Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Tagged Back!!

Ok, I only have a limited time on the computer each day, so I am only going to answer Hamishcat's questions and I'm not tagging anyone, sorry, just don't have time for all of that!   (But I do enjoy this!)

HamishCat's Questions:

1. Dog or cat person?   Dog!!  (especially Jack Russells!)

2. Reese peanut butter cups or KitKats?  Really?? Do I need to answer that??!! 

3. You like lemonade, right?  Nope!  (allergic to citrus!)

4. If you were given one power, what would it be?  To be like a magnet for all the world's reese cups!!

5. Pancakes or waffles?  if butter & syrup = pancakes,  if cream and strawberries = waffles

6. Are these questions annoying?  NEVER

7. Am I annoying? NEVER

8. Have you been tagged more then 3 times?  This is #3 !!

9. Half full or half empty?  Half Full!! 

10. What's your favorite quote?   "Lean Not on your Own Understanding, but Trust in the Lord with All Your Heart"


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