The Haunted Reese Cup---A Tiggerkat Halloween Special

The Haunted Reese Cup


“It was a dark and stormy night.   In a land far far away, there was a lonely little tigger lost and confused, left behind in the Spooky forest.   She cried for help, but there was no answer.  Just the hooting of an owl, sending chills up her spine.    The little tigger thought perhaps if she climbed to the top of the hill she could see her home and would be able to find her way out of the spooky forest.    She began to climb, lightning flashed creating spooky shadows in the spooky forest.   The little tigger was frightened, but she continued her climb up the spooky hill. 

Finally, in a shattering of lightning and thunder, the little tigger reached the top of the hill.  She began to scan the distance for the lights of home.  She felt something tap her shoulder.   A cold chill ran down her spine.  She slowly turned around and saw……..IT!!

The Haunted Reese Cup!!  It laughed an evil laugh and the little tigger screamed for help!  But it was too late.  The Haunted Reese Cup surrounded her and engulfed her.  The little tigger was trapped in the spooky chocolate and peanut butter……


To be

Heard from





Tiggerkat yelped in fear and threw the covers over her head, her book flying across the room.    She trembled while Peanut Butter laughed, making spooky faces with the flash light.  “Gimme that!!”’ Tiggerkat yelled angrily, swiping the flashlight out of Peanut Butter’s hoof.  Peanut Butter let out a little squeal and jumped into her bed.      Reese and Puff were curled up together and already sound asleep. Cup was running furiously on his wheel.   

“Sheesh, Peanut Butter!  Get to bed! (to which Peanut Butter rolled his eyes at Tiggerkat as he was already in bed)   We have a big day tomorrow!   It’s my favoritest day of the year!!  It’s the Reese Cup Harvest!!  I can’t wait!” Tiggerkat began to bounce in bed.    Then she remembered the book. 

She looked left, then to the right.  She hopped out of bed and turned on the lights.  Peanut Butter squinted at her.  “Just in case you get scared tonight”  Tiggerkat grinned nervously.  Peanut Butter rolled his eyes again and went back to sleep.  Tiggerkat crawled in bed, reached deep under her blankets and pulled out a stuffed duck.   She looked again to the left and to the right.  Satisfied that no one was looking she kissed her stuffed duck and then cuddled it tightly as she drifted off to sleep.


Chapter 1 

“Hooooot  Hoooot  whoooooooooooo!”
“Hush up Reese!”  Tiggerkat growled angrily and stuffed her head under the pillows to try to go back to sleep, even though the sun was glaringly bright through her chocolate colored curtains.

“Hooooot  Hoooot  whoooooooooooo!”
“Reese!  Shut up!”  Tiggerkat sat upright in her bed and threw her pillow at Reese, who was sleeping soundly…..and quietly.

“Hooooot  Hoooot  whoooooooooooo!”
“Oh”  Tiggerkat said to herself as she realized the sound was coming from outside of her window.   She went and opened the window to look for the source of the sound.

“Hooooot  Hoooot  whoooooooooooo!”

There was a snowy owl in the tree outside her window.
“Felix! You dumb owl!  It’s daylight, why are you making so much noise? You should be asleep!”  Tiggerkat scolded.

The snowy owl flew over and gracefully landed on the sill of Tiggerkat’s window.
“Sorry Tiggerkat” Felix replied with a blush.  “You know why I sleep at night and am up in the day”

“Yeah, yeah.” Said Tiggerkat with an eye roll. “Only owl in the world scared of the dark.”

“Besides, this is a very exciting day and I couldn't wait any longer for you to wake up!”

Tiggerkat brightened.  “That’s right!  Today is the Reese Cup Harvest!  My favoritest day ever!  We get to go out into the forest and collect all the reese cups we can carry!  And I am ready this year!  Now that I have 2 dogs I am going to have them pull a cart loaded with reese cups!”

There was a sudden snort in the room.  Tiggerkat and Felix looked in to see Reese snorting his nose, shaking his head with indignation and leaving the room with Reese Puff right behind him.

“So what’s Plan B?” asked Felix with a laugh.

Tiggerkat slammed the window shut making Felix tumble into the air.  He laughed and then flew back to his tree.

Author’s Note: I really love how Great Shot does an “author’s note” at the end of each chapter.  I think I am gonna steal that idea from her!  Oh, Wait!  I just did!!  =)


Chapter 2

After Breakfast Tiggerkat gathered her supplies and put them into her back pack.
“Need any help, Cuz?”   It was Tiggytiger bouncing into the garden shed.
“uh..ever pulled a cart before?”  Tiggerkat asked her cousin.

“No problem!”  Tiggytiger grabbed the cart and started off bouncing down the path.

“Wait for me!” Tiggerkat grabbed her backpack and ran after her cousin.

The two tiggers bounced and laughed playfully along the windy path heading towards the garden.   The corn was growing tall and there were several scarecrows in the garden.  It was like a scarecrow grove.  For the most part, it worked pretty well, keeping the crows out………for the most part……
“Whoooooweeee!  I’m seein’ double!”  came a friendly voice from one of the scarecrows.

“Your scarecrows talk?” asked Tiggytiger curiously.

“No, but our crows do…..well at least one of them” Tiggerkat explained.  At that moment it looked like one of the scarecrow’s chests exploded as black feathers and wings shot from the chest up into the sky.   Then after reaching about 100 feet, the crow began to dive, super fast, down onto the tiggers, pulling up at the very last second

“Look out you crazy crow!”   Tiggerkat yelled at the bird, whose name was in fact, Crow.

Crow perched on Tiggytiger’s head.  “So what are you two tiggers up to today?” Crow asked.

“It’s the Reese Cup Harvest!”  Tiggerkat said with a glow.

“Great! Can I come?  I can be your scout and fly ahead!”

“Sure!!” said Tiggerkat and Tiggytiger in unison.
“Jinx!”  They continued in unison.
“Double Jinx!”
“Reese Cup Jinx!”
“Double Reese Cup Jinx!”
“Double Triple Decker Tower Reese Cup Jinx!”
“Double Triple Decker Tower Super Delicious Reese Cup Jinx!

“Whoa!”  Interrupted Crow. “That’s enough!  Man you two are too much alike!”  The tiggers grinned and began to bounce along the path towards the woods, Crow flying above them.

Author’s Note:   A crow living in a grove of scarecrows---that was AO1315’s idea! 

Chapter 3

As Tiggerkat, Tiggytiger and Crow approached the edge of the woods there was a really tall and old (actually nearly dead) tree with a big hole in it about 20 feet off the ground.

Tiggerkat went to the tree and knocked on it.
Nothing happened.
Tiggerkat knocked again.
Again, nothing.

Tiggerkat called to Crow, “Go see what’s keeping Felix!”  Crow flew into the hole.  The two tiggers waited….and waited….and waited.

After two very very very long agonizing minutes, Tiggerkat could wait no longer.   “Felix!!  Crow!!  What are you two knuckleheads doing up there?!” 

Felix popped his head out of the hole. “Oh!  Hi Tiggerkat!  I didn’t know you were here!”

The tiggers looked at each other confused.  Felix and Crow flew down from the hole.
“What do you mean you didn’t know we were here?  Crow went in to get you!”

