Wednesday, February 13, 2013

A Valentine's Day Poem (Re-Run)

Tiggerkat’s True Love

Reese cups!  Oh my Reese Cups!  How I love thee so!
I love thee in the morning, for lunch and for dinner
I love thee so much, you make me feel like a winner
O Reese Cups, I love thee from my head to my toe!

Reese Cups!  Oh my Reese Cups!  I love your peanut butter!
It’s delicious, so smooth, tan and creamy
I think you’re wonderful and so very dreamy
O Reese Cups!   My love for you makes my heart flutter!

Reese Cups!  Oh my Reese Cups!  I love your chocolate too!
Your round and brown and so very yummy
I love the way you feel digesting in my tummy!
O Reese Cups, I love you through and through

Reese Cups!  Oh my Reese Cups!  I love you in any weather!
When it’s cold outside, a reese smores is just right
When it’s hot a reese milkshake is out of sight
O Reese Cups, I love you, I love you, the bigger the better!

Reese Cups make me want to Dance!!!!


  1. happy Valentines day cuz!:D *gives resse cups*

  2. **is making jumbo extra large heart made out of reese's cups** **gets lot's of reese cups and glues together with melted reese kup chocolate and shapes into extra super large reese cup heart for this valentines day** you didn't see ANYTHING
    **decorates with reese's pieces and reese's puffs


  3. *Gives a reeses cup shaped heart the size of the whole galaxy* That should hold you off till next year! ^.^


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