Friday, August 31, 2012

Cup Wants To Go To School

With all this talk about Going to School Next week

Now Cup wants to go!

I tried to explain to him that Hamsters don't go to School

But he is so stubborn!!

not to mention


To Prove his Readiness for School

He showed me all the School Supplies He's Gathered:


(and gnawed on)

He showed me how he's fixed up his cage

so he is ready to do homework

And he has already started reading ahead

He said I could pack his lunch for him

Or he could buy at the cafeteria

And He even has an Apple for the Teacher!

Can someone out there Please Explain to him

That Hamsters Don't Go To School????

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

A Monday Hidden in a Wednesday!

So It was That Time of  Year again

Time to go to the Dentist


You can Easily Spot My Dentist's Office!

I love the Waiting Room!

But the Seats are Not Really that Comfortable

There was only One Patient Ahead of Me

I don't think things were going well for him,
I heard a lot of Strange Noises!!
(did you see he's holding a teddy bear! lol!)


Normally I Love my Dentist

But Today He Found A Cavity!!

He Had to Drill and Drill!!

Then He said He was Just Going to Have to Pull It

It took the Dentist and 2 helpers to Pull it Out!!!


Glad it was just a Baby Tooth!!


I have to Check the Calendar to see if it isn't actually a Monday!!

I wonder what the Tooth Fairy Will Give Me!!!???!!!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Fun with Marshmallows

Some of you may know

I like to Play with Fire

And where there is a Fire

There should be Marshmallows!!

But if there is No Fire

Marshmallows are still fun!

I like to make "Tigger Tails"

They start out as Marshmallows on a stick

Then you pour on the sugary coating

Reese Has Fun with Marshmallows Too!

It's a Game I Call "Fetch"

But He's Not That Good at it......

He Never Fetches, He only Eats!

Maybe I should Re-name the Game "Eat"

Peanut Butter Likes to Apply His Artistic Talents
with His Marshmallows:

Cup is a Great Artist with the Air Brush

Look at his "Self Portrait" in Marshmallow!

Reese Puff Made this "Before and After" Marshmallow Art:

York Tried her Hand at it as Well

Then it was Time to Clean Up

There were Marshmallows Everywhere!!

It would take waayyy too Long to pick them all up,

So I called My Friend Nathan to Come Over

and He did!

We Rolled Him all over the Floor

Look what a Great Clean Up  Job He did!!

Fun! Fun! Fun!

Oh......and if you REALLY needed to know about Kit Kat........

She Took all the Marshmallows that Nathan Cleaned up for us

I don't know what she did with them........

Monday, August 27, 2012

Yippeee!!! A New Follower!! Welcome Cryptide!!

Cryptide is No Cryptid,

She's Real!

Here she is!

My Photo

And she has a Blog that She Started TODAY!!

Called Animal Jam Clouds

It  is so New that I was her very 1st Page View!!!
(and her 2nd, 3rd, & 4th!)

Now I Challenge you to see Who can Be #5

and #11

And #36

And #52

Go On Now......Go Visit her page and report back to me what Number visitor you are!

Numbers 5, 11, 36 and 52 get a prize!

Here's Her Link:

Click Here!

Good Luck!!

Look out!  Here comes the Welcome Cannons!

**KA-BOOM !!**

** Reese Cups and Confetti Rain down On Cryptide **

Back to School Hair Cut!

Ahh, nothing like a good Hair Cut 

after a long summer of pools, surf and sand!!

(Me and My Hair Dresser Posing)

Meep!!   0.0

But it's.....



It Looks Like I have a Different Stylist today

And I do NOT like the Looks of Her!!

Uh........This Can't Be a Good Sign!!




that's a parakeet in my hair



Saturday, August 25, 2012

Back to School Shopping

We go back to School in another week, 

so Today Mum Took Me to go 

Buy my School Supplies!

I Love Shopping!!

I found the most Epic Lunch Box!!

And I Found a Backpack Big Enough 

to take a small Reese Cup Supply

Found These Personalized Notebooks

And a Pencil that will Last All Year!

Then it was Time to Look for School Clothes!

I Got some new Socks!

(Although we Rarely Need them in Belize)

And Some New Shoes

I Got Some New Clothes

(that one is my favorite one!)

A close up of another new shirt:

and I was so Excited to See this One:

And I found these Awesome Pants

And we Got these too!

I think I am ready to go!!