The Insaniquarium: Inspired by BigGoldfish101



The group agreed upon the plan to defeat Boss of Doom and Easter Candy “Don’t forget and rescue the Reese Cups!”  Tiggershark reminds the narrator. And yes, to rescue the Reese Cups, thank you Tiggershark.   Neon swam back to the main chamber of the cave, changing his colors to blend in with whatever he passed.   Boss of Doom was up on a throne, dangling a little guppy from his fin, preparing to eat it.  Neon began to shake, some of his colors no longer blending in.  “Got…to..focus..” thought Neon, trying to ignore his hunger and the delicious looks of the little guppy.  He couldn’t restrain himself any longer and he swam at the speed of lightening gulping the little fish right from the fin of Boss of Doom himself! 
 “What was that!”  demanded Boss of Doom.  “Easter Candy!!  Something took my guppy!!”
  "There’s no one here but us, Boss” answered a confused Easter Candy.  “Maybe you already ate it”
   Boss of Doom considered it then roared with laughter.  “Maybe you’re right Easter!  Go get me another fish to eat…..maybe that fat pink one back in the cave”
            “Hey---mmphff”  Pinky started to protest, being insulted like that but Fire slapped his fin over her mouth to shut her up.  Easter Candy scootched back to the cave.
“We have to hurry” said the King, “ we need to do this now!” and he gave the signal.   Neon had positioned himself at the top of the cave and glowed as brightly as he could, so bright it cause the entire cave to light up like day time.  This blinded Boss of Doom who could only see in the dark.   The 3 dolphins surrounded him and battered him with their noses.  The other fish swam back to capture Easter Candy.  
“I give up!  I give up!”  cried Boss of Doom, realizing that the Dolphins continued assault could cause him great harm or maybe even death. 
“You and Easter Candy must leave here and never return!”  Said the King Dolphin.  The dolphins followed the them out of the cave.  Boss of Doom quickly swam over the coral and off into the deepest of the deeps where sunlight never shines.   Easter Candy stayed on the coral. 
“I need to stay on the coral” Easter Candy frowned.  “I will be eaten out there in the wild.  I was only bad because Boss of Doom made me.  I can use my powers for good too, like how I healed Sapphire, I mean Dolphina”
“That’s true, “ said Sapphire to her parents, “His potion did save me”
“She may stay as long as she is good” King Dolphin proclaimed.   The group cheered.  
“Where’s Tiggershark?”  asked Prince, noticing he was the only one who had not emerged from the cave.
“Tiggershark!!!”  the group called.
“Here I am!”  said Tiggershark.  He came out of the cave, covered in peanut butter and chocolate.  He had obviously finally found and eaten his Reese Cup treasure.  The group laughed and celebrated.


Over time the reef returned back to normal  The fish returned and the other Dolphins returned and no one ever heard or saw Boss of Doom ever again.  Easter Candy held true to her promise and stayed good, making healing potions for the dolphins whenever they needed them.   Fire was  happy to swim freely in the corals, as was Tiggyfish.   Neon loved blending in with all the many colors of coral and entertaining everyone with his talents.  Rox became a wise advisor to the king and queen.  Sapphire spent most of her days playing with Tiggyfish, Pinky, Prince and Fire.   Pinky had found a sunken mirror and spent most of her time with it admiring herself.  Prince was so happy to be free of the crazy pink girl and her hideous pink aquarium.  He wondered, what ever became of her?


“Come on you stupid brother! Help me get this fish in the boat!!”  The crazy pink girl and her poor brother were struggling with the fishing net.  Since all her fish had mysteriously disappeared she was determined to catch more.  She had perfected her pink changing potion and was eager to try it out.
When the two finally pulled up the fish the girl spoke “Ew!!  He’s an ugly fellow!!  But I can fish that!!”  It was Boss of Doom.  The crazy pink girl soaked him in her pink changing potion. “Much better!!” she smiled proudly and plopped the new fish into a fish bowl to spend the rest of his life.

