Sunday, July 1, 2012

Our Family Picnic

What a Great Day at Great Shot's Family Picnic!!

Boy, it was a hot, hot day!!

But we still had big family fun!!

Here's a pix of Me and Great Shot playing Leap Frog

(bet you didn't picture Victory Frozenbuddy like that!)

We'd hang out and run around together

And we'd hang out and just chat

And looked at pictures of us when we were little playing together!

Gosh we were cute!!

Kit Kat and Strongboy played Star Wars (and Strongboy kicked her butt!! haha!)

They are both pretty tough little kats!

But it was more than just our families, there were lots of cousins playing!

All kinds of fun games!!

Then it was time for Grillin'!!

You may know, I kinda like Fire!! So I thought I could help a bit!

With this big family, We need a BIG fire!!

But my Uncles disagreed.

But we still had Good Eats!!

We had Deviled Eggs

Hot Dogs



And Pie!!

We played in the Sprinkler

And Slip and Slide

And we had an EPIC Water Balloon Battle!

What a Great Family Fun Day!!!



  1. Yes, it was real fun! I especially enjoyed the water balloon fight! Er, as much as I hate to say it, Kit Kat was actually pretty good at the water balloon fight...


  2. i love watching strong and kitkat play starwars!especially when strongboy did that doubble backflip!

  3. Kick the lil' Kit-kat bum! >:3


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