“Oopsie!”  Crow said, “I forgot”

“How could you forget that quickly?” Tiggytiger said?

”I got distracted by Clifford” Crow explained.

“Clifford?” Tiggytiger asked.

“You don’t want to know” sighed Tiggerkat.

“Cliffords my pet!” said Felix proudly.

“Oh!” said Tiggytiger brightly.  She loves all pets. “What is Clifford? a puppy? A mouse?”

“Oh, Clifford is my pet rock.” Felix replied.

Tiggytiger stared blankly.  She honestly didn't know what to say.
“Uh” Tiggytiger said, looking for something nice to say,”What was Clifford doing that was so distraction?”

“Oh it was great!! Amazing!” answered Crow excitedly.  “Clifford was juggling!”

The tiggers looked at each other confused.  Then they shook their heads, shrugged their shoulders and decided to pretend nothing was wrong with that comment!

Author’s Note:  A pet rock that can do amazing things---except when Tiggers are around!  Great idea, Great Shot! (oh!!!  Is that why you are “Great” shot??  Bc you have “great” ideas???!!!)

Chapter 4

As the group entered the forest, Tiggytiger pulling the cart, Tiggerkat bouncing along beside her, a crow and owl flying overhead over the path, they realized they were getting hungry. 
“Lunch break!”  Tiggerkat announced.
“Felix! Crow!” Tiggytiger called. “See if you can spot us a good place to picnic!”
“Will do” answered Felix.  The two birds flew on ahead.

And the two tiggers waited…..and waited….and waited….and waited.
After two very very very very long angonizing minutes, three birds flew back!

Joining Crow and Felix was a Peregrine Falcon wearing a red hood and red cape.
“Look!  It’s little red riding hood!” laughed Tiggerkat
“Hi Tiggerkat! I’m Feather!” smiled the tiny falcon
“How did you know my name?” asked Tiggerkat
“Well,” explained  Feather, “When there is a fire or something dangerous thing like a Poacher I sometimes goes to your yard for safety and play with Reese and Peanut Butter.”

“I’ve been friends with Feather for a long time!” said Crow.
“And now I’m friends with her too!”  hooted Felix. “I can’t wait for her to meet Clifford!”
“Yeah,’ laughed Feather, “Crow says he’s a lot of fun! Imagine a pet rock that can juggle!  Amazing!”
“yeah, amazing alright” said Tiggerkat sarcastically.
“And He can sing too!”  Felix told Feather
“I can’t take this any more!!  Did you two bird brains find us a place to eat or what?!”  shouted Tiggerkat impatiently.  “My stomach is growling!  I haven’t had a reese cup in like 15 minutes!”

“Here you go, cuz!”  Tiggytiger tossed her a reese cup.  .Tiggytiger often was to Tiggerkat’s rescue.
“Thanks, cuz!”  Tiggerkat purred.
“Ok, Tiggers!” Crow spoke up. “We found a beautiful place over by the river for our picnic!”
“Let’s go!  Lead the way, bird brains!”  Tiggerkat said affectionately.  The birds were not offended because they knew of Tiggerkat’s teasing nature.

When they got to the grassy spot near the river, Tiggytiger and Tiggerkat were impressed with the soft beauty of the green grass that was peppered with pretty yellow flowers. . Butterflies were all over the place.  

After lunch the tiggers bounced after the butterflies until they grew tired.
“Let’s take a nap” suggested Tiggerkat.

”Okay” agreed Tiggytiger. “But where are the birds?”

“Up there, sound a sleep!” and they were, sound asleep perched high in pine tree.
The Tiggers curled up against a small hill of the grass, the sun beating on their orange and black striped fur.   Just as they were falling asleep they were startled awake:

“What are you doing on my den!” came an angry voice.

Author's Note: Feather is nikkiroo2's character, can you guess who the next one is?

Chapter 5

 Tiggerkat squinted into the sun to see where the voice was coming from. 
“GET.  OFF.  MY.  DEN !!”  came the voice again.
As the tiggers rolled away from the little green hill they had snuggled up on they saw there was a small opening revealing a den. 
“Who are you?” asked Tiggerkat.

The creature moved so the tiggers didn’t have to squint into the sun.   When she moved she revealed herself to be a fox.  She wasn’t a typical fox, she was black on top and white on bottom and had beautiful green eyes.  She was carrying a satchel of blueberries.

“Tiggerkat?  Is that you?” the fox asked.
“Mimi?”  Tiggerkat questioned back.
The two grinned like crazy and hugged each other.
“Mimi?”  asked Tiggytiger. “oh! I remember her!  You two used to be friends along time ago!”
“That’s right!” smiled Tiggerkat.
“Yep!” agreed Mimi. “We used to play all the time when we were little.  But then my family moved away, here, near the river”

“Do you still have Momo and Snowy?”  asked Tiggerkat
“Yep! But they are asleep in the den.”  Mimi looked at the others and explained, “Momo is my guinea pig and Snowy is my kitten.”

(Mimi and Snowy)                                                      (Momo)

Felix flew down closer to this new friend.  “I have a pet too!  His name is Clifford!”  “Oh, what is Clifford?” Mimi asked.
Tiggerkat groaned, bracing for the coming reply from Felix.  “He’s my pet rock!”
“oh.” Said Mimi, confused. “Uh, That’s nice.  I guess.  Oh, Dusk is coming”

“It’s that late already?” asked Tiggerkat looking at her wrist as if a watch were there.
“No, Dusk is another fox.  We share this Den”
“Where is she?” asked Crow
“Oh, she won’t be here for awhile” answered Mimi.
“Still seeing the future, eh?” Tiggerkat smiled.
“Sometimes” smiled Mimi, touching her Ruby necklace.  The necklace gave her the powers to see the future.

“Do you see Reese Cups in my future?” asked Tiggerkat

Mimi laughed.  “I don’t need to use my Ruby to answer that!  There are ALWAYS reese cups in YOUR future, Tiggerkat!”  

The group laughed but then was startled when the green ground shape shifted before their very eyes.

Author's note: Is a shape shifter joining the crew??

Chapter 6

Felix, Crow and Feather took flight to reach safety in a nearby tree.  Tiggerkat jumped behind Tiggytiger and Mimi, and then growled from behind them protectively.
“Don’t panic, friends” said Mimi, “Its only Dusk!”
The green shape emerged from the grass to be revealed as a green fox.
“Mimi!  I can never sneak up on you!” Dusk pouted, but then laughed. “Someday you’ll lose that Ruby and then I will sneak up on you!”

The group laughed.  Then Tiggytiger suggested they continue on their way to the Reese Cup Harvest.   So the group, now including two foxes began along the path.   The three birds flew around them, skirting around their heads and dive-bombing them to see Tiggerkat get agitated.   Everyone laughed as Tiggerkat bounced and swatted at the birds like they were flies.

