Saturday, June 30, 2012

Curious Envelope

Mail arrived today at Great Shot's house..........For ME!!!

It was wriggling and giggling...........I opened it with extreme caution!

And out Popped TiggyTiger........

and Mimi!!!!!!!!!

Meet Mimi.

Boy were they glad to get out of that envelope!!!!  And boy will this party be fun today!!!! 

Later this afternoon is the Family Picnic! 

And it is only 102 degrees here today!!! 

(and I thought Belize was hot!!)

Calling all Christians and Open-Minded Non-Christians

I want to invite you to join this new blog!:

Yes, Animal Jam is in the URL, but it is no longer an Animal Jam Blog.  Dragonologist143 has restyled her blog for a greater purpose, a forum to discuss God and Christ.  It is something different and it is positive and loving.  I would love to see all my followers follow her blog, because there are more important things in this world than Animal Jam, Clans and yes (gasp) even Reese Cups............

You don't have to be a believer to participate, but I ask that you are thoughtful and respectful if you have questions or concerns.   And if you are a believer I think this blog is an opportunity to fellowship and strengthen our believes!

And we can always have a friendly conversation over a spot of tea and a reese cup!

I Found a New Follower in America!!

I come all the way to America and check my blog at Great Shot's library and find I have a New Follower!!  Let's give an American Reese Cup Welcome to:

Jamanimal135 !!

Look at the cute lil Umbreon!!!! 

Jamanimal135 has a blog too, called


you can check it out and follow it  with this link!

So again!  Let's hear it for Jamanimal135!!

***Reese Cup Fireworks shower the sky and the crowd goes wild!! ***

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Real Life Intrudes my Blog

I may not be posting very much over the next couple of days.........

I am headed to America!!!!

So much fun stuff coming my way!! .

 First it's Strongboy's birthday!! 

Happy Birthday Strongboy!!

SB's Animal Jam Galaxy
(that's Great Shot's lil brother)

Then a Family 4th of July Reunion this weekend!!


Grilled Reese Cups!

Reese Cups on Buns!

Reese Cup Pasta Salads!!

So much Good Eats!!

 Plus I get to be with my Cousins!!

And if you follow Great Shot you know they have pretty crappy internet service up there, so if I can get on I will post, but if not, I will see you peeps next week!!!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Introducing: ReesePuff !!

Mimi gave me a gift that is as good as a mountain of Reese Cups!   A Jack Russell Terrier!

JRT's are my favorite kind of dog (sorry Reese, you are still my favorite muttly kind of dog!)

I love JRT because they are bundles of energy and really know how to have fun!!

And they chase cats too!!  Right up a Tree!!


Hee Hee!


I love that lil ReesePuff!!

Man Steals Over $400 Worth Of Reese’s Cups

I most heinous crime indeed!!

Lorain Man With Sweet Tooth & Sticky Fingers Steals Over $400 Worth Of Reese’s Cups « 98.5 WNCX

Tiggerkat Super Sleuth is on this!

Monday, June 25, 2012

Monday's Sundae

I woke up chilly this morning, which is odd for a summer's day in Belize......

Then I realized..................

Someone had turned me into a


A Tigger Sundae?? 


It must be a Mondae......

Tiggytiger, bring some hot fudge, we'll have to eat our way out of this one!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Day 2 at the Sandwich Shop!

Well I returned to Fatso's today ready to make some more great sandwiches!!

But when I got there, Fat Freddy said my services were no longer needed!!  Seems they hired a new Sandwich Robot!!

I was shocked!!   After all those great sandwiches I made!

Sigh!   Which job was next on my list........

Snake Milker.....

Guess I will check that one out!!

(I wonder how you get milk from a snake?)

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Training Day!

I was so excited to start my new job as a Sandwich Artist, I showed up an hour early!!

Lucky me!!   Fat Freddy himself is going to teach me all I need to know!!

He makes unbelievable Sandwich Art!!

Check out some of his fine work below!

A Piano!!


(another great chef that I admire!)

A Cute Giraffe!

The Eric Carle Special!

(for very hungry customers!)

Mater!! (without tomatoes---hahahah!)

(I think Spino ordered this one!)


(Fatso's most popular fish sandwich!)

Just Amazing!!

So then it was MY turn!! 

I was So Excited!!

My First order was for a Chicken Sandwich!!


The next customer wanted a Hot Dog! 

No Problem for Chef Tiggerkat!!

The crowd was going wild!  Shaking their fists in approval at me!! 

I decided it was time to unveil my own creation!

A Kit Kat Sandwich!!

Then as I was getting ready to introduce another creation,

the Peanut Butter Baby Sandwich, But
Fat Freddy came in and told me to STOP!

He said I had done enough for the day and I could go home!

I'm so proud of myself!

Friday, June 22, 2012

Summer Job Part II

So I went to see Fat Freddy at Fatso's to see if the Sandwich Artist job was still available:

I think that's him out front, foraging for freshest of things for his deli!

Fat Freddy's top Chef was steaming mad at his current kitchen help....

The Sandwich Robot

The Sandwich Robot it seems wasn't working right, too much mayo in its gears and was making terrible sandwiches!  

Or it could be a broken heart..................

Seems his girlfriend, the blender..........

Had broken up with him after Fat Freddy brought in this new coffee maker:

BUT that's Good news for Me!! 

The Robot quits and that means there is a Job Opening for me!!

I start Tomorrow, so Stay Tuned!!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

New UserName

Everyone is changing their usernames!!!!!!!!   

Trooper26 is now ViperNinja
Laurel019 is thinking of BookBunny or SnowShoeRabbit

Tigger's don't like change!!!

But Tiggers don't like being left out either........that's why....**deep breath** I have decided to change MY username as well.

I will no longer be Tiggerkat..............From now on you shall call me:**dramatic pause**


I know, I know, that is a pretty big change for me, but I think I can get used to it.   Let me try it out:




no, that wasn't right..........



I don't will take some getting used to................

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Summer School with Tigger

Well, Mom and Dad are always saying we forget too much stuff when we are home from school on summer vacations, so I thought I would do some reviews of some of the important lessons we learn at school so that Mom and Dad will be impressed with how much smarts we keep!

Soooooooooo, Consider this Lesson One for Tigger's Summer School!

Today's Lesson is on Opposites!!

See if you can identify the opposites shown below:

Big and Small!   Very good!  Now try this one!!

Right again!  Black and White!

Now this one:

Yep!  Inside and Outside:
Here's another one:

Correct!! Wet and Dry!
Now, how about this one?


Right again!! Asleep and Awake!
Ok, almost done, here's the next one:


Top and Bottom, right!!  Very good!!

Ok, last it carefully:


Exactly!  Smart and Dumb!!


I crack me up sometimes!!