The Great Reese Cup Mystery

***CHAPTER SEVEN*** (my lucky number!)

When Great Shot, Strongboy and Tricker Treee arrived at Tiggerkat’s tree house, everyone else was there too.  “Any luck?” asked Great Shot
“Nope, no luck, no Reese Cups thief found anywhere” replied Seals.
“Guess that explains Tiggerkat’s condition over there” Great Shot rolled her eyes.  Tiggerkat had fainted in her flowerbed, only her feet stuck out from the flowers.
“She’s been like that for the past 10 minutes!” stated Bpn.  “Who’s the green guy?”
“Oh, this is Tricker Treee, he’s going to help us find the Reese Cup thief.” Answered Great Shot, who then introduced the gang to him.
“Hi everyone!” smiled Tricker Treee. 
“And before anyone asks,” spoke up Strongboy, “those are NOT Chocolate smudges!  Its mud!”
“Yep, I was out exploring down by the river, got a bit messy” explained Tricker Treee.
“Cool!  Said Goldfish, “I love it down there!”
“Me too” chimed in Spino.
Laurel spoke next“Yeah, we were down there one day….”
“MOOOOANNNN !!!”  Tiggerkat moaned loudly, wanting to keep the attention on her.
Suddenly Tiggytiger burst out from Tiggerkat’s tree house with a bucket of water and threw it on Tiggerkat.   Tiggerkat jumped up, sputtering, shaking the water off her face.
“What you do that for, Cousin?!”  Tiggerkat asked angrily.
“To “un-faint” you!” Tiggytiger replied.  “See!  I saved your life! (again)” she smiled.
“And that’s why I love you!” Tiggerkat bounced over and hugged Tiggytiger. 
“Ok now, let’s get this mystery solved” said Seals. “Let’s show Tricker Treee the paw print on the cupboard”.
The gang went inside to the kitchen.  Tricker Treee examined the paw print.  “Hmmmmm” Tricker Treee said thoughtfully.  “That’s definitely a tiger’s paw print.  And it is definitely too small to be mine, see?” He held his paw next to the print. “But…..” Tricker Treee said as he turned to Tiggerkat and took her paw, “It seems to be the exact same size as yours!”
Tiggerkat yanked her paw back, “What??!  That’s ridiculous!! Why would I…….”  She stopped suddenly.  The room fell silent, waiting to see what she was about to say next. “Why would…..” Tiggerkat said softly.  Then slowly, the purple tiger turned a bright shade of red and she buried her face in her paws.  “UGH!!!!  I’M SOOOOOOOO EMBARASSED !!!!!!!!!!!!!” She cried out.
“What??? What is it?” Asked Laurel.
“I Just remembered something” answered Tiggerkat
“What??!!!”  the gang shouted in suspense.
Tiggerkat opened the cupboard door right next to the one with the paw print.  There was large jar, filled with Reese Cups.
“TIGGERKAT!!!!!!!!!!!!” the gang shouted at their friend.
“Oooops!” Tiggerkat smiled sheepishly.  “But we had fun, right?”


Great Shot glared at Tricker Treee.  “Well don’t just sit there!” she exclaimed. “Get us out of this mess!”
“And why would I want to do that?” laughed Tricker Treee.
“So we can catch you!  You Reese Cup thief!”  shouted Tiggerkat.
Tricker Treee hopped off of the log.  “I am no thief”  he responded with a smile.  “Why do you think that I am?”
“Well, you’re a tiger for starters!” said Tiggerkat.
“And so are you.” Tricker Treee pointed out.
“Why would I steal my own Reese Cups??  That’s ridiculous!”  Tiggerkat glared.
“And you are covered in chocolate stains!” Strongboy pointed out.
Tricker Treee examined himself closely.  “This?” he pointed to the dark brown smudges on his green fur.  “This is mud you goof balls.”
Great Shot groaned. “He’s right.  Its mud. He’s not our thief”
Tricker Treee helped the group get untangled from the net.  Tiggerkat continued to eye Tricker Tree suspiciously.  “I just don’t trust a green tiger, they don’t look right to me!” Tiggerkat muttered.
“Like purple is any better?” Tricker Treee laughed.  “I will help you find your thief.  You say it’s a tiger?”
“That’s right! I  ID’d the paw print on the cupboard door.  It was a tiger’s print all right!”  answered Strongboy.
“I’d better see it for myself” replied Tricker Treee. 
“Yeah, the others are probably waiting for us, maybe they found the culprit!” said Great Shot hopefully.
“Oh boy!  Oh boy!  Oh boy!”  said an excited Tiggerkat.  “Maybe they’ve found my Reese Cups!! “ and Tiggerkat quickly bounced back towards home, disappearing in the woods.
“What’s so great about Reese Cups anyway?” questioned Tricker Treee.
“That’s a good question.” Responded Great Shot with an eye roll.
From a distance a faint voice called out, “Stooooop taaaalking blasssssphemyyyy!!!!!”
The three busted out laughing and followed Tiggerkat back to her house.