“Look!” said Dusk.  The group stopped at such a quick halt that Mimi ran into Dusk Tiggytiger almost ran the foxes over as Tiggerkat fell into the cart pulled she was pulling.   Then the birds crashed into the back of Tiggerkat’s head.   
Dusk shook herself free of the mess. “Look” she said again pointing down below the hill they were on into the valley. “A pumpkin patch!”
“I love pumpkins!”  Said Mimi. 
“Me too!” said Tiggytiger
“Race you!” shouted Tiggerkat as she bounced down the hill.
“Does she always cheat like that?” Dusk asked.
“Always!” said Mimi and Tiggytiger.

The birds flew after Tiggerkat and the others followed behind.  When they got to the pumpkin patch there was no sign of Tiggerkat!
“Where is she?” Tiggytiger looked around. 
“I’ll find her!” said Crow. 
“I’ll help” said Feather.
“Me too” said Felix.
“We’ll look around down here” said Tiggytiger, setting the cart down.
The group began to look around the pumpkins.
“Do you think she is ok?” asked Mimi.
“Oh yeah,” said Tiggytiger,”she’s hiding somewhere, she likes to bounce out at people!”

The group began the search when Crow hollered “Lookie here!”  He laughed as he perched on the shoulder of a scarecrow.  “It’s not so sca-----REEEEE!!!”  Crow flew up, feathers flying everywhere as the scarecrow came alive and grabbed at him.  The group

screamed and began to run when they heard laughter.
“TIGGERKAT!!”  The group yelled at the scarecrow.

Author’s note:  Tiggers love to surprise people with a good bounce!

Chapter Seven

“Sheesh, Tiggerkat!  You scared the feathers off of me!” complained Crow as he picked up feathers and tucked them under his wing.

“Aw, c’mon Crow!  Everyone likes a good bounce!  Especially one they don’t see coming!!”  Tiggerkat laughed.

“Uh, no they don’t” corrected Mimi.

“They don’t?”  asked Tiggerkat confused.

“No.  They don’t.” replied Mimi.

“Let’s look for some Pumpkins!”  said Dusk, cheerfully changing the subject.

The group wondered the huge patch, admiring all the pumpkins in their many sizes, shapes, and colors.   They were each busy picking out their favorite pumpkins when a voice grabbed their attention.  “Are you hear for the Great Pumpkin?”

It was a funny looking kid, nearly bald but for some scraggley hairs.  And he was holding a sign that read:


“What’s the Great Pumpkin?”  asked Tiggytiger.
“Not what, who.” Responded the boy.  “My name is Linus and On Halloween night, the 'Great Pumpkin' rises out of the pumpkin patch, then flies through the air to bring toys to all the good little children everywhere. Would you like to sit with me in the pumpkin patch on Halloween night and wait for the Great Pumpkin?”

Tiggerkat’s eyes lit up, “Yes!  Oh yes, that sounds like a lot of fun!!”
Felix said, “I wonder if the Great Pumpkin would bring something for Clifford?”
Feather whispered, “I don’t think the Great Pumpkin is real”
“He’s a fake,” said Mimi, “There is no Great Pumpkin”
Linus blushed, and speaks into the sky “Everyone tells me you're a fake, but I believe in you, Great Pumpkin!  I’ll never stop believing!”

“C’mon” said Dusk. “Let’s take our pumpkins and go”
At that moment there was a rustling in the vines and leaves of the pumpkin patch.  Linus got so excited he dropped his sign. “What's that? What's that? I hear the Great Pumpkin! He’s right over there!”  The group looked in the direction of the rustling leaves.  A dark figure slowly rose up from the vines.  “THERE HE IS! THERE HE IS! “Linus shouted. “ IT'S THE GREAT PUMPKIN! HE'S RISING OUT OF THE PUMPKIN PATCH!” and with that Linus fainted, dropped right into the pumpkin patch’s vines and leaves.

The group looked nervously at the shape….it was shimmering and blue.   “The Great Pumpkin is blue?”  Tiggerkat asked suspiciously.  “And looks like a wolf?”

“No,” answered the silvery blue wolf, “But Shimmer is!”

Author’s note:  I love “It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown.”  I think about that scene every time I see a pumpkin patch!

Chapter 8

“Shimmer?  What’s a shimmer?”  Tiggerkat asked.
“That would be me” replied the silvery blue wolf.  “I am Shimmer.”

“The river wolf, right?” asked Mimi knowingly
“Yep!  The one and only”.  Shimmer smiled
“What’s a river wolf?” asked Tiggytiger.
“A wolf that can swim like a fish! And lives in and near rivers.” Explained Shimmer.
“So what brings this motley crew to the pumpkin patch?”  Shimmer asked.

“We got a little side tracked, but we are on our way to the Reese Cup Harvest!”  said Tiggerkat.
“What’s a Reese Cup?” asked Shimmer.
Tiggerkat fainted.   Everyone gasped, except Tiggytiger.  She was used to Tiggerkat’s antics.  “No worries” said Tiggytiger.  She splashed some water on Tiggerkat’s face.  Tiggerkat sputtered and stammered and then said, “I thought I heard someone ask what a Reese Cup is!” 

“Well,” said Shimmer, “That’s because I don’t know what a Reese Cup is”
“YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT A REESE CUP IS??!!” Tiggerkat shouted in disbelief.
“What, you been living in a river your whole life?”  Tiggerkat laughed at her clever joke. (or what she thought was a clever joke)
“Er….yeah…..I’m a ‘River’ wolf?!”  Shimmer responded in a puzzled tone.

“A Reese Cup is a small piece of heaven, the perfect mix of peanut butter and chocolate” Tiggerkat drooled as she explained.
“Peanut Butter?  Mixed with Chocolate?” Shimmer wondered what that would taste like.
“Want to try one?” asked Tiggytiger.
“Sure, why not!”  answered Shimmer.
“Be careful, Shimmer,”warned Felix, “They are addicting”
“mmmmm” said Mimi dreamily, “I don’t think I've had one since I was little”
“ I've never had one” said Dusk

Tiggerkat nearly fainted again, but Tiggytiger was ready for it and threw water on her before she hit the ground.  “Tiggytiger!  Will you quit doing that!”  Tiggerkat said angrily.
“Sure thing, cuz!”  Tiggytiger laughed, “Just as soon as you stop fainting!”
“Fainting?!” said Tiggerkat insulted “I never faint!”
The group looked at each other, confused then laughed.

“Never mind your pranks, Tiggytiger,” said Tiggerkat, “Let’s give everyone a reese cup, it’s a good time for a reese cup break!”

Tiggytiger reached into her satchel and handed out reese cups to everyone.
“Wow!” said Shimmer.  “They ARE good!”
Tiggerkat beamed with pride.

“Yeah, they really are!” agreed Dusk.
“Clifford likes reese cups too” said Felix
“Who is Cliff—“ Tiggerkat slapped her hands covering Shimmer’s mouth before she could finish. “Please don’t ask” pleaded Tiggerkat

“Clifford is my pet rock!”  said Felix proudly.  “I found him when he was just a little pebble, lost, wondering near a cliff.  Which is why I named him Clifford!”

Tiggerkat groaned.  “Can we just continue on with our harvest?  It’s getting late!”

Author’s note: Tiggerkat has been enjoying Reese Cups since she was very, very little.  She just can’t imagine anyone not knowing (or liking) a reese cup is!