(I’m skipping Chapter 13 because we all know the number 13 is bad luck!  I’m afraid if I write chapter 13, beings that it’s bad luck something bad may happen to the characters in my story! )

            “Did somebody say dinner?”     came a voice from the dark
            “Neon!!”  Prince shouted gleefully
            “How did you escape?”  asked Fire
            “Escape what?  What are you guys doing in here? In the dark?  There is so many pretty things to look at out there in the main cave, c’mon guys, let me show you some cool stuff I found!”  and Neon turned and began to swim away.
            “NEON!!”  the group shouted
            “What?” he asked
            “Uh, buddy” said Fire “Do you think you can get us out of here?”
            “Sure!”  said Neon happily.  He got the keys and opened the cage.  The group swam out and Sapphire let her parent out as well.
            “Now can we go?  I’m hungry!”  Neon asked impatiently
            “I wonder how he managed to not get caught?” asked Tiggyfish
            “Probably because Neon have multi-pigmented cytoplasmic projections in his dermal cells to promote…”Rox began to explain
            “IN ENGLISH!”  The group yelled at Rox
            “He can change colors and blend in” Rox said simplistically with an eye roll.
            “Ok everyone, we need a plan to defeat the Boss of Doom and Easter Candy” said the King Dolphin as he gathered up the group.
            “And rescue the Reese Cups!” said Tiggershark hopefully.


“Good work, Easter Candy”  came a voice from the glow.  The glow became bigger and an evil looking fish appeared from the shadows.


            “We were tricked!”  shouted Tiggyfish angrily
            “Yes, you were tricked, to be my treat!”  the evil fish laughed.  “For I am the Boss of Doom!”   And at that moment a net fell over the group capturing them.  “Easter Candy!  Take them to the cells!”  Boss of Doom ordered.   Easter Candy pulled the group in the net deeper into the cave.    He threw the group into a jail type cell and left the room.
            “Where are we?” asked Prince
            “I don’t know….” Responded Fire
            “My reese cups!  My reese cups!”  Tiggershark wailed “I was so close this time!”
            ‘My mirror!  My mirror! “ Pinky wailed in unison with Tiggershark.
            “Mom?  Dad?’ Said Sapphire looking into another cell
            “Dolphina!!!!”  the two dolphins said in unison.   “We thought you were dead!”
            “I was captured and turned into a sea horse” Sapphire / Dophina explained. “But my friends helped me return to home and to you!  What happened?  Who is this Boss of Doom?  Where is everyone else?”
            “Dophina, it’s just horrible” frowned Sapphire’s mother.
            “After you disappeared we sent out search teams to find you.” Sapphire’s father explained. “One of the teams even ventured into the deep, but unfortunately met Boss of Doom and Easter Candy.  They offered to help--------but instead they helped themselves!  To everything!  They ate as many of the reef fish as they could and the other dolphins fled.  Your mother and I stayed to protect the treasures and reef as best we could, but Boss of Doom captured us and put us in here.  We’ve been here for so long now, I was beginning to think all was lost, but you have brought us hope!”
            “Hope?? Hope?? HOPE!!”  yelled Fire angrily “What hope is there in this!!  We are in a cage!!  There is a mean fish with big teeth preparing to EAT US!  Where’s your hope??!!”
            “Fire, calm down” said Tiggyfish “I’m sure your brother Rox will figure something out.”
            “oh, you think so?!” said Fire sarcastically “Just look at Rox there in the corner!  He’s sucking his fin and rocking back and forth like a baby fish!”
            “Well, Tiggershark can figure something out!” replied Tiggyfish
            “Ha!” said Fire, “He’s worse than Rox!  He’s in the other corner, fainted again over his loss of those stupid reese cups!”
            Tiggyfish sighed.  “I guess we’re going to be here for awhile”
            “And be dinner” Prince said sadly


