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Book Reviews

There are LOTS of great books out there!

I am sure you are reading them!  

Books like the Hunger Games and Divergent Series, 

Books by J.K.Rowling and Uncle Rick.


But I have discovered some little know GREAT books!!

And I, you’re ever loving Tiggerkat, shall review them here for you!

So without further delay.... 

**Drum Roll Please**

First up is:   "The Reluctant Demon Diaries"

By Linda Rios Brook

In this Trilogy + One  we have a mysterious and very nervous stranger bringing ancient scrolls to a world renowned archaeologist, Samantha Yale,  who specializes in ancient translations.   
He leaves the scrolls and mysteriously disappears

As she translates the scrolls, she quickly realizes that they may be the most significant find in history!  
 It corroborates the Book of Genesis, but told from a very different point of view.  
 The ancient scrolls are revealed to be a diary of an angel 
who believes he was mistakenly cast from Heaven during Lucifer’s revolt.  
Thus he is now a demon, banned from Heaven for eternity.

The little demon is a meek creature, but with keen insight into the newly created world of humans.  
Satan tasks him with being a watcher.  
So he watches mankind and reports significant events to his master, 
Satan, all the while lamenting that God may never forgive him 
for his sin of being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

This series is a fast passed retelling of Genesis with humor sprinkled in.  

You will not be able to put it down!

So go now, download this book on your kindle, nook, tablet 

or purchase from a store,

 or check it out from your local library!