Chapter 9

“You’re right, Tiggerkat. It is late.” Said Tiggytiger.  “Too late.  Let’s find a place and make camp for the night”
“We’ll take to the air and scout for a nice spot” said Felix.   The three birds took flight and disappeared over the tree tops.

The group waited…..and waited….. and waited…….and waited.  And after three very very very very long agonizing minutes, the birds flew back!

Feather dive bombed the group who all took cover.  Feather laughed and said “We found a great spot just over the next ridge next to a creek.  Perfect place to set up camp!  “

“I know where he’s talking about!”  said Shimmer.  “Follow me!”
The river wolf bounded ahead and the group followed.  Tiggytiger was a bit slower now as her cart was full of pumpkins.  ‘Need help with that?” asked Tiggerkat.
“Sure!” smiled Tiggytiger.
“Mimi!  Dusk!” hollered Tiggerkat, “Help Tiggytiger with the cart!”
“Gee…Thanks Tiggerkat”  groaned Tiggytiger
“No problem!” said Tiggerkat who bounded on ahead with Shimmer.

“We are half the size of Tiggerkat” complained Mimi.
“Yeah, but we are twice as strong!” laughed Dusk. Mimi laughed in agreement.

Author’s note: yeah, yeah, yeah, I know, short chapter.  What can I say…lots of homework tonight!!

Chapter 10

Camp was finally set up.  Tiggytiger and Shimmer made a cozy campfire. 
“Let’s make smores!” shouted Tiggerkat.
The group was excited to do so.  Mimi dug around in the back pack and found graham crackers, marshmallows and …….Reese cups?
“How can we make smores without chocolate?” Mimi asked.
“What do you mean?” Tiggerkat seemed genuinely confused.
“Mimi,” smiled Tiggytiger, “Tiggerkat uses Reese cups instead of chocolate”

“What do you mean ‘instead of’” asked Tiggerkat. “There is no other way to make a smores!   Let me show you guys” And Tiggerkat took a graham cracker, placed a Reese cup on it, throw the marshmallows away,……hmm, come to think of it………………throw away the graham crackers too….and viola!  You get smores!”  And with that Tiggerkat popped the Reese cup into her mouth and grinned a chocolaty grin.

The group laughed.  Tiggerkat scowled, oblivious to why they thought her recipe was funny.  
“C’mon” said Dusk.  “Let’s make smores---but keep the crackers and marshmallows”
The group agreed and began to make delicious Reese smores.  

“Time to Roost” said Crow. 
“Me too” agreed Feather.  “I’m full and sleepy!”
“Me tooooooooo” Felix hooted.
“I thought owls were nocturnal, you know, stayed up all  night” asked Shimmer.
“Not Felix…he’s Spessshhhhall! (special)” Crow teased.
Felix gave him a nudge and Crow fell off his roost, everyone laughed, including Crow.

“Well before everyone goes to sleep, I got a story to tell you!” said Tiggerkat
“What’s that?” asked Mimi

Tiggerkat shone a flash light under his chin to make her face look spooky and said in a spooky voice “It’s the story of the ‘Haaunnted  Reeeeeese Cuuuuuup’!”

The group gasped with delight and gathered around the fire to hear Tiggerkat’s story.

Author's Note:  Yipes!!!  Reese!!!  Where's my Duckie!!  I mean YOUR Duckie!!

Chapter 11

‘Once upon a time’ Tiggerkat began in a whisper, ‘A long long time ago, like way back in the 1900’s…on a DARK and STORMY night’ Tiggerkat took a dramatic pause before continuing, ‘A group of friends were camping in a woods……JUST….LIKE….THIS…
ONE !! ‘ 

Tiggerkat jumped at the group and they pulled back in a gasp.  A feather popped out of Felix’s frightened head and floated gently to the ground.  

Tiggerkat continued. ‘The group was lost and needed to set up camp. They decided to split up; one to find firewood, one to find water, one to find food and the last one would stay in camp to guard their things.  When the three got back, they couldn't find the guard….he was GONE!  The only thing left on the spot where he was last seen was a brown and orange smear…..chocolate and peanut butter…obviously the work of …..The…Haunted….Reese ….CUP!!!’  Tiggerkat jumped again at the group, they fell back on the ground with a small scream.  Tiggerkat laughed and bounced around them. 

“The 3 that were left decided to set a fire signal for help.  They started a large fire, its smoke billing high into the sky.  Surely someone would see this and rescue them!   The 3 huddled together near the fires light.  They heard a noise…a scream…there was rustling in the branches above them.  They 3 huddled more tightly when a large round creature leapt from the trees and snatch one of them away….leaving that same brown and orange smear!   The 2 that were left began to scream and cry, begging for mercy from the Haunted Reese Cup….but it was no use…the trees rustled again, a low growl building up louder and louder when it attacked again….leaving just one.”   Tiggerkat smiled as she saw the group huddling together taking in every word of her story.

“What happened with the last one?”  asked Dusk.

“She ran” Tiggerkat answered.  “And the Haunted Reese Cup chased her!  She ran down the hill and it got closer and closer to her.  The last one screamed for help!   She tripped and fell, the Haunted Reese Cup was almost upon her!  She got up and ran, but fell again! 
She could smell the chocolate as the Haunted Reese Cup closed in on her!  She looked up but everything was brown…..and as the Haunted Reese Cup smothered her, engulfing her, muffling her screams.”    Tiggerkat looked and smiled evilly as the group was huddled close together.

Then Tiggerkat whispered, “ and when the Haunted Reese Cup lifted….the girl was gone!  All that remained was a small….chocolate and peanut butter….SMEAR!”  Tiggerkat shouted the last word and jumped towards the group. The group screamed and jumped backwards.   Tiggerkat laughed and laughed.

“wha…wha…whats th..that?” asked Felix pointing a wing up towards the trees.  The group looked into the dark branches.   There was a dark shadow among the limbs of the tree and a rustling  sound as it moved about. 

“HAUNTED REESE CUP!!!!!!!” Tiggerkat screamed and jumped behind the group hiding and shaking.   The group screamed as a large dark object hurdled at them from the tree.

Author's Note............................. *Ahem!* 
Author's Note........................


Where are you author??  

IS that you hiding under your computer desk??  Sheesh!

Chapter 12

The group was all huddle and shivering, facing the ground, anticipating their deaths, when they heard……laughter?    The group turned their faces upwards and saw….a winged wolf?   “Who are you?”  asked Tiggytiger in disbelief.

The golden winged wolf smiled and replied, “My name is Firewing.”  As she spread her wings the fire’s light glistened on her dark golden wings making them almost flame like.

“Well that makes almost as much sense as my name!” said Crow, admiring the flame like wings on Firewing. 
“Why were you spying on us?” asked Mimi.
“I love spying,” smiled Firewing, “But I wasn’t meaning to spy on all of you, I was resting in that tree and heard that Tigger’s story and well….I couldn’t help giving you a little prank!  I hope you’re not mad.”

The group relaxed.  “I’m Mimi.  And that’s Feather, Crow, Felix, Dusk, Shimmer and Tiggytiger.  And cowering over there behind the log….well that’s Tiggerkat”

“Cowering?!” scowled Tiggerkat.  “I uh….I uh…I lost my contact lens over here!”

