Saturday, July 21, 2012

Wowie Kazowie! Another Follower!!

Okay Guys, let's give a Big Reese Cup Welcome to:

Ozma Zerozero

And Believe Me!  She's no Zero!  
And definitely not a double Zero!   

She is a blogger, she posts on a few blogs but has one of her own called AJ Pie:  

Check it Out at  and be sure to follow it!!

Another interesting thing about Ozma is that  she really likes to throw pies at people!  

I've picked out a nice Reese Cup Pie for her to throw at me!!

Ready!  Aim!  Fire!



And Now For Ozma!

**pulls cannon out from behind a curtain**
**aims at Ozma and fires**

***Out Shoots Pies!!  Covering Ozma!!***

*** The Crowd Goes Wild !!! ***


Give Me Your Best Bounce!!