Thursday, July 12, 2012

Time for my Next Summer Job

Well, Summer is half over and I still don't have a job

The next on my list was "Snake Milker", the ad said to apply down at Bienvenidos Reptile World

I was told to go see Mr. Serpentine.........He seems like a cool fella!

I asked him, How do You Get Milk from a Snake?

He laughed and said it isn't really milk, that is the term they use for collecting snake venom

Mr. Serpentine said this is a very important job,
they use the snake venom to make medicine for people who are bit by poisonous snakes. 
And he said not to worry, it isn't dangerous at all....

Then He showed me How it is Done

You squeeze their heads and pop their fangs through the plastic and the venom leaks into the cup

So it was my turn to try!

He gave me he snake, but is wiggled and I almost dropped him!

The Snake lunged and bit Mr. Serpentine!!

Then the Snake Turned on Me and began Squeezing!!

Just when I thought I was a goner, Reese Burst onto the scene!!

Reese Killed that Snake like a Tiggerkat on a Reese Cup!

Mr. Serpentine was very angry about his snake being dead and told me to GET OUT

So thanks to Reese,



  1. Maybe your being a bit hard on Reese, what if Reese Puff actually did do all those things? He has proof, too, and every since Reese Puff came you've been harsh on him. ...And good luck with your next job! (Whatever that one's gonna be!!)

    1. I'm sure Reese Puffie didn't do that! I gave him to TK!

  2. hmmm..maybe you golf ball diver next!

  3. Aww I'm sorry :( Here is a Enormous Reese Cup to cheer you up! :)

  4. You should get a reese cup eating job


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