Saturday, July 7, 2012

I Need a Hero!

Some things just can't be done alone!  

I tried to get them all back into the box and glue it shut, but there are just too many!

I'm gonna need Help!!
Someone Super Fast!   And Super Strong!

So I made  "Help Wanted" signs and put them all around my neighborhood

It wasn't long before there was a Knock at the Door!

Oh......Just an Annoying Squirrel...

*starts to shut door*

*Squirrel hollers*


The He Showed me he is really a SUPER SQUIRREL!!

I asked him what was his Super Power?

He showed me........ but I wasn't impressed

My next applicants presented themselves as a Team of Super Heroes

But I don't think they will work out either....

Here is my next applicant........

That wasn't even a real panda!  It was a rocky horse panda!!

Then a Celebrity showed up!!

But once Puss saw all the Kit Kats he was pretty much worthless

*Puss in Boots Purrs*

"Hello There Senoritas" 


Well He's no Help....

Next Applicant.......

Uh.......too violent

This is Discouragin'

*Hears Noise in Distance*

*Horns Blaring*



I don't like Monkeys!!!

They don't even stop to say hi!!   Monkeys are so rude!

Wait!   These are no ordinary monkeys!!

They're Clone Wranglers!!!

They are catching all the Clones!!

All the Reese's

And Peanut Butters

All the Cups!
(They were too fast to get a pix)

They got all the Kit Kats

And the Reese Puffs!!

The monkeys got them all in the Duplicator Box and I sealed them with Tiggytiger's Glue Gun

The Monkeys didn't even wait for me to say Thank you!   They  jumped into their car and sped off !

The Duplicator started making all kinds of noise.

 I waited for the noise to stop, then I cautiously opened the Box

And Just like Skittles and Mimi said, 
When I opened it, there was only 1 Reese, 1 Peanut Butter, 1 Cup, 1 Kit Kat and 1 Reese Puff!!


Now I just need one of those Men In Black Mind Erasing Lasers to use on everyone and we can forget this whole thing ever happened!!  

PS  For Ilovemypets8


*Looks around*


(To Ilovemypets8)

I know you are sad and missing one of your cats, 
so I kept one Kit Kat Clone and I'm mailing her to you!

Never feed her a Kit Kat Bar, 
only feed her Reese cups and she should turn out normal like me!


  1. Hey my idea say thank you o a skottle for me ooh throws Reese flavored skittles ya like em?

    1. reese flavored skittles = reese pieces!!
      LOVE THEM!!

      Monkeys are long gone, so I will just hold on to them for you for when they come back...........

  2. u know i've wanted to tell ur posts are getting weird n weird


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