Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Reese is Still Blaming Reese Puff!!

Reese is still insisting that Reese Puff threw that wild party while I was away
 and says he has the pictures to Prove it!  

Here is Reese's so called Proof......

According to Reese, right after we left Reese Puff began his destruction:

Both inside the house and outside:

He said it was Reese Puff who invited friends over

And he invited clowns too!!

He Said Reese Puff put on a Tigger Costume and went around making fun of me!

When Reese Puff saw Reese taking pictures, he stuck his tongue out at him!

I just don't know that one cute little puppy could've done all that!

I wonder if Reese is telling the truth or if he faked these photos??

What do you Think???


  1. I think Reese knows how to use Photoshop really well >:D

  2. The clown noes looks likes a skittle :-D


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