yummies!

Getting ready for a big Halloween Bash on Sunday!!

And YOU are invited!!!

I've been making all kinds of Yummy Treats!

Because I think Halloween should be:

I made this little Grave yard with Reese Cup Scarecrows
with Reese Cup hats

And Reese Cup fence posts
and Reese Pieces paths.

I made Reese Cup Witches Brooms

And Reese Pumpkin Spiders

(Credit to Mimi for that idea!)

And Homemade Reese Cup Cookies

With Reese Pieces Crunchies

More Reese Cup Spiders

with Reese Cup Bodies in
Peanut Butter Cookies

Reese Cup / Candy Corn Muffins

Reese Cup Hooty Owls

Reese Cup Cup Cakes


***surprise reese cup inside***



For that One


Kit Kat

Fan who follows me:

Kit Kat Monsters

(with Reese Cup hats!!)

See you All Tomorrow

At Tiggerkat's  Halloween Bash!!