Thursday, January 31, 2013

This will blow your mind!! (Re-Run)

I actually do eat things other than reese cups!!  I am not proud of that fact, but sometime my mom makes me eat "real" food.  And I do like Chick-Fil-A !!   Check this out!

What a Tigger Tornado would look like

Cool pix from a friend!


Do my "Re-Runs" show up on your Dashboards / Google Readers ??

Monday, January 28, 2013

Test post

I think I can post from my phone!   And if it doesn't work...who will know?!

The Mother of All Mondays!

Tiggerkat Takes a Break!

I am sorry to report that due to circumstances beyond my control 
I will be taking a break from posting on this blog on a regular basis. 

I have decided to place this blog in “Re-Runs” 
as I think many of you have not seen all the posts 
and I have nearly 500 of them!

I will continue to post on “Tiggerkat’s Ode to God” and on 
“A Dog With No Name” on the weekends if I can.

I will try to respond to any comments you make 
and will try to keep up with your blogs 
and commenting when I can.

You guys are the greatest!   

Friday, January 25, 2013

Your Weekly Reese

Tiggerkat, Ace Reporter on Duty!


To Present to you This Week's Classified Reese Cups!

Reese Cup Fashion Show Comes to Town!

Here are some Official Weekly Reese Behind the Scenes Snap Shots!

Here is the Official Reese Cup Limo that the models arrived in!

Here is a snap shot of the Orange Carpet to the awards ceremony

Here is a Snap Shot of the Dress I am hoping wins!

It is made entirely of Reese Cup Wrappers!

And this Dress is made of A Giant Reese Cup!!

Here is one of the Models Now!

Let me get you a close up of her Dress!

All Reese Cups!!

And the winners get these Reese Cup Trophies!

They have peanut butter centers and stand on a Giant Reese Cup!


They Look Delicious!!

**looks right, then left**

Tiggerkat, Ace Reporter, Signing out!!

Tiggerkat, Ace Reporter Arrested!!

The Charge:  Eating Trophies at the Reese Cup Fashion Show!

Tiggerkat Goes to Trial!

Here is Tiggerkat with Her Defense Attorney

They Refuse to Answer any Questions from the Press!!

We were able to Sneak this Picture of Tiggerkat 
Before the Judge, Pleading Not Guilty!

(while wiping chocolate and peanut butter off of her fur!)

Let's see the Judge's Reaction.....

The Judge Is Laughing!!

Tiggerkat is Free to Go!!!

This has been another Exciting Edition of
Your Weekly Reese!

Thursday, January 24, 2013


Did you Ace your test on Simple Machines?  

Thursdays---Fun in a Box

Those boxes yesterday were really cute

I did find a couple that were funny:

(Reminds me of Kit Kat with that Kite last year!  sigh---good times)

Ever just walk right into someone's fist?

Here's a Party Box

And now, some Box Imposters!

Some are kinda lame......

And some are not even boxes!!


Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Look what I bought!

It's a Skin for an I-Phone!!!

Now I just have to get an I-phone.........

Wednesdays are for Cute-----Boxes?????

Ok, I don't know who invented these guys or why

But they are SOOOOOO CUTE !!!
I love 'em!!

(one of my fav's, I love it everytime I see it on Jammies blog!)

Monday, January 21, 2013


Monkeys are ANNOYING!!!!!!!!

Yes!  Very Annoying!!

Never, Ever Turn Your Back to a Monkey!!

Or Stop your Car when a Gang of Monkeys are Hanging at the Corner

Never Share your Things with a Monkey

Sure, they'll be all cute and like "I pwomise to give it back"

Don't Believe Them!!

This Morning I saw Kit Kat  Plotting with a  Monkey

That can't be good

Especially on a Monday!


I knew it!!


Monday Monkeys are the Worst!

Simple Machine Review for Silver Tail

I love, love Simple Machines!

They are a great help to me when I need to Transport all my Reese Cups!

You See, 

Simple Machines Make Work Easier!!

There are 6 Kinds of Simple Machines


W: Wheel and Axle
W:  Wedge
I:  Inclined Plane
P:  Pulley
L:  Lever
S:  Screw

1.  Wheel and Axle

I love using a wheel and axle like this to pull my Reese Cup Stash with me!

2. Wedge: Great for Lifting a Load!

Sometimes I wear these cool shoes to help me reach my Reese Cup Stash in the cabinets

3.  Pulley:  Grooved wheel and Rope to Lift up Heavy Stuff really High!

I use a Pulley System to Move my Stash of Reese Cups in and out of my Treehouse!

4. Lever:  Always has a Fulcrum so it takes Less Effort to Lift Heavy Loads

Most Levers have the Fulcrum in the middle (Class 1 levers)

But Some have the Fulcrum at the End (Class 2 levers)

(the wheel is a fulcrum, it does NOT have an axle)

I Use A Wheel Barrow to Move my Reese Cups!

5. Inclined Plane:   A ramp.  May look like a wedge, but a Wedge Moves, 
An Inclined Plane Does NOT move!

My  Train goes Up an Inclined Plane to the Reese Cup Mines

6.  Screw:  An Inclined Plane wrapped around a Pole

This is how we remove Reese Cups from the Reese Cup Mine
(shown above as water, but believe me, it scoops out the reese cups too!)

Simple Machines can be Combined to make something more Complex:

I just haven't figured out what it is yet!