 (BTW:  Mom thought not everyone would know what Blasphemy is, Blasphemy is when you talk badly about God.)


“Oh boy, an adventure!  I love adventure! “ said strongboy as the team made their way south from Tiggerkat’s tree house. “I hope we see bad guys!  I will be all over them like a….like a….like a….”
“Like Tiggerkat on a Reese Cup?” Great Shot suggested.  Tiggerkat shot her a pretend mad look
“Whoever took my Reese Cups, IS a bad guy!  And when we find them, Strongboy can use his karate skills on them!”  Tiggerkat said.
“Shh!”  Said Great Shot, “we will never find them if they hear us coming!”  The group new she was right and the talking stopped.   They made their way through the forrest, with Strongboy leading the way.   Strongboy stopped suddenly.  Tiggerkat bumped into strongboy knocking him over and then Great Shot tripped and landed on top of the both of them.
“Well lookie there!”  came a strange voice.  “A goof ball sandwich!”
The three untangled themselves to see who had spoken.  It was a green tiger, with dark brown smudges on him.
“Who are you?” asked Great Shot. 
“I’m Tricker Treee”.  The green tiger replied.
“Trickertreat?  Oh!  Trickertreat!  Smell my feet!  Give me something good to eat!”  sang Tiggerkat.
Tricker Treee rolled his eyes.  He sighed, “Not Tricker TREAT, Tricker TREEEE.” He emphasized.
“Oh!” said Tiggerkat knowingly, but who was obviously confused by the name. “Well, since its not Halloween, whatever!  Maybe you can help us!  We are looking for a thief!  Someone stole my Reese cups.”
“Really?” Asked Tricker Treee. “Maybe I can help.  What does the thief look like?”
“Well, he’s a tiger and….”  The three looked at each other, looked at Tricker Treee and then it was like a light bulb went off as the three looked at each other again.
“GET HIM!!!”  Hollered Strongboy.  The three pounced the green tiger with suspicious brown smudges and wrestled creating a huge dust cloud.  No one could be seen for all the dust, but you could hear them grunting and grabbing and pushing and pinning.   When the dust cleared, Tricker Treee was sitting on a log smirking at the threesome, tangled in their own net.


Strongboy flipped through the pages. “Look!  Here!  It’s a match!”
“Let me see that!” Tiggerkat grabbed the book.  “Just as I suspected!  It’s a tiger paw print!  Which one of you tigers took my Reese cups!!”
“Uh, Tiggerkat?”  said Great Shot.
“yeah?” Tiggerkat replied.
“You are the only Tiger here” 
Tiggerkat looked puzzled.  Then she looked mad and growled “ Just what are you saying, Great Shot?”
Seals stepped between them.  “There must be another explanation” she stated.  Everyone looked around, scratched their head and thought for a few moments.
“I know!” exclaimed Spino. “There must be another Tiger!”
“You mean Tigger” corrected Tiggerkat
“No,” answered Spino, “Another Tiger, because we all know there is only one tigger!”
“Thank God” mumbled Great Shot
“what was that?!” Tiggerkat shot her a mean look.
“I said ‘Thank God”…Thank God Spino figured out what’s going on.  There must be another tiger” 
“Lets go on a tiger hunt!” suggested Laurel
“That sounds like a great idea, let’s split into teams and search the 100 acre woods for the scoundrel reese cup stealing tiger!” said Bpn. 
The group broke up into 4 teams.  Spino  and Laurel would head east.  Bpn and Goldfish would go West.  Seals and Tiggytiger would go north, leaving Tiggerkat, Strongboy and Great Shot to head south.

