Sunday, July 8, 2012

This Week's Imposters!

Another week of Imposters, Everywhere I go!


Guess that is the price of Fame

The First One I saw was a bit Creepy!

Although he did wave and smile, still......creepy

There was one at the Airport Last week

Guess He thought I wouldn't notice if he was Reading a Newspaper!

Then this One Showed up in Mum's Car!!

(I think Kit Kat put it there to Freak me out!)

And this Imposter walked right up to me on the Street like we were buddies or something!

And now my Imposters are Dragging Great Shot into this!

Ever since I showed you pix of Great Shot and Me hanging out, 
I have started seeing Great Shot Imposters!!

Like these Two!

I thought those were bad ones, but these are even worse!!!


what is this world coming to?

Next thing you know, there will be Reese Cup Imposters!


*Runs from Room in Terror!*



Give Me Your Best Bounce!!