Tuesday, July 10, 2012

My Pokemon Card Collection!!

I see some of you have played with that website:  http://www.mypokecard.com/   and I wanted to share your creations here!

Here is another one I made for The Reese's Blog   (http://ajreesecups.blogspot.com/)

Pokemon Reese Cup Energy

It matches with one Mimi Made:

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This is Strongboy88's First Card:

From Laurel the Great:   It didn't copy too good from email  :-(

From Mimi26392

Here are some cool ones by Ajaecourts!

Pokemon Epic Banana

Great Shot made Pokemon Cards for her characters on The Four Elements of Bending,  to many to post here, so here is a link if you are interested:    http://www.animalscanbend.blogspot.com/p/bending-cars.html

There were others I saw on blogs for for some reason wouldn't copy / paste into this post, so if you made one that's not here,  see if you can email it to me so I can add it to my collection!!

I'm glad everyone has had fun with that website!!

I think this one is made by Skittles:
Pokemon shiny shark

By CinnamonRose


  1. I made one. It says ''Aaron Sandile''
    And I'm gonna make a trooper 26 one.

  2. did you see mine it called shiny shark -skittles

    1. see if that is it that I just added to this post...


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