(PS: I don't know why that box is there or how to get rid of it, sorry!!  TK)


"I know!" said Strongboy "We need to look for clues!"
"Look!  A Paw Print!"  said Seals
"A Clue! A Clue! I think I see a Clue!"  shouted  Tiggytiger  "wait a minute!" She shook her head.  "wrong story"
"No! Look!" Seals repeated.  " I really see a paw print!"   The group looked.   On the door of the cupboards was a muddy paw print, dried, like it had been there a while.   "If we can figure out whose paw print that is, maybe we can figure out where your Reese cups are!"
"Great idea, Seals!"  smiled Tiggerkat, relief pouring across her face.  Then her face scrunched up again.  "How do we figure out who's print it is?"
"Oh!" Strongboy exclaimed.  "I have a book on paw prints!  I'll go get it!" and he raced home.
Great Shot sighed.  "Got any Cheese balls, Tiggerkat?"
"Are cheese balls round and chocolate with peanut butter inside?"  asked Tiggerkat scowling a bit at her friend.
"Of course not!  They're made of cheese!"
"Tiggers don't like Cheese Balls!  blech!  They're disgustin!"
"Are not!"
"Are too!"
"Are not!"
"Are too!"
"STOP IT YOU TWO!"  yelled Tiggytiger.  "This is no time for a silly fight!"
"There is nothing silly about Cheese / Reese / Balls / Cups!!!!!  Tiggerkat and Great Shot yelled simultaneously.
"Jinx!!"  They both yelled together again.
"Double Jinx!!!"  They both shouted.
"I'm back!"  Strongboy said as he burst through the door.  "I have the book!  Now we can see what kind of paw print that is!   And I brought Spino11 and Laurel019 to help!  They're both really smart!" 
Spino and Laurel smiled. "Strongboy told us what's up" said Spino.
"It's awful, Tiggerkat, we'll help solve this mystery" offered Laurel.
"Saw the lights on, heard all the commotion.  what's going on?" It was Bpn925 entering the room.
"Tiggerkat's reese cups are missing" filled in Seals.  Tiggerkat moaned sadly.
"That's tragic!" replied Bpn.  Tiggerkat moaned again.
"Well, looks like everyone's here, so let's look at Strongboy's book and figure out this paw print!" suggested Tiggytiger.


