Monday, July 30, 2012

Belizean Olympic Update

From my earlier post you know we had 3 athletes from Belize competing in the Olympics.

Well I am sad to say that Edderymis Sanchez, our Judo champion was eliminated in the 2nd round.

Our Other 2 athletes, Kenneth Medwood and Kaina Martinez compete in their sports on Friday, so we still have 2 more chances to Bring Home the Gold!!!

Thought You Might Like a Glimpse of Some of our Other Olympiads that 
 Did not make it to the Olympics

This is our Swim Team!

I heard some Chap from the USA named Michael Phelps
Had them Banned

He Obviously was too Intimidated by Us!!


  1. or maybe he was chasing after a resse cup and they couldn't find him,,,,

  2. XDD. Im sorry but I kinda like Michael Phelps.....Only because I am from the Usa....So um x3..........

  3. i know about Michaul Phelps...



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