Thursday, July 19, 2012

Welcome Skittles!!

Skittles is a new follower, and comments alot!  But I guess he/she doesn't have a blogger account so they are an un-official follower (Like TiggyTiger)

I am so happy to have Skittles as a follower!!  And I love that name!!  Guess what is Skittles' favorite, not reese cups!  (I'll have to work on that!!)

So Please Welcome Skittles!!

**Showers with Skittles Confetti**

(boy it hurt to do that!  guess I will eat all my reese cup confetti to console myself!)


  1. My user on aj is Pokemon798 your den looks cool

    1. thanks!! I may actually visit my Den sometime!! I don't think I've been on AJ for like 2 weeks!! But send me a buddy request, I would love to be your buddy on AJ!

  2. I buddyed you tiggerkat :D


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