“Tiggerkat!  Since when do you wear contacts?!”  laughed Tiggytiger.
Tiggerkat glared at her cousin and then said, “You don’t know everything about me, you know!  I might be wearing contact lenses….if I hadn’t lost them just now…..” Tiggerkat was a terrible liar.

“Great ghost story” said Firewing to cheer Tiggerkat up.
“The Haunted Reese Cup in not a ghost story!” said Tiggerkat “It’s real!  It lives here in these woods!”
“I’ve lived here all my life and have never seen it!”  said Firewing.
“That’s because it is guarding the Reese Cup Trees” said Tiggerkat.
“It is!?!” exclaimed Feather “And that’s where you are taking us?!”
“Relax” said Tiggerkat “The Haunted Reese Cup sleeps during the day and only comes out at night”

“Like an owl” said Crow.   Felix shot him a dirty look.
“Like a normal owl” corrected Tiggerkat.  Felix shot her a dirty look.

“Fine” said Felix, insulted.  “Good night” and he flew up into the tree to roost.
“Awww! C’mon” said Crow. “You know I was just teasing”
“I wasn’t” muttered Tiggerkat

Crow and Feather flew up to roost with their friend.  
“It is late” said Tiggytiger.  “And we will have a big day harvesting tomorrow, so we should get some sleep”
“We need a den” said Dusk
“Inside this log should work fine” offered Mimi.
“Looks like there is room for a couple of wolves too” said Shimmer.

And the two foxes and two wolves crawled into the log nestled together and fell fast asleep.

Tiggerkat and Tiggytiger stretched out next to the fire and were fast asleep in no time.

Author’s Note:   zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Chapter 13

If you have followed any of my previous stories, you will know that I will be skipping chapter 13, as it is an unlucky chapter and I don’t want anything bad to happen to my friends while they are sleeping! 

Author’s Note:  Tiggerkat usually finds enough trouble on her own without the jinx of unlucky 13 !

Chapter 14

“Hooooot  Hoooot  whoooooooooooo!”

The group awoke to the sounds of Felix, crowing, I mean hooting to the rising sun.

“Hooooot  Hoooot  whoooooooooooo!”

“That is the weirdest rooster I’ve ever heard” said Firewing emerging from the log. 
“That’s Felix” explained Tiggerkat as she stretched and yawned.
“Weird” Firewing said again.
“Ask him about his pet” Shimmer whispered to Firewing
“Please don’t!” whined Tiggerkat
Firewing shrugged.  The two foxes emerged from the log.

”do you see any reese cups in our near future?” Tiggerkat asked Mimi.

Mimi rubbed her ruby necklace. “Uh…. maybe.” she said with a bit of concern in her voice.
“Oh Floff……What is it?” asked Dusk.  “What do you see?”
“Nothing,” Mimi answered quickly, looking around. “Let’s go get some blueberries for breakfast”
”Blueberries?!?” Tiggerkat scoffed. 
“Not everyone has Reese cups for breakfast” said Tiggytiger
“More for me then!” grinned Tiggerkat.

“We saw a blueberry bush over by the river, just around the next bend” said Feather.
“Nice big juicy ones too!”  Said Crow.
“Is that a bit of a blue stain on your chin feathers?” asked Felix.
“Maybe!” Crow replied and took off in the direction of the berries.

“Well, let’s go!” said Dusk

The group found the blue berry patch and ate their breakfast.  Shimmer took a swim in the river, looking more like a fish at times than a wolf!

“I wish I could swim like that” sighed Tiggytiger.
“Aw, c’mon!” said Tiggerkat “Us tiggers are great swimmers!  Best in the Kat family!”
Tiggytiger laughed.  “I seem to recall last time we went to the beach the lifeguard had to swim out and bring you back in!”
Tiggerkat growled, “She looked bored, she should’ve thanked me for giving her something to do!”
Tiggytiger laughed.    Then she grew serious.  “Tiggerkat?  I don’t remember this part of the woods.  And I don’t remember it taking this long to get to the Reese Cup grove.”
“Nah” said Tiggerkat looking around “We just have so many extra critters with us, slowing us down a bit, that’s all”

”what are you guys talking about? “ asked Mimi, she and Dusk joining the tiggers.
“I think we’re loss” said Tiggytiger.  Tiggerkat scoffed, insulted like.
“Maybe that explains my ruby” said Mimi.
“What do you mean?” asked Tiggerkat.
“Well, I can’t see the Reese Cup grove in it” replied Mimi.
“What do you see?” asked Dusk.
Mimi grew serious and concerned. “I see something large…..dark, and brown”
Tiggerkat sat up suddenly and very straight.  Her eyes as big as saucers. “You mean like the Haunted Reese Cup????!!!!”

Author’s note:   **Gulp!**

Chapter 15

“I’m sure its something else” said Mimi, trying to calm Tiggerkat
“Should we turn back?” asked Tiggytiger.
That hit Tiggerkat like a bucket of cold water.  She sobered up and said “Never!  I have never not harvested Reese Cups and I am not going to stop now!    Feather!  Crow! Felix!” she called.

“Yes?” the birds asked.
“Fly high and see if you see the Reese Cup Grove”  Tiggerkat directed.
“Okie dokie, ‘Boss’” said Felix with a hint of sarcasm (because Tiggerkat often forgot her please’s and thank you’s)  The birds disappeared at a great height in the sky.

The group waited…..and waited….and waited….and waited.    And after two very long, agonizing minutes, Feather dive bombed the group like a rock dropping from the sky, followed by a swooping Crow and Felix.
The birds perched on Tiggerkat’s head and said, “Well, Tiggerkat ,  I think we really are lost!  We didn’t see anything familiar” reported Feather.

Tiggerkat fainted.   Tiggytiger sighed heavily. 
”Aren’t you going to revive her?” asked Dusk.
“Mmmmmmm, let’s just enjoy the quiet for a few minutes” she replied.
Everyone laughed, which woke Tiggerkat up.
“What’s so funny?” Tiggerkat asked.

”Er…. nothing” said Tiggytiger.  “Let’s just keep moving”
“Are we still lost?” asked Tiggerkat.
“Well, we haven’t moved from the spot where we decided we were lost 5 minutes ago” said Shimmer, smiling.

“You’re in my territory” said Firewing.  “And like I said last night, I’ve never heard of the Haunted Reese Cup, which you say guards to Reese cup grove…which I have also never heard of.  So I think you may be in the wrong part of the woods.”

“I highly doubt that” said Tiggerkat, indignantly (she doesn’t take being wrong very well) “Maybe its your territory that is in the wrong part of the woods!”
“That doesn’t even make sense!” retorted Firewing
“It doesn’t have to!  You just have to know that I am right and you are lost!” said Tiggerkat “Good thing for you, you have ME to help you find your way back!  C’mon Tiggytiger, get the cart and let’s go”

Shimmer was left speechless, after all, how to you argue with someone who makes no sense? She shook her head. “Why do you guys follow her?” she asked Mimi.
“Mostly for the entertainment” Mimi replied dryly.

Author’s note:  and that REALLY what Tiggers to best!  Entertain!

