Friday, July 6, 2012

Just Cloning Around

I paid a visit to my good friend Hobbes today. 
He let me borrow his "Duplicator" machine that he and his friend Calvin created.

I thought I could use it to make more Reese Cups!!

I put One Reese Cup in, turn it on and


A hundred Reese Cups!!  

(or maybe a dozen, but its a good start!!)

This is Genius!!

So I went to hide my newly made Reese Cup Stash and when I came back........


It's my worst nightmare come true!!  

Kit Kat must've gone into the Duplicator Box!!

I went around the corner and almost fell over!

More Kit Kats!!

Over Here Too!!!!

I ran outside to find Mum, but instead.....I found this on the lawn chair!!!

Ugh!  The horrors!!!

Here Comes my Dad...........He looks really angry

what is he carrying??


I called for Reese!  And he came running.....Reese??


Oh no!!  Reese was cloned too!!

On the Front Porch I found a For Sale Sign written by one of the Kit Kats....

Next to it was a basket full of Puppy Reeses!!

How could she sell my BF??!!

Peanut Butter! 

He'll know what to do!!

I ran for Peanut Butter....



I wonder if anyone has been spared??

I checked Cups' Cup and it was Full of Cups!!

Even Reese Puff had played in that box!!

There is only one thing left to do...........

Talk to an expert at cleaning up Major Messes!!


I tried again....


Any Ideas Out There??


  1. XD I love this! All those kittens and puppies! XD

  2. REverse it try to get then in box -skittles

  3. *gets glue gun*I'll glue them in a in box!

    1. don't it will break the box!


  4. im glad you rook Reesepuff as a character in your blog! Anyway, put all the Kitkats, reeses, cups, peanut butters.etc. then close the box and tape it tight. then after 1 hour open the box. you'll find 1 KitKat, 1 Reese, 1 Peanut Butter, 1 Cup and 1 Reesepuff!

  5. thatwasmy idea but what ever you can use it

  6. tiggerkat can i ask you something?

    1. well my grandpa died yesterday and i don't know if he went to heaven or not. He was catholic. My mom tried to tell him about chirstians and read him the bible but nothing worked.In a cuple days he's going to be cremated so he can be sprinkled around his father's farm.

    2. I'm so sorry that you are hurting.

      Was he a believer in Jesus? Because the bible says all who believe will go to Him in heaven.

      I was talking with a grown up friend about this last week, worrying about people I love maybe not going to heaven even though they are good people and she said to remember that God is Just and Loving and will Always make the right decision---meaning he knows what is truly in a person's heart and who should go to heaven. So Trust in Him.

      I will pray for your grandfather and I hope someday (a long time from now) you will see him again up in Heaven.

      I am sure your mother is hurting too. Give her a tiggerkat hug and let her know you can lean on each other in this hard time.

      If you want to "talk" more privately and your mom will let you email, you can email me at

    3. ok thank you.*hugs*

  7. Skittles I must sneak up and duplicate all my skittles!

  8. calvin is crazy right (calvin and hobbes) I <3 Hobbes!!

  9. hobbes isa boy you are a girl he wants a girl friend..... oh oh ohhhh and turn the kit kats in to worms!

  10. Ehh maybe while you were going to store them, they snuck in.... next time you leave tht box, bring it with you or turn it off

  11. and also i need to duplicate my mini reese cups

    From:nikkiroo2 (i am the same guy as above)

  12. i have an idea put them in the box then turn it off then you will have one of every pet


  13. get a tranforimbooby thing to change them in to...... well i don't know.

  14. I KNOW!Tranform them into something else that will really work Calvin did it to get rid of the other Calvins so get the tranformer ray gun or the trosformer box.



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