Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Welcome Wolf Skin!!

Got online this am to see that I have a new follower!   Let's give a Big Reese Cup Welcome to:

Wolf Skin!!

She is From Romania!!  That is soooo Cool!!!

She has a blog called:  Animal Jam Buds

It's a new blog, so it would be great if you would follow it for her!! 

And I will reward you with a Giant Wolf Shaped Reese Cup!!  

Oh Lookie!! 

Tiggerkat is following her blog!  

Here you Go Tiggerkat, A Giant Wolf Reese Cup!  

Why Thank you!  


Cheers and Applause for Wolf Skin!!!!!!


  1. :O! I can speak with her :D! maybe if she knows Romainain 8D!

  2. 0.0 spelled it wrong, *Romanian How could I spell that wrong 0.0

  3. Thanks Tigger!Im really honored!Btw Mia, do you live in Romania?And I know romanian cuz i was born in Romania :P.


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