Monday, December 31, 2012

Last Monday of 2012: Another Update

11 pm:     still hiding in bed, covers over my head........alls well

Last Monday of 2012: Update

It is 8 pm and I have been hiding in my bed all day, this being the last Monday of the Year, it is the scariest Monday of the year!   So I am hoping I am safe here in my bed!

The Last Monday of 2012

I'm scared.....................

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Back Home to Belize

I had a really great Christmas with Great Shot and Strongboy88!

But all good things must end......

I wonder how things went back home.....

I see our Christmas Decorations are still up:

But our Christmas Tree looks a little different.............

Actually......very very weird..........

And I don't remember this guy at all.............

And who made this mess????

And what happened to our House Sitter?

He told us the story:

Seems Santa was running a bit late

(and I thought he was delayed at the Paka House!)

So Santa sent over a Substitute Santa

And a Substitute Reindeer:

And a Few Elves as well

They handed out these poorly wrapped gifts

And they were the worst presents ever!

Reese Got a Can of Silly String.....

But not as much fun as you might think.........

 Peanut Butter got a wallet:

But I thought that was a bit insensitive
(He's Muslim you know)

Cup was given a Christmas Ornament:

But now he is stuck in the tree.....

Reese Puff was given a Plate of Doggie Treats

But the Substitute Santa had already eaten them!

And York

You know how pretty she likes to be

(she's kind of a Diva)

This is what that Substitute Santa Gave Her!!

So there was this Riot

(And our sitter said you'd be surprised as what a fighter York is!)

So our Sitter grabbed a phone and called for Help 
to Calm everyone down and 
Get that Substitute Santa Outta Here!!

And so That Substitute Santa Dog's owner Came and took Him away!

I thanked him, Mum paid him and the Sitter left.

Now we just have to clean up this mess.

As I turn around to look at our tree I hear a "Whooosh!!"

It's so Good to Be Home


Friday, December 28, 2012

Your Weekly Reese's

Tiggerkat, Ace Reporter on Duty!

To Present to you This Week's Classified Reese Cups!

First up is:

TurtleTaterTot's News

There are lots of interesting things on her blog, and you have to scroll all the way down
to the bottom to see it all!  There is alot of cool stuff on the side bar.

So go check it out and follow her blog!
You will be rewarded by your choice of the Reese Cup Fairy or
(kills me to say this)
The Kit Kat Fairy

Next up, is ME!

I guess spending the week with Great Shot rubbed off some
story blogginess from her to me!

We are brainstorm troopers!

So here is my first Story Blog:

A Dog With No Name

A Dog With No Name

If you like the 1st posted chapter, then just check on it weekly
I probably will only post on weekends

There is no character sign ups
because there is only 1 character
and I have a very specific story in my mind
that I want to share.

And finally ME again!

Just wanted to advertise my "God" blog

Tiggerkat's Ode to God

Tiggerkat's Ode to God

Of all my blogs (wow, like there are only 3)
this is really the most important to me.
I can think of nothing more important than sharing God's word.

You don't have to be a Christian or even a believer to read it.
As a matter of fact, I would prefer non-believers to read it and comment (respectfully) on it.
My hope is it gives you something interesting to think about, even if you don't agree!


This has been another Edition of Your
Weekly Reese's!

Tiggerkat Signing off!

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas Funnies for Thursday

Well, if the Paka family didn't get him, this guy sure did!

Substitute Reindeer

A human candy cane!

Hope you are having a Great Christmas!!

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Wednesdays are for More Christmas Cuties!!

Perhaps this is Santa's First Stop as he leaves the North Pole?

Santa's Elves

I think she likes her Christmas Gift

I like how they put grapes in the pine cones!

And Like most kids, the boxes are more fun than the toys!

I hope you got as many great gifts as my animal friends did!!

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

My Christmas Present from Great Shot


It Cleans Your Computer Screen---From the Inside!!!!

If you want one too, simply save the above image and set it as your computer wall paper!

Merry Chrissymas!

My Gang would like to Wish Each of you
A Merry Christmas!

From Reese:

From Peanut Butter:

From Cup:

From Reese Puff:

From York:

From Kit Kat:

And from Me!

