Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Falconry and Reese Cups

Spino made a really great post about Falconry!  
They use these beautiful birds to hunt prey.

This gave me an idea! 

Maybe I could train a Falcon to hunt and collect Wild Reese Cups for me!!

So I got a Falcon and Said
"Bring me a Reese Cup Snack!"

He must've thought I said "Snake"


It wasn't even chocolate

Ok, so maybe Falcons are not really too Smart.

Everyone Knows if you want a
Smart Bird

You Get an Owl!

I Told Him To Bring me Something
Brown and Delicious!


Ok, that didn't work either...........Bleh

I had to resort to placing an ad for a

Well Trained Retrieving Bird

I only had One Response,

This Dude showed up:

With a Rooster

I said, Can He Fly?

(Because we Know Wild Reese Cups
are in the Highest Tops of Trees!)

He said
"Don't Be Ridiculous!  Roosters Can't Fly!"

"They Swim"


Just as I was about to Give Up All Hope,

I heard a Frail Voice Speak to Me

"Don't Worry Yerself Ther Tiggerkat!
I  Ken Helps Ya Get Yer Reese Cups"

I looked down and there was
this Ancient Looking Squirrel

With A Walker.......

I Almost Fell to the Ground in Laughter!

Then Suddenly There was a gust of Wind and a Flash of Gray!

That Old Squirrel was at the top of a Tree in a Split Second!

Then He Came Down with a.......


He Did It!!



Ate  It !

**Burp !!**

**Sighs Heavily**

Monday, July 30, 2012

Belizean Olympic Update

From my earlier post you know we had 3 athletes from Belize competing in the Olympics.

Well I am sad to say that Edderymis Sanchez, our Judo champion was eliminated in the 2nd round.

Our Other 2 athletes, Kenneth Medwood and Kaina Martinez compete in their sports on Friday, so we still have 2 more chances to Bring Home the Gold!!!

Thought You Might Like a Glimpse of Some of our Other Olympiads that 
 Did not make it to the Olympics

This is our Swim Team!

I heard some Chap from the USA named Michael Phelps
Had them Banned

He Obviously was too Intimidated by Us!!

Mondays Are Best Spent in Bed!

As You May Know
Mondays are Usually Not Good Days for Me!

So I Thought I would Avoid Monday
By Staying In Bed Under the Covers


But I fell Asleep

And the Monday Nightmares Began!!

It Started Out as a Good Dream

I was in the Jungles, Hunting my Favorite Prey


But then SHE entered my Dreams!


Kit Kat Came into the Jungle!



I screamed for Help!!

A Plane Flew Over Head

and Reese Parchuted Down to My Rescue!

Or So I Thought!!

In this Dream, Kit Kat

and Reese Are Best Buds!!

Reese Gave her a Ride Home!!

I Ran Home  Remembering that Jack Russells
 are Great Cat Fighters!

I Called to Reese Puff

But He Was Buds with Kit Kat TOOOOOOO!!!

Kit Kat is Even Friends with Cup Now!!

Can this Nightmare Get Worse???

Where is Peanut Butter???

He is always the Calm and Rational One!


Eating HAMMM????

How Could YOU?????

In This Nightmare All I wanted to do was

 Go Back to Bed

And Bury Myself Under the Covers!

When I got to my Room I found My Reese Cup
Treasure Had Been


Some Thief Took ALLLL The Reese Cups

 From Under My Mattress

and Replaced it with this

Yucky Green Stuff!!

It Tastes HORRIBLE!!




Sunday, July 29, 2012

Our 2012 Belize Olympiads

The Olympics are off to a Great Start in Jolly Ole London!

Belize will be Competing in 2 Events in the 2012 Olympics:  

Track and Judo

I want to use today's Blog Post to Introduce you to Our Athletes!!

First Up Is


400 meter hurdles

Next is


100 meter sprint

See, We Belizeans are Very Fast Runners!

We have to be to Avoid all the Crazed Attacking Monkeys!!

Now Let Me Introduce our Judo Champ!


See, If you Are Not Fast Enough to Out Run
Those Crazed  Attacking Monkeys
They will Catch you and



So We Belizeans are Great Wrestlers Too!!


Friday, July 27, 2012

2012 Olympics Opening Ceremony---Tiggerkat Style

Today is the Opening Ceremonies for the Olympics in London!!

Here in Belize we will Hold our Own Opening Ceremonies
to Honor Our Athletes!!

Here come the Olympic Rings down the Harbor!

From the Harbor begins the Parade!

Here are some Local School Children Leading off the Parade!

Next Comes our Olympic Torch Runner

He passed it off to my Uncle Bob..........

Not such a Good Idea....

Well that was Exciting!


Here Comes our Government Leaders

Next is our Military

(Airforce, to be Specific)

And What's a Parade without Elephants!!

(That's my BFF Ellie on the Left!)

And Now the Highlight of the Parade:

ME !!

I got to be right behind Ellie and her Brother!!

Isn't that Grea............

UGH !!!!!!

"CLEAN UP CREW!!----NOW !!!"


Thursday, July 26, 2012

A Great Day for Water Skiing!

Another Hot Day in Belize,

Another Excuse to Hit the Water!!

Today We Ski!!

I am such a Great Water Skier, I don't need Skis!   Or  A Boat!

Reese Is A Great Water Skier Too!

Peanut Butter Doesn't like Skiing, Too Tame for Him

He Likes ParaSailing over the River!

Poor Cup, He really Wanted to Go!

But I was Afraid some Fish Might Confuse Him with Lunch,

So Cup Stayed on the Beach

This is Reese Puff's First Ski Adventure!!

He did Great!!

Kit Kat Skied Too

(She thinks she's Stylin' in that Yellow Cap!! *snicker*)

To Be Honest, Kit Kat is pretty Good!

Here she is with her Friend!

Kit Kat's Pup, Yorkie was too young to ski,
She played in the water near the Beach

There were Lots of People Skiing Out There Today!!

Sandy Cheeks Was Showing Off Her Moves!!

These Chicks are Awesome!!

(They were driving all the Roosters crazy with their moves!!)


Moose the Goose Did a little Skiing too

And even Maurice was out and about today!

And Uncle Melman was there too!!

And my Good Friend Ellie!!

(But I think, sadly, the boat wasn't powerful enough to pull her)

My Mom had a great time skiing with her friends!

And my Dad, the Adrenaline Junkie did too!


And Dad's Brother,
My Uncle Bob.....


Not the most skillful one in the family.........