Thursday, May 31, 2012

Bathtime!! (Rated G!)

Thought I'd share some fun Bathtime Photos with you!! 
(I promise you won't get in trouble with your Mom or Dad for looking at these!!)

Here is a pix of me when I was a baby getting a bath in the sink! 

I still have all those rubber duckies!!
(and yes, I still play with them in the bath every night!!)

Here's Reese getting his bath!   

(He HATES baths!!) 

He's being so dramatic, he thinks he's drowning!!

Anyway......Here's Peanut Butter getting his Bath!

MUD bath, that is!
(He is a pig, afterall!)

Here's Cup getting his bath!  

Yes, that's his bathroom in his cage! 
It is NOT easy finding the right toilet paper to go with that tiny toilet!!

And of course, here is Kit Kat

Well, we're all nice and clean!  (Except for Peanut Butter!)

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

2 more followers!!!!

This is really very cool!!  I was about to work on a new post when it caught my eye that I now have 32 followers!   The weird thing is I can only see 28 which means I have 4 anonymous followers!!  (anyone know how many accounts Fuzzy ShyIvy / Cinnamon Cake has??)

Anyway!    I want to welcome SkerryMalas and RichGuy17 !!!!!!!!!!! 

**Reese Confetti and Balloons fall to floor**

SkerryMalas is an animal jammer who really loves all kinds of animals!  I think she may be Irish---check out her Avatar!!

It's a 4-leaf clover!!  I hope it brings her loads of great luck!!

RichGuy17 is a sports nut who loves all sports!!   He also likes Animal Jam!  Here is the avatar for blogger:

  He needs to work on his Avatar tho, may I recommend one?

Thanks for joining my blog!!!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

A Beautiful Day for a Picnic!!

It was such a beautiful day I thought we should all go on a picnic for lunch!!

I packed my picnic basket!

Went to my favorite picnic spot!

But the best table was already taken......

Luckily Reese's friends were there and they saved us one!!

One even showed up in a tigger-like suit!! 

(He's a secret fan of mine!)

I opened the picnic basket and lookie who tagged along!!


Cup brought his own picnic spread!!

And we had a celebrity sighting!!  

I think that's Yogi Bear!! 

I wanted to get an autograph but Peanut Butter said we should just leave him alone.

Where's Kit Kat did you ask??  

Well, I may have accidentally told her we were taking the RED picnic basket....

And then I locked it in the closet at home!!

tee hee!! 

It was a GREAT Day!!

Monday, May 28, 2012

Follower #30 !!!!!!!!

This is not your typical Monday!  After cleaning up from the crabbing incident I decided to check out my blog and to my surprise I have another new follower!!    So let's give a big Reese Cup Welcome to  Cinnamonrose!!!

She has a blog called Animal Jam Escape:     Check it out, Cinnamonrose likes making movies and music!  I am terrible at both of those things, but I love watching movies and love listening to music!!
So go see her blog and follow it, right now!!  Maybe she'll make you into a movie star!!!!

Never go to the Beach on a Monday!!

We thought it was a beautiful day to go to the beach!

While we were walking along, Reese spotted a crab!

Actually, that was the first of many!

We decided to catch some for dinner!!

My Dad caught a HUGE one!!

We collected smaller ones and put in a bucket

after collecting the crabs we started playingon the beach!

Fun!  Fun!  Fun!

Bounce!  Bounce!  Bounce!

I threw the ball way high in the sky and went back, back back to catch it 

I tripped and landed

right in



What a  Crabby Monday this turned out to be!

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Look What Tricker Treee Showed Me!

Now who do you think taught that trick to Charlie Armstrong??!!  That is how I like to eat my Reese Cups!!! 

I don't recommend the NASCAR way........that's too fast, you can't enjoy it!!

Thanks Tricker Tree!!

Kit Kat's Room----Remodel Re-do!

as you can probably imagine, I got in a wee bit of trouble for Kit Kat's room make over.

So I had to take out all the cactus things.    I was in the middle of this project when my good friend, Conchita stopped in.    She had a wonderful idea!    

We would replace those prickly cactus items with some warm, cuddly SNAKES!

Here is Kit Kat's new chair!

A snuggly new pillow for her bed:

A new plushie to cuddle with!

and a night stand to go beside her bed:

and a table lamp!


and a few new play mates!

We couldn't wait for Kit Kat to get home!  Conchita and I hid to watch Kit Kat's joyful reaction!    When she saw the first snake it looked like she jumped in fear!

Or did she???     Dag Nabit!!     I should've known!   Kit Kat LIKES snakes!!

Three New Followers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

well, I got onto Blogger this morning and literally fell out of my seat!!  I bruised my bouncy tail!  I was so stunned to see I have 3 New Followers!!!!! 

Ok, I am calm now, back in my chair, let's give a big Reese Cup Welcome to:  Breezewood, Patriot and 109190xmas!!!!!

Breezewood is a dog lover!  You can tell at first by her avatar:

See!  A puppy paw print!  and if you go to her blog ( there is a side bar called "The Daily Puppy" with all these cute puppies on it!  You should check it out and follow her blog!!

Patriot does not have a blog, at least not under this avatar. 

I am looking for more info on him with my crystal ball, which is quite revealing!  I see he has other accounts, other blogs, and even a twitter account!!  I see an interest in politics too.......hmmmmm, very interesting!

109190xmas is new to the blogosphere, and off to a really great start!  Check out her new blog:  and follow it! 

She is a very generous friend!  She gave me Reese Cups!!!  and found the perfect dog!!  (*BARK!!*)  It's okay Reese, you're still my number one doggie!!

So let's have a round of Reese Cups for my new friends!!!!!!

Friday, May 25, 2012

Yes! Bunnies ARE Annoying!!

ok, really, I do like bunnies!

But the problem with bunnies, is you never seem to have just one!!

They multiply!!  And I don't mean they are good in math!!

And while this seems like first....................the next thing you know is........


They're in your Bed!

In your garden!

They want your food!


They steal your cookies!

And all the Reese Cups out of the candy bowl!!

They get into your drinks!

And take your books!

(they can't even read!!  they just look at the pictures!!)

The only time you have any peace and quiet is when they go to sleep!

Lucky for me, Mom is not afraid of all these bunnies!   She sweeps them right on out of here!!


So don't be fooled by their cuteness!            Bunnies are ANNOYING!! 

 (it would be ok if they didn't take the reese cups..............THAT crossed the line!!)