            “I can help you”  said Easter Candy.  Tiggershark unfainted and stared hopefully.
            ‘You can? How?” asked Sapphire
            “I have my ways” said Easter Candy mysteriously.  “Follow me!”  and she scootched over the coral, the group following.
After some time had passed Pinky whispered to Prince“Where is she taking us?”
“I don’t know, but I am a little suspicious” Prince replied
“I smell Reese Cups!!  We’re getting close!!”  Tiggershark swam happy circles aroung the gang.
“We’re almost there” said Easter Candy, “we just have to go through this tunnel and the Boss of Doom has the treasure hidden on the other side!”
“REESE CUPS!  CRY NO MORE!  I’M COMING FOR YOU MY LOVES!!” Tiggershark announced loudly and rushed through the tunnel.
“He’s so embarrassing” said Fire with an eye roll.
“C’mon!  Let’s go!”  Tiggyfish said and the group followed Tiggershark and Easter Candy through the tunnel one by one.   When they got through the tunnel they found themselves in a beautiful coral cave.  Gems were sparkling on the walls and treasures were piled high throughout.  Tiggershark was hovering and drooling over one particular orange treasure chest.  “Guess we know where the Reese Cups are!”  Tiggyfish laughed.  Pinky was in her glory, she had found a beautiful silver mirror to admire herself in.
Sapphire swam around, everything looked familiar to her but something was wrong, very wrong. “Where’s my family?” she asked.
“You will see them very soon”  Easter Candy smiled, but her face was no longer sweet, she took on an evil look.  A shiver ran through the group (except Tiggershark who was still drooling over the orange treasure chest, trying to get it open). 
“Let’s get out of here!” Prince hollered and swam back to the tunnel.  But the tunnel was gone!  They were trapped!  And then it went dark.
“Hey! Who turned out the lights?!”  Fire demanded.
At that moment there was a glow at the other end of the cave and an evil laugh.


Sapphire began to fade lighter and lighter then slowly turned a pale grey.  Her shape began to change as well.  She grew bigger and brighter, shape shifting.   A swirl of bubbles picked her up and covered her then as they slipped off a new Sapphire was revealed.
“A  dolphin!!”  Pinky exclaimed.
“Yes” said Sapphire.  “I remember now”
“What?” asked Prince
“I was a beautiful dolphin captured by that crazy pink girl and her brother.   They wanted to shrink me and color me so she could have a pink dolphin in her aquarium but something went wrong and they turned me into a blue sea horse!”  Sapphire explained.
“Look!  Your necklace is no longer blue, its purple and glowing!”  Tiggyfish exclaimed.
“Oh!” said Rox “That’s a rare crystalline confirmation of the common sapphire!”
“What?” asked Fire
            “It’s a purple sapphire” Rox rolled his eyes.
            “And it’s pretty!” said Neon trying to match its color
            “Its rare?” asked Tiggershark.  “Like a treasure?”
            “oh yes” commented Rox “It is extremely rare.  Where did you get it Sapphire?”
            “actually, it’s Princess Dolphina, but you can keep calling me Sapphire.  My family is royalty of this very reef and we keep many treasures here!”
            “Like reese cups??” asked tiggershark, “I can smell them, we have to be very very close!!”  Tiggershark began to drool, tongue hanging below his fins.
            Sapphire laughed. “Yes, I believe we even have a reese cup treasure! But all our treasures have been taken over by an evil fish named “Boss of Doom”  Sapphire’s smile faded into a frown.  “I’m afraid we will never get to any of the treasures, including the reese cups”
            Tiggershark fainted.


I didn’t feel like writing Chapter 8, which was the adventures of the group following the locket through the ocean to the coral reef, so I skipped ahead to Chapter 9, which is when they arrive to the reef.

“Wow!  This reef is beautiful!  Look at all the colors!” said Prince as the group began to explore the reef.
“Lookie at me!!  Lookie at me!!” shouted Neon.  He was swimming around various coral, his color changing to match whatever he was next to.  He was flashing blue, then yellow, then red, and sometimes many colors all at once!
“Hee hee!” grinned Tiggershark “He should be names Rainbow, instead of you!”  He poked Fire in the fin.
“Gee!  Ya think?!” Fire growled sarcastically.
“Look at Sapphire!”  Tiggyfish shouted, “Something’s happening to her! She’s glowing!!”  The group gathered around the blue sea horse who was now glowing as brightly as her sapphire necklace.
“Sapphire!  Are you ok?” asked Rox
“I---I---I don’t know….I feel strange……woozy” Sapphire responded.  Then Sapphire collapsed and didn’t respond to all the shaking and prodding of her friends.
“Oh no! Oh no! Oh no!” cried Pinky.  “What do we do? Rox!  Help her!”
Rox frowned.  “I can’t……..I think….I think……she’s dead!”   And the group began to cry for their dear lost friend.
“What’s all that crazy noise?”  said a voice from the coral.  The group looked and saw a piece of coral move.   A small creature, looking a bit like a cross between a jelly fish and a sea anemone moved towards them.