Chapter 16

The group had not gone far when Mimi’s necklace began to glow.  “What is it?” Dusk asked.
“That Dark Brown thing, we’re getting closer to it” Mimi confided.
“Should we tell anyone?” Dusk asked.
“Do you think there is any chance that the Haunted Reese Cup is real?” Mimi asked.
“No.” answered Dusk
“Me neither, so I’m not worried about it. I am not sensing danger with it” Said Mimi.
“Maybe I should run ahead and make sure it is safe” said Dusk.   She had her bow and arrow with her and her green fur made her practically camouflaged with the surroundings.
“Sounds like a plan” agreed Mimi.  And with that Dusk disappeared into the surroundings

“Tiggerkat?” asked Tiggytiger. “Can we take a break?  This cart is so heavy!”
“Sure thing, Cuz!” said Tiggerkat.  “Take ‘five’.  Feather! Felix! Crow!   What do you see?”

“Trees!”  said Crow
“And more trees!” laughed Feather
Tiggerkat scowled and threw a dirt clod at them.  She missed Crow and Feather, but hit Felix, nocking a couple of feathers off her.  “Sheesh Tiggerkat!   Your aim is terrible!  You totally missed them!”  Felix mocked.

Tiggerkat threw a couple more clods when Firewing said, “If you want Tiggerkat, I can kill those birds for you and make you a bird skull necklace like mine”   Tiggerkat looked at her, horrified.
“Uh….that’s ok” Tiggerkat said.
Firewing chuckled to herself.  She never planned to harm any of the birds, but knew it would stop Tiggerkat from her ridiculous tantrum.
“Here Tiggytiger” said Firewing, “Give me a turn with that cart.” 
“I’ll help too” said shimmer.
The two wolves were strong and easily pulled the cart.  Tiggytiger appreciated the break.

The group moved along the trail for almost an hour when Tiggerkat finally noticed that someone was missing.  “Where’s that green fox?” she asked.
“Dusk is scouting ahead” answered Mimi.  “Don’t worry about her, she is a very good scout”
“And I’m back!”  a green bush shouted as it morphed into a green fox.
“Dusk, you are amazing at blending in!” said Tiggytiger.
“Thanks!” Dusk replied.

“So did you find anything?” Mimi asked when she was alone with Dusk.
“Yep” Dusk smiled “around the bend you will see your ‘dark brown thing’ “

And as the group rounded the bend, there stood a large, dark chocolaty brown wolf, with black sparkling eyes and a black scar.

Author’s Note:  That wolf sounds yummy, doesn’t it?!

Chapter 17

“Who are you?” asked Tiggerkat as the group came to a halt.
“Who are you?” asked the brown wolf.
“I am Tiggerkat, and these are my friends”
“I am Myth”
“Miss who?” asked Tiggerkat, thinking their new friend had a lisp.
Myth glared.  “Not Miss, Myth!  Like a legend?”
“Not much of a legend, I’ve never heard of you”
“Be nice, Tiggerkat!” Tiggytiger scolded.

“So w hat brings you to this part of the woods?” Myth asked the group.
“We are on our way to the Reese Cup grove…it’s harvest time!”  said Tiggerkat
“Reese cups?  I love reese cups!” Myth said “And I am great at locating things!  I know how to get to the Reese cup grove!”

“Well, let’s go!” said Tiggerkat excitedly

“Follow me” said Myth and she went to the back of the group and headed in the direction they had just came from!
Tiggerkat smacked herself in the forehead while the others gave her an evil look.

Author’s Note:    Never trust a Tigger with directions!!!

Chapter  18

After a few hour hike, re-tracing their path the group decided to take a break.  
“Wow, we are almost back to my river” said Shimmer.
“I can’t believe we wasted a day wandering in the woods” said Mimi
“Are we almost there?” Dusk asked Myth.
“Yes, just a few more miles” Myth replied
MILES!?!?!”  Tiggerkat complained.

“Tiggerkat, how about a Reese Cup break” Tiggytiger suggested.
“I like Reese Cups” smiled Myth
“LIKE!?!?” Tiggerkat said in disbelief.  “There is only LOVE when it comes to Reese Cups”
“You are a bit obsessed, aren’t you!” laughed Firewing.
“Why are you so obsessed?” asked Mimi
“Obsessed?”  Tiggerkat responded defiantly.  “I have a health attachment to them, not an obession”.

Tiggytiger laughed, “Name one other food you eat besides Reese Cups”  she challenged.
“Uh….” Said Tiggkerat with a strained thinking face  “Oh!  Pancakes!  I like Pancakes!”  she smiled
“Only if they have Reese cups in them!” hooted Felix
Tiggerkat scowled, then said, “Oh!  I also like smores!  Remember we made smores last night!”
“Uh, you mean Reese cups again” reminded Dusk “Remember you threw out the marshmallows and graham crackers.
“I never understood why those stupid things came in the Reese smores kit”  Tiggerkat muttered confused.

Tiggytiger passed Reese Cups all around and the group felt refreshed and ready to continue on their way.

Author’s Note   **Wipes chocolate from mouth**  Reese Cups really are good!

Chapter 19

“I see them!  I see them!”  cried Feather from high above the group.  “I see the Reese Cup Grove!”
“Right over the next hill!”  added Crow.  
“Wahooo hooo hohooo!” Laughed Tiggerkat bouncing on her tail.  “I told you it was this way!”
Myth started to protest but Mimi spoke up “We never had a doubt” and she winked at Myth then whispered ,”trust me, Myth, it isnt’ worth it, Tiggerkat lives in her own little world”

The wolves easily pulled the cart to the top of the hill.  From there the group took in the view with a gasp.
The Reese Cup Grove was a huge forest, brown Reese cups shining brightly in the sunlight.

“We better hurry” said Tiggytiger, breaking Tiggerkat’s trance. “It’s getting late and we want to be done by dark”
“Yeah, before the Haunted Reese Cup comes out!”  said Dusk.
Tiggerkat bounced ahead of the group, down the hill and disappeared into the grove.  The group followed behind her, struggling to keep up with her speedy bounces.

“Tiggerkat!  Where are you?!” called Tiggytiger.
“Here!” shouted Tiggerkat from up above.  It was hard to see the tigger so high up in the trees.  “Catch!” and Tiggerkat began bouncing from branch to branch making reese cups rain down on the group.

The group rain around with picking up fallen Reese cups and throwing them into the cart.  They were almost  finished when they heard a loud crash and roar from another  part of the woods.  The sun was setting and the Haunted Reese Cup was waking up!  

“It’s the Haunted Reese Cup!! “Shouted Tiggerkat, “RUN!!!!!”  
The group scrambled to turn the cart around on the path to head out of the grove.
“WAIT!”  Tiggerkat shouted bring the group to a halt.  “You forgot one!”  she said as she stooped to pick up a single Reese cup from the ground.

The crashing in the woods was getting louder and closer. “C’mon Tiggerkat!  We gotta get out of here!” Tiggytiger yelled.   The group began running.   Tiggerkat fell behind, being distracted by stray Reese Cups on the ground that she just had to stop and pick up.    It wasn’t long before she was so far behind that she realized she couldn’t even see the group.   Tiggerkat stopped and looked around worriedly.  “Guys?”  she said in a hushed tone.  “Hallooooo?!”  she yelled.  No response.   But she sensed something coming closer.  