     Tiggerkat fell over as a cricket jumped out of the empty box and over her head.  "No Reese Cups!!??!!"  Tiggerkat cried and then paced in a nervous circle with her paws on her head.  "what do I do? what do I do?"  Tiggerkat thought to herself.  Maybe one of her pals could help?
     Tiggerkat rushed to the phone and picked it up, slowly dialing tiggytiger's number. The sound of the phone ringing came from the other end when suddenly the  front door busted open,  Tiggerkat dropped the phone in surprise "AHH!! You won't take-"
       It was her cousin, Tiggytiger!    "I came as soon as I got the call, cuz!" Tiggytiger panted. "What's up?"
         "My Reese Cups...they're....they're.....they're....." Tiggerkat repeated.   Tiggytiger put her paws over her mouth, bewildered of what Tiggerkat might say. "They're.....they're.....G-Gone!"
    "Lost?"  Tiggytigger asked
     "Stolen!" Tiggerkat wailed  "What am I going to do?  I don't want to eat kit kats for the rest of my life!  Tiggers don't like kit kats!  blech!" 
     "Of couse not!"  said Tiggytiger soothingly. "We need more help from each and every one of our pals!" tiggerkat nodded.
      "Call seals101!!!!!!! Call seals101!!!!!!" tiggytiger shouted.
      "OK!!!!!" Tiggerkat shouted back and, (more quickly this time) dialed seals101's number.    Instead of rushing right over as soon as she got the call, seals picked up. "yes?"
        "seals!"  Tiggerkat stuttered.
         "Did you eat a horrible Kit Kat again?!?!" Seals101 shouted despearately.
          " Cups! They....they.....they....they are gone!!!!"
         "Seals101? You there?" Tiggerkat asked, trying to put one paw into the phone as she looked into the earpiece.
          "I'm here," seals101 panted as she entered into Tiggerkat's house.
          "Seals!!!!!!!!!!!" tiggytiger rejoiced, and hugged her.
        "Where is the Reese Cups????" Seals101 asked, scared.
         "We don't know!" tiggerkat sobbed, "don't put pressure on a tiggerkat or a tiggytiger!"
          "sorry. But what do we do?"
          "Call GreatShot! She's so awesome; she'll help!" tiggytiger suggested.    Tiggerkat dialed GreatShot's number.
       "What now, tiggerkat?" GreatShot asked.
        "Come over asap!"
        "a sap?" GreatShot echoed. "You mean A-S-A-P?"
        "just come over!" tiggerkat wailed, then GreatShot hung up and was over in no time, her brother Strongboy in tow.
          "I was eating some cheese balls!" she complained, "what could possibly be more important than that?"
          "Her reese cups are stolen," tiggytiger explained.
           "Will she have to eat M&Ms or Kit Kats now?"
          "Of course not, Great Shot! .........Hey, I rhymed!" seals101 said. Strongboy laughed.
         "No time for laughing Strongboy!!"  Tiggerkat was panicked. "What will we do now?



     It was a crime.  A crime of passion.  Tiggerkat watched, weeping,  as Great Shot led in the suspects one by one.   First was Seals101. 
      "NO!  Not Seals!  How could you betray me this way?  You were my best friend!"  Tiggerkat sobbed.    Great Shot led in the second suspect.....Tiggytiger.   "NO!"  wailed Tiggerkat.  "My cousin, you're family, no! no! no!  It can't be you!"   Great Shot brought in the rest of the suspects, Strongboy88, Bpn925,  Spino11, BigGoldfish101, and lastly Laurel109.  At this point Tiggerkat is inconsolble, a blubbering pile of mush in the corner of the room.   "How could you?  How could any of you?"  She sobbed.  "How could you steal my reese cups?"  
       Great Shot approached Tiggerkat and put her arms around Tiggerkat's shoulders. 
"We'll get your reese cups back, Tiggerkat, I promise"  and Great Shot began to evil laugh...causing cold chills to run down tiggerkat's spine.  
      "Great Shot???" Tiggerkat looked at her friend for the first time with fear washing over her.  "I......I....ah...ahh..ahhhh.......CHOOOOO!!!!" 
        Tiggerkat sat straight up in her bed, the sneeze bringing her out of her nightmares.   She was covered in sweat.  "Wheeewwww!!"  Tiggerkat smiled.  "Thank goodness, it was only a dream!  I know my reese cups are safe and sound."  
       She thought for a moment then frowned.  "Maybe I better check to be sure"   Tiggerkat hopped out of bed and bounced down the stairs to the kitchen.   She pushed the stool over to the refrigerator and reached for the Honey Pot on top.  She pushed the Honey pot aside (she had learned long ago that a certain pooh bear always took anything left in that pot) and pulled out a small box hidden behind it.   In the box was a key.  
     Tiggerkat looked left and looked right.  Then she went and closed all the curtains.  When she was sure no one could see her she opened the cupboards under the sink and pulled out a large box.  She used the key to open the box, the lid slowly popped up and Tiggerkat's eyes grew large.

The group broke up into 4 teams.  Spino  and Laurel would head east.  Bpn and Goldfish would go West.  Seals and Tiggytiger would go north, leaving Tiggerkat, Strongboy and Great Shot to head south.


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