Prince swam over to the creature.  “Who are you?  What are you?”  He asked. 
“I’m Easter Candy.  I’m a star catcher”  the creature responded “And I can save your friend!”
“How?” asked Rox
“Well, you need to feed me stars and then I will give you a special potion”  Easter Candy responded.
“Stars? You mean starfish?” asked Pinky.
“No, not starfish, STARS”  the creature responded.
“Where are we going to get stars??”  Rox wondered aloud
“Oh! Oh! Oh! I know!”  said Tiggershark excitedly “Fire, hit Neon upside the head!” 
“Gladly” said Fire who whacked Neon with his fin.
“OW!!”  hollared Neon.
“Look!  Stars!”  said Tiggyfish, pointing at a bump growing from Neon’s head.   The group caught the stars and fed them to Easter Candy, then watched and waited.


The group was together and free.   “Sapphire!  Look at your necklace!”  Prince said.  Everyone looked at seahorse’s sapphire’s necklace, it was faintly glowing.  
“Wow! That looks so cool!”  Fire exclaimed.
Rox examined it “Probably radiating  phosfluoresence of miniscule microbes attaching to the crystalline structure…”
“ROX!!!”  the group groaned.
“what?” Rox looked angrily at the group.
“No one can ever understand you, brother” scolded Fire.
“I do”  everyone turned, it was Neon who spoke!  The group didn’t know if they should laugh or humor poor Neon.
“So what does he mean?” Tiggershark asked
“He’s saying that little plankton like stuff is stuck on it making it glow”
Rox about fainted when he responded, “He’s right, that is what I was saying!  How did you know that Neon?”
“I had a cheat sheet written on my fin!” Neon boasted proudly.  He held out his fin for the others to see, there was crayon scribble on it that looked meaningless.  The group just shrugged their fins and went back to the necklace.
“I don’t think that’s it” said Sapphire.  “Its brightness changes depending on which way I move, look…” And sure enough as Sapphire swam around the gems on the necklace would grow brighter or dimmer, depending on her direction.
“Hey! It’s like a beacon!” said Tiggyfish. “I think its trying to guide her in a certain direction!”
“I think you’re right!” Sapphire brightened.  “And when I go the way the necklace glows brightest….I don’t know…..but I get this strange feeling, a happy, familiar feeling!”  Sapphire actually giggled, it was the happiest the group had ever seen her.
“Funny thing” said Tiggershark, “But it also is leading to where I think the Reese Cup Treasure is!”  Tiggershark swam up to Sapphire and sniffed and then licked the necklace.
“Eeewww!!  Tiggershark!!  What you do that for?”  asked Sapphire. 
“Since it is leading us to Reese cups, I thought maybe it was a strange “Blue” reese cup!”  Tiggershark responded hopefully, then frowned “But it isn’t”
            The gang laughed as they followed Sapphire and her glowing necklace out towards the coral reef.


"But Rox!" Pinky protested, "that can't be possible!!"
"With Rox, I think it can," Fire whispered.
"No, just watch me! Come on, Neon! Let's go in the ship!" Rox waved.
"Come on, Neon! Let's go in the ship!" Neon echoed.
"Rox, that's impossible!" Fire called after his brother.
"I told you, a few months ago I was working on a spiral anti-conductive dematerializer simulator and…” Rox began.
"Um...yes, we heard that story," Pinky cut him off, then turned to Fire, "just play along!"
Fire sighed and followed his brother with no choice. They went into the pirate ship, and found Rox was right! There wea a big blue portal with ice around it. Suddenly, all four fish felt something tugging at them. They were pulled into the portal, feeling ice-cold water blast them as they were forced in.
When they opened their eyes, there was water as far as the eye could see. Sunlight made the water ripple, and above them was a great open sky with sea birds flying.
"Fire! Rox! Pinky! Neon!" The others cheered. Prince was happy to see that the rest of his friends made it.
"We're all safe!" Tigger shark swam in circles. "No more evil pink owner!"
"But now I can't see myself in a reflection!" Pinky sighed.
The rest of the group ignored her.
"No more being called Rainbow!" Fire cheered.
Prince smiled and swam in flips. He was free, free!