She began to run but a shadow fell over her.  

“NOOOOOOO!!!”  She yelled as the Haunted Reese Cup fell over her, covering her with ………. Kit Kats?????

KIT KATS??!!!??  

Tiggerkat shook the vile candy off of her fur.   She looked around furiously and heard laughter from behind a tree.

 “KIT KAT!” Tiggerkat yelled. “Get out here!”   Tiggerkat’s little sister emerged from the tree.  She had a reputation for pranking Tiggerkat. 

 “Bazinga!!   Got you again, Tiggerkat!”  laughed the little gray tabby.  

Tiggerkat glared at her.  “You made me drop a Reese Cup!”  Tiggerkat said angrily.

Chapter 20

Tiggerkat and Kit Kat walked silently along the path trying to catch up with the rest of the group.  Kit Kat was still smirking, Tiggerkat still scowling.   When they reached the edge of the grove they saw the cart, but no body was there.
“What did you do now?!” Tiggerkat demanded.
“Me?  Why me?
”Because it would be just like you to kidnap and hide the others just to freak me out”
“Sis, you give me way too much credit!”  Kit Kat said with pride, because when she put her mind to it, no prank was too great.

“TIGGYTIGER?  MIMI?  DUSK?”  Tiggerkat hollered. “SHIMMER?  FIREWING? MYTH?”
“Sheesh, Tiggerkat, how many were with you?” Kit Kat

“Uh…” Tiggerkat began counting on her fingers “Three more:  FELIX!  CROW!  FEATHER!”

“I wonder where they went?” Tiggerkat said aloud.
“Anywhere to get away from you” Kit Kat smirked.

Tiggerkat ignored her and looked around the cart for clues.   She saw smudges of chocolate and peanut butter on the cart and on the ground.  Tiggerkat grew pale and backed up shaking.  “oh no” she said in almost a whisper.  “The Haunted Reese Cup….It got my friends”  Tears welled up in Tiggerkat’s eyes. 

Kit Kat rolled her eyes. “Stop the drama, Tiggerkat.  There is no Haunted Reese Cup.” 

Tiggerkat shot her sister an angry look, “Then how do you explain this mess?!”
Kit Kat shrugged.  “Maybe they are pranking you.”

“My friends wouldn’t do that.  Help me look for more clues.  We have to find them!” Tiggerkat said with determination.
Kit Kat stretched lazily and said, “Nah.  I’m going home.  Its almost time for supper” and with that she left.  Tiggerkat was all alone.

“Hhmmmpf!  I don’t need her” Tiggerkat said, trying to convince herself that it was true.
She began looking for more clues.  She saw some white feathers on the left side of the cart.  She looked at them more carefully and realized that there was actually a trail of white feathers on the ground! 

“Felix left me a trail!”  Tiggerkat brightened.  She followed it back into the woods.  It was getting dark, but the white feathers were easy to follow.  She came around a bend and looked over a wide bramble and she could see her friends....and what looked like a naked chicken..... 'Felix!' Tiggerkat realized.

But her friends were all tied up to a tree.  Floating above them was……The Haunted Reese Cup!!  

It was going to kill her friends!  

She had to do something, and fast!

I know!   Tiggerkat thought to herself. “I’ll create a diversion and when the Haunted Reese Cup leaves to check it out, I can rescue my friends!”    

Tiggerkat looked around.  She saw some dead branches in a tree above the bramble.  

Tiggerkat quietly bounced her way up the tree and bounced off the dead branches and back to the trunk.  

The dead branches fell into the bramble with a loud crash.  The Haunted Reese Cup floated over to investigate.  Tiggerkat bounced from tree to tree and down to the group.

“Tiggerkat! Thank goodness!”  Tiggytiger said in relief.   Tiggerkat removed the ropes so her friends were freed. 
“Let’s get out of here!”  said Tiggerkat, but the group stood frozen, looking at something behind her.

“It’s behind me, isn’t it?” said Tiggerkat with a gulp as her friends nodded.

Author’s note…………Don’t just stand there!  RUUUUUUUNNNNN!!!!!

Chapter 21

Just as the group was about to scramble, there was a loud thud.   The Haunted Reese Cup fell to the ground……dead.

“What just happened?”  asked Tiggerkat.
“I don’ t know” said Mimi, looking at her ruby.

“CLIFFORD!!!!”  shouted a nearly naked Felix. He ran (because he could no longer fly) to the back side of the Haunted Reese Cup and scooped up a stone.  “It’s Clifford!  He saved us!!” Felix hugged the rock joyfully.

“Yep” said Mimi, “Totally didn’t see that coming”

“Way to go Clifford!” said Crow patting the rock embraced by Felix.
“I told you he was an amazing pet!” said Felix proudly.

The rest of the group stood around in disbelief, mouths hanging open.
“Aw c’mon!” said Tiggerkat.  “Who threw that rock?”

Felix looked at Tiggerkat with anger.  “No one threw Clifford.  He knew I was in trouble and he came to save me!  Just like I saved him when he was a little pebble!" Felix nuzzled the rock.  "If you put him to your ear, you can hear him purring!  C’mon, Tiggerkat, listen to him purr!”

“Where’s the cameras?” Tiggerkat bounced all around looking into the trees. “This is a set up!  C’mon out Kit Kat!  I know you’re here somewhere!!”

Now the group looked at Tiggerkat confused.  

”Well,” said Myth “I have to head home, it’s late.”

”Thanks for helping us when we were lost, we’d never have found the Reese Cups without you” said Tiggytiger

“Lost?!!  We were never lost!” scowled Tiggerkat.

Myth laughed.   “We have to go too. “ said Shimmer and Firewing.  And the wolves packed up and disappeared into the forest.

“This was quite an adventure!” said Dusk. “But I have to go too.”
“Me too” said Mimi “I have to get back to Snowy and Momo”

“Before you go,” said Tiggerkat, “What do you see in my future with that Ruby?”
Mimi held the ruby and had a confused look.  “I see…..I see Tiggerkat with a belly ache?”

“Well that’s weird.” Said Tiggerkat. “I never get sick.   Well thanks for all your help!”  and then Mimi and Dusk took off towards home.

Feather and Crow said it was time to go as well and flew off into the darkness towards their roosts.   Felix climbed into the cart with Clifford, as he couldn’t fly without feathers.  He would just ride home with the Tiggers.

 “Well, that just leaves just us” said Tiggytiger. "Ready to go home?"   She looked over to Tiggerkat who was tying a napkin around her neck and holding a fork.   “Tiggerkat?”

“You don’t have to wait for me, I’ll be home later.” Said Tiggerkat, eyeing the giant Reese cup on the ground that was formerly known as the Haunted Reese Cup.

As Tiggytiger pulled the cart towards home, she said to Felix, “Yep, I think Mimi’s right.  There is definitely a belly ache in Tiggerkat’s Future!”

****The End***

Author’s note:   Hope you liked it!!    Happy Halloween Everyone!!!


