Friday, July 20, 2012

A Minor Change to my Blog

Just wanted to let you know, if you have an Animal Jam Blog, I am still following you and reading your posts on my dash board, but it is no longer linked on the side of my blog.  

There are so many AJ Blogs that my list was getting soooo long!   Most of you follow each other, so I don't think you are missing anything if I don't list your AJ Blog. 

But I do want to promote your Non-AJ Blogs, so that is what you see now. 

Also some story blogs that Tiggerkat is part of.


  1. :DDDDD Im Still over there Yipee!

    P.S I don't go on blogs much but I happend to stop by today ;D.


  2. Mine talks about AJ and other things, can you put mine on there? thx!

    1. ooopsie!! I really meant to add yours! Its there now!!

    2. its ok! it might just be my kindle, but i dont see it...


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