Friday, May 31, 2013


Yay!  I love summer vacation!!

No more classes
No more work
No more teacher's dirty looks!

Got my final report card!

I am Fantastic in Every Class!!

They love me so much they want me back again in the Fall!


I love school, it will be so fun to have all the same teachers again!!

now I miss 'em


I wanna go to school!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

You can Follow me Now on Twitter!!

Not from this blog, but from Tiggerkat's Ode To God

Wahhooozzzzie!! A New Follower! Welcome Stitch4 !!!!

My Photo
Hmmmmm......His Avatar looks like an illegally obtained photograph from a concert!!

(Jk about the illegal part)

I guess he couldn't get a screen shot of me from The Tigger Movie.

Oh well, concerts are cool.  I love going to concerts!   Especially when my favorite band is playing!
Tigger and the Bouncers!

But back to the Important Subject on Hand!

Welcome Stitch4!!!!

He has a blog----Brand spankin'  new!

So new in fact, that Today is his First Post!!!
So go check it out and be sure to follow!!!!

A 1000 reese cups to the 1st 10 followers!!!

And a million to the very 1st one!!!!

Get Ready! Set!  GOOOOOOO!


oh! lookie here!

I'm the first follower!!

Lucky Me!

***Reclines in chair and nom's 1,000,000 reese cups***

Thursday, May 23, 2013

The Greatest Art Blog in the Whole Wide Blogosphere!

Do you like art?

I do too!!

You should check out my friend MetroLeaf's blog!!

Art Cycle

He posts great abstract art he makes with his computer!

This is currently my favorite one!

Doesn't it look like neon lights!!??!!

This is another fav---I want it as a T-shirt!

Here's another fav!

(It would also make a cool T-shirt!)

Metro also posts photos he takes---

And this is my favorite !

Go check out and follow his blog and  hen tell me which one is your favorite!!

Click Here:------>  MetroLeaf's Art Cycle

Hi Jammie!!!!!!

Jammie made this banner for me!

Create your own banner at!

Check out her blog:

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Fun with Crocodiles

Oh Look, A safe Place to Swim!

Because Crocodiles don't swim there!

Meep!    Well THAT didn't work out!

I wonder if there are any side effects to eating a Tigger??

I hollared out to him:

He disagreed...........until my Posse showed!!

While I Head over to the Hospital, Check out these Other

Crocodile Funnies!


Back from the Hospital!

Well, Home Sweet Home!

**Door Bell Rings**

Who is It?????



Check Out this Amazing Photo!!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

A Delicious New Story!!!

It's A Mystery!

It's A Tragedy!

It's the Newest Story to Hit the Bloggosphere!

Click the Link Below and Sign up to be a part of:

I just hope when we find those reese cups they aren't stale.

I'm not saying I won't eat them anyways!


Do you have this Problem?

I have this problem with my parents.

Well, mostly my Dad.

He's a bit...



And  he tends to wander off and get into all kinds of trouble!

Once we found him in the water

Wrestling with Sword Fish......

Another time we found him mud surfing at a local farm.....

At the zoo he got away from us and we found him trying to steal a giraffe!!

And at the Water Park he suddenly thought he was a dolphin in the water show!!

And then there was this time at the Amusement Park.......

And he's banned from the Grocery Store

So we thought maybe this T-shirt would help alert others to stop him 
when he wandered off before he does something embarrassing!

I hope that works!!

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Another Great Blog to Check Out

Please check out and Follow:  I Am His Child  by Dragonologist143

It is a wonderful Christian Blog!  She makes thought provoking posts which will make one reflect on their relationship with God!

The Funniest Blog on the Web

If you are not already following Tiggerpaka's Blog:  TFEOBB
you have GOT to check it out!!

It just took a turn for the Funny!!

Even by Bestie Hobbes loves it!!

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Hint for the Riddle

It is a WORD riddle---don't think real things---think about the words---specifically the spelling of them, look for a pattern..........oh!  Patterns can go in, but Words cannot!

Riddle can go in, but Answer cannot!

Kittyslug can go in, but VMS cannot
Orr can go in, but Elizabeth cannot

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Happy Star Wars Day!!

It's May 4th!

Star Wars Day!

May the 4th be with you!!
(fourth! force!)

Get it?

Here are some pix of my 
May the Fourth be with You  Par--Tee!!

We had a Veggie Platter!

And Fresh Fruit

And Yummy Sandwiches

And Cup Cakes

Hans Solo Jello

And  An R2D2 Reese Cup Cake!!

We had a Rockin' Band!

And a Groovy Disco Ball

And Dancers

And  a Costume Contest!

Here are some of our Contestants!

Here is the Winner for the Best Ballerina Darth Vadar

And the Cutest Droid

And Kit Kat won for Best Princess Leia

(did I mention Mum was the Judge??)

Here is the Cutest Ewok

And Best Chewbacca

Best Space Ship

Fastest Darth Vader

 Winner of Best Bounty Hunter with a  Doggie Gun

It was a Great Party!

Hope the 4th was with you this day!!



Quickie Funnie!!