Monday, April 30, 2012

Why Monday! Why!

As everyone knows, Cup is quite the chef!!

I thought I would take a cooking lesson from him today, to see if I could improve on my famous Reese Cup Casserole!!

Well, it got a little out of hand..................

Uh.......maybe a LOT out of hand...........................

Well......not quite the improvement I was looking for, but I can't let a Reese Cup go to waste, so I ate it!

NOTE TO SELF:   Never bake on a Monday!!

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Character Sign Ups

Ok Friends!  I have started my new story, Candy War of 1492 and will take character sign-ups!  Create your character like you do for all the other story blogs, I'll take anything ( I think) and work it into the story and see where this story goes!

Friday, April 27, 2012

A Great Day in the Surf and Sun

Living in Belize really has its advantages!!   We live very close to the Caribbean and there are so many fun things to do there!  I have shared some of my fishing photo's, well Surfing is also very popular here!

And Tiggers are NOT the only ones who like to "Hang Ten" (or Twenty!!)   Some of my friends were there and I took their pictures to share with you!

Here is Griffin, the surfing Goat:

And Alfred, the surfing Alpaca with his buddy Albert:

When we got back to the beach there was a BIG commotion!

That's right!!  Ellie was here!!  She always makes a BIG splash!!!

Benny came by too..............

You didn't think he was going to surf did you?? Silly you!!  Bulls can't surf!!

But Hamsters do!!

Cup takes to the waves like a fish!!

And Peanut Butter rides the curls as well!  

Darn Imposters!!

Here's Peanut Butter!!

Stay Cool Dudes!!  Be Rad!!  Be Sick!!  Have an Epic Day!!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Candy Wars of 1492

Well it was a tie!   The story poll produced a tie between time traveling with Tigger and pets and Candy Wars with Kit Kat.  So I will combine the two into one!!   

Here's the story line:   Kit Kat steals all my Reese Cups  (you don't know how hard that was to type!!  I think I'm having a panic attack!!  Let me check my stash......whew!  still safe!)  And She goes back in time and my pets and I have to pursue her and then get us all (Reese Cups included) back home!

MUTANTS!!!!!!! Save Yourselves!!


Remember that wasp that we turned into a Tigger??  Well we tried to change her back........*Gulp!*  She doesn't look happy!!!

And Reese!!!!!!!!!  Poor Reese!!!!!!!!!!  (well, actually, he's kind of pretty!!)

Look what happened to Cup!!

And Peanut Butter!!

And here's what happened to that cute little squirrel!!

And remember the Polar Bear turned Tiger???

And remember my lunch???  Oh........that's right....I didn't post about that one.....well, I tried to make it into a Reese Cup sandwich AND LOOK WHAT HAPPENED!!!!!

And he ran away before I could eat him!!  I'm sooooo Hungry!!

Remember that Tigger Stallion??  

And poor little Kit Kat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   

*wipes tears from eyes* 

Ok, that one is actually pretty funny!   Might leave that one be!

TiggyTiger!!  Rae Rae!!   Bring your tools!!  We gots to fix this Transmorgifrier and all these critters back to how they belong before Mom gets home!!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Time for Night Night!!

Mom said I could make one more quick post before bed, so I thought I'd let you have this chance to tell everyone good night!

First here's Cup sleeping with his teddy bear........

Here's Peanut Butter tucked in all safe and sound......

Next is  Reese.......I think he's outgrown his bed...........

And I know for some weird reason some of you are actually fans of Kit Kat, so here is Kit Kat sound asleep, its the only time I can some what tolerate her......

Well, Sweet Dreams  and Good Night Everyone!!


Monday, April 23, 2012

Whoa!! Tiggers do NOT like Change!!

And Blogger has changed Big Time!!

Now I have to figure everything out all over again!

This is just as confusing as that time Kit Kat unwrapped all my Reese Cups and re-wrapped them with Kit Kat wrappers!!

Mondays can get a bit Sticky!!

I was in the bathroom this morning, we ran out of toilet I was trying to get another roll out of our holder, and can see what happened next.......................I got a bit stuck...........

After I got myself free, I heard a squeeky voice calling for help!  Down on the floor trapped between the wall and my desk, I found that Cup was also stuck!

Then we were going outside to get to the car to get ready for school and I heard some more squeals for help coming from the garden!  This time it was Peanut Butter who was stuck!!!

Then on the way to town Mom took off really fast out of the drive way and made a sharp turn and I heard a yelp and then it was Reese who was stuck !!!

But the best news of the day was when we got home and found that Kit Kat was stuck!!  

hahhahahahahhahahahahah!!!   This Monday may have actually been the best Monday I have had in a very long time!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Happy Earth Day !!!

Today is the day we celebrate and share our appreciation for Mother Earth and think how we can change our habits to help Mother Earth.

I decided to help in reducing trash / waste by making art out of all my Reese Cup Candy Wrappers

I also made this beautiful dress out of Reese wrappers

(That's NOT me, by the way)

Reese, my dog,  is going Earth Friendly with his new Solar Powered Dog House

Peanut Butter, my pig, is doing a little gardening to help Green Up Mother Earth

Cup has decided to start driving one of those "Smart Cars"  that uses less gas

Kit Kat couldn't really think of anything to do for Earth Day.      We thought about it long and hard, and well, I thought that some things simply can't be Re-used or Recycled, some things just need to be thrown away!  hahahahhahahah!!!

So what will you do for Earth Day????

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Kit Kat's Wild Party

Boy oh Boy!  Did Kit Kat step in it this time!!!   Dad, Mom and I had to head in to town for a few hours last night and Kit Kat beeeggggeeed  to stay home alone.  

Dad and Mom caved, against MY better judgement and let her........the chaos when we got home was epic!!!

Kit Kat had invited a few friends got a bit out of hand!    We were finding her friends sleeping every where!!

Under furniture...........


In a lamp.......

In the bathroom...........

On a rack...........
on MY computer!!!  >: (

WITH MY DUCKIE!!!!!!  *ahem** blushes.*....*.looks around**.....I mean, Reese's stuffed duck...

And we still can't figure out who this is??!!!

We finally found Kit Kat..................

I tried to convince Mom and Dad to leave here there, but they said No!   Sheesh, I was hoping at least ONE good thing could've come out of all of this!!