  1. Awesome! Love it! I shall sign-up~

    Name: Felix
    Gender: Male
    Animal: Snowy Owl
    Personality: Thinks he's braver than he is, not so smart, strange.
    Appearance: White, black flecks, yellow eyes.
    Strengths: Telling stories sounding unrealistic, making plans.
    Weaknesses: Hunting, fighting, waking up at the right time (sleeps at night and wakes at day).
    History: Felix grew up in Tiggerkat's area and sometimes follows her around, and lives in a hole in a tree with a rock he think is his pet that can talk.
    Clothing: Leaf "armor" on his face.
    Notes: He's like Buck from Ice Age 3.

    Hope you like my character! <8D

  2. The stuffed duck? So it ISN'T Reese's toy, is it? *trollface*

  3. name crow
    animal crow
    strenghtes a fast flyer, ag great see person
    weakness his past a baboon ,a book,then a toy
    history he lives in scarecrow grove a garden near tiggerkat's house and used to have a mom but the mom got hunted
    clothing black cloak and white hood
    peorsonality lits lightning, dark ,and reeses puffs and used to be friends with the little tigger

  4. *Shall sign up*
    Name: Shimmer
    Gender: Female
    Animal: River Wolf (A species I made up. .3.)
    Personality: Despite her name, Shimmer is NOT girly AT ALL. She is very smart, can swim awesomely, and is an expert with weapons, strategy and traps, as well as ghosts/paranormal things in general. She is a huge tomboy and despises, as she puts it, "ancient pink cupcake" style.
    Appearance: Silvery blue (more blue than silver :3) with darker blue streaks that she can make glow in dark places.
    Strengths: Swimming, archery, swordplay, hunting, running, traps, and stories. Very smart. Excellent climber and artist. RIver Wolves can breathe underwater as well.
    Weaknesses: Any weapons other than a small sword/compound or recurve bow. Small. Also very impulsive and has a tendency to run off without telling anyone.
    History: Lives in the river by Tiggerkat's house, is still around twelve or eleven in age.
    Clothing: Necklace with a blue gem on it, and silvery cloak (Only while traveling)
    HOPE YOU LIKE. .3.

  5. Name: Mimi
    Gender: Female
    Animal: Fox
    Personality: Loves blueberries, nature-loving, friendly, girly, cheerful
    Appearance: Black on top and white on belly, has green eyes.
    Strengths: She has magical powers like throwing fireballs and seeing future.
    Weaknesses: She gets angry easily, she is bad at making dcisions
    History: Mimi met Tiggerkat and wanted to be her friend since she has no other friend. She has a guinea pig, Momo, and a kitten, Snowy.
    Clothing: Fairy wings come out of her, whenever she likes.She has a magic necklace with a Ruby in it.
    Notes: When she touches the Ruby in her necklace, a screen comes and she can see future in it.

  6. Name: Dusk
    Animal: Fox
    Personality: funny silly says wierd words like floff when scared sppreence a green fox
    is good at climming, yelling eating sweets and freaking evil people out.
    weakness yucky food bugs snakes spiders (exept dessert tarantuls)
    clothing camoflase boots bow and arrow and some times a scary horn.
    history loves climbing yells when mad and very very sneaky and once tricked haunted resse cups while see was walking to tiggerkats house.
    Notes DON'T MAKE HER MAD!!!

    ~ CARROT80948

    1. also very boyish and loves swimming


    2. is a super pawesome good guy too

  7. second charecter
    name raven
    animal fox
    appearence black hood and a black velvet cloak
    peorsonality likes to scare people and likes to see dark of lavin(withch is a black portal witch sends you skulls and nightmares).
    strenghts running seeing dodging
    weakness loud noises seeing light and a spell witch is valr tank loolo
    and he is a goodguy
    history when raven was young she was bright little boy he got good grades,best at being a good book writer,and he could read peoples mind. He lives at the same hill little tigger climbed and would have helped her.Until one dark day a evil witch cast a spell on him saying this child is bright he is great at everything now i shall make him dark and good for all of his days . Now from now on he is dark until he reads a spell witch makes him good again


    2. you got that right

    3. he told me he want to be a good guy

    4. ummmm, please dont be mad, but I can't figure out how to work in Raven with him being under a spell and everything. So I am not going to add raven in. But I love your crow character!

  8. Name:Feather
    Animal:Pergrine falcon
    Apeaerence: wears a red hood and red cloak. is a good guy.
    Personality:really nice and likes to make friends
    Strentgh(s):flying, stooping (which is folding in wings and letting gravity pull you down).
    Weakness:flying after eating bread. doesn't like bread
    History:when was little, just 7 years old, stopped a bad guy


  9. Name:Tiggytiger
    Appearance: a orange pelt with black stripes
    Strentgh(s):eatting reese cups,bouncing,stamina and humor
    Weakness:reese cups,candy and heights
    History:tiggerkat's cousin
    (sorry for not posting often.D:)

  10. Can I be in the story?
    Name will be: Myth
    Animal: Wolf
    Kind of person: Female
    Appearance: Dark Brown wolf with black scar pattern and black eyes
    Strength: locating where to go, eating reese cups, can see if person is enemy or not
    Weakness: I can't get mad
    History: Is very boisterous and can be sometimes random and funny

  11. Can I please be in the story? :DDDD

    Name: Firewing.
    Animal/Species: Winged Wolf.
    Gender: Female.
    Appearance: Golden wolf with blazing orange eyes, and sparkling darker-golden wings. White chest and paws, and a necklace with a bird skull on it.
    Personality: Gentle, kind, and helpful, but brave and strong. Very loyal.
    Strengths: Spying, Stealth, Stamina, Fastness.
    Weaknesses: None...really...
    History: Firewing was that rare wolf that well...was born into a pack of flying wolves. Once she was told enough to off on her own, she went and explored. She found a hawk, killed it, and made it the skull on her necklace. She now doesn't live with her pack anymore, but lives near Tiggerkat's house.

    1. Oh, and when she's mad...GET OUR OF HER WAY FOR THE SAKE OF YOU! But she gets angry

  12. thanks tigger for adding me!

  13. oh and by the way i have some notes for my character, Feather, Feather is Crow's friend and lives in a tree in the forest nearby the scarcrow groove

  14. oh and also when there is a fire or dangerous thing like a Poacher (which is a person who hunts animals) in Feathers forest she sometimes goes to tiggerkat's yard for safety

  15. oh and when there IS a dangerous thing in Feather's home, she goes in a tree beside Shimmer's river which is by your house like she said

    1. can you add me next? i am Feather


  16. oh and by the way, Mimi's mom was a good witch so she's one too and knows witchcraft!

  17. ugh! when is the story gonna be updated? I JUST CAN'T WAIT!! *stamps on the ground*

    1. there! 2 chapters just for you! =)

      PS...if you stamp the ground, do you have to put it in the mail?

  18. name: KitKat
    animal: cat

    gender: female

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    weakness: kitkats and bad temper

    strengths: pranking, spying, picking locks, stealing, sneekie, fiting into places that shouldent be and sometimes making Tiggerkat's life a living nightmare

    history: is Tiggerkat's sister, used to be evil but now is trying to be nice is scared of kites because once almost got blowen away by one

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