Monday, December 24, 2012

T'was the Night Before Christmas--Tiggerkat Style!

T'was the Night Before Christmas and All Through the Flat
Not a Creature was Bouncin', No, Not Even Tiggerkat!
And her Stockings were Hung by the Windows with Care
In Hopes that the Reese Cup Fairy Soon would be there!

Tiggerkat, Reese and Reese Puff were sharing a bed
While Visions of King Size Reese Cups danced in their heads.
Peanut Butter was in the barn, Cup in his Cup
York was a-snoozing, And even Kit Kat had Shut Up.

When high in the tree there arose such a clatter
A shivering Tiggerkat told Reese to see what was the matter.
When there at the window there was a big flash
It tore open the shutters and threw up the sash!

The smell of PB and chocolate filled all the room
Tiggerkat got giddy and bright like the moon.
Reese and Puff were nervous, looking capricious,
It was an Reese-ee Cup sleigh pulled by eight reese-ee pieces!

With a brown little driver, so lively, so merry
Tiggerkat knew in a moment, it was the Reese Cup Fairy!
Bouncing like Tiggerkat, the pieces they came
The driver he whistled and called them by name!

Now Yumster! Now Yumkins! Now Yummy and Yummers!
On Yumsika! On YumYum!  On Yummel and Yum-yupers!
To the Top the Tree!  To the Top----we won't Fall !
Now Bounce away!  Bounce away! Bounce away All !

Like Tiggerkat caught in a Monday Tornado would fly
And Crash into a brick wall and be pushed up its side
Up to the Tree Top the Reese-ee Pieces they Flew
With a Sleigh full of Reese cups and the Reese Cup Fairy Too!

And then in a twinkling Tiggerkat heard on the Roof
The prancing and Pawing of each Pieces' Hoof.
As she threw off her blankets and was turning around
Down the long chimney the Fairy came with a bound.

He was dressed all in Orange, from his top to his bottom.
He smelled so Delicious, Tiggerkat almost did pounce 'em!
A bundle of Reese Cups he had flung on his back
And he looked like a chocolate angel of mercy and I am going crazy and have to go get a reese cup right now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

phew!  Sorry about where was I?

Oh yeah.

His eyes---like smooth drops of chocolate, His dimples how merry!
His Cheeks blushed with Peanut Butter, what a cute little Fairy!
He was smooth, round and brown wrapped in an orange coat,
He had Tiggerkat drooling so much, she nearly did choke!

His orange wrapper did crinkle as he moved all about
leaving miniature reese cups in the stocking that were out.
Larger Reese Cups were placed under the Reese Cup Tree
Tiggerkat started clapping and bouncing, so full of glee!

Tiggerkat lost her good balance, overcome with the thrill
She fell down the stairs taking quite a spill.
Tiggerkat scared the Reese Cup Fairy nearly to death
The Fairy looked angry as he took his next breath.

"No Tiggers are ever to see me!" Said the Fairy hands on his hips
He glared at Tiggerkat as if ready to throw a fit
The Fairy took back all the Reese Cups he placed
Threw them back in his sack and saw Tiggerkat disgraced.

Tiggerkat panicked, not sure what to do.
Then she got an idea and spoke to you know who.
"Mr. Fairy" Tiggerkat began as sincere as she could
"My sister has not seen you and has been so very good"

"Please, just give her all my Reese Cups, its the least she deserves
After all she's your biggest fan, and I'm just a jerk"
The Fairy reconsidered and then he Agreed.
"Nothing for you, Tiggerkat, but double Reese Cups for She"

The Fairy was good to his word and piled Reese Cups so highly
Tiggerkat pretended to mope, but we know she was wiley!
The Fairy scowled at Tiggerkat then left very quickly
All the time  unaware of Tiggerkat's tricker-rey!

As Tiggerkat flopped into the giant Reese Cup Pile
She looked at you readers and said with a Smile.
"Don't Fret for poor Kit Kat, she'll get all her treats,
Because the Kit Kat Fairy is coming Next Week!"

Merry Merry CHRISTmas to ALL!!!!

Love you guys!!!!