“I must be going crazy” Fire mumbled to himself.
“This place will do that to you” said Pinky as she swam up beside him.  “what’s wrong?”
“I don’t even know how to explain it to you, I don’t know where to start!”
“Oh.” Pinky frowned and began to swim away.
“Don’t go!”  Fire swam up to her. “I mean, haven’t you noticed anything unusual?”
“hmmmmm” Pinky looked around.  “I see Rox blowing something up in the corner, nothing unusual there, him and his wacky experiements!  I see Neon chasing his tail, he must think it’s a baby guppy…..wonder when he’ll realize there are no baby guppies in this tank??”
“Yeah” Fire smiled “Makes you wonder what he’s been eating all this time thinking it was a baby guppy floating in the water”  Fire laughed.
Pinky groaned “you’re gross” and then she laughed. “So it all looks normal to me, but quiet…..where are the others?”
“in the sunken ship” Fire answered.
Pinky looked inside.  “I don’t see them, there’s no room for all of them anyway.’ Pinky suddenly looked scared “Did the Crazy Pink Girl take them??”
“I don’t think so” Fire answered, concerned.
“Hey guys, where is everyone?”  Rox joined the two others. Rox was a little smudgy looking from  his blasting experiment.  He was still trying to figure out a way out of the tank so the fish could escape.
“Fire said that they all disappeared into the the sunken ship.” Pinky replied.
“IN To?”  Rox questioned. He looked into the ship, then came out with a  crazy grin, swimming backflips and shouting “Wahooooo!!  It worked!  It worked!!  It really really worked!!”
“What are you rambling on about now, Rox?” Fire asked him
“well, a few months ago I was working on a spiral anti-conductive dematerializer simulator and…”Rox began, but Fire cut him off
“IN ENGLISH PLEASE!” Fire demanded
“It looks like my portal to the ocean was a success!” Rox quipped.
“Portal?  To the ocean?”  Fire and Pinky looked at each other in disbelief.


“Neon! How are you feeling?” asked Tiggyfish
“uh….uh……feeling about what?” Neon asked
“See!  He’s all better!” announced Rox and the group laughed.  Neon laughed too, but didn’t know why.   Then he went off looking for baby guppies to eat, obviously back to himself.    “Well, I’m going back to my experiments, see you guys later!” 
“Yeah, I think I’m going back to my spot, see ya!”  Pinky swam off and Fire leaned over to Prince
“Her spot is the corner of the aquarium where she can see herself in 2 reflections so she can admire all sides of herself at once!”  Fire chuckled and Prince smiled.
“I guess I’ll go check on Tiggershark” said Tiggyfish. 
“Me too” said Sapphire
“Can I come?” asked Prince
“Sure” Sapphire answered.
            Fire rolled his eyes.  “yes, let’s go see what the nut job is up too now” and Fire led the way.
            “Is Fire always this mean to Tiggershark?” asked Prince to Sapphire.
            “oh, no!” Sapphire smiled “Fire doesn’t mean to be mean, he’s just a serious kind of guy and a realist”
            “yeah” chimed in Tiggyfish “Fire’s cool.  We all get a little frustrated by my cuz every now and then!”
            The group arrived at the sunken ship.  “Tiggershark!”  called Fire. “You in there? You ok?”   There was no answer. “Tiggershark!”  Fire called again. Still no answer. 
            “Let me try” offered Tiggyfish. “Hey cuz!  You in there?”  Still no answer.  The group became worried.  “You must’ve really hurt his feelings this time, Fire!”  said Tiggyfish.
            “I’m sure he’s fine. Tiggershark’s always fine.” And Fire poked his head into the ship.  “Hey!  He’s not in here?!” 
            “What do you mean?” Asked Sapphire. 
            “He’s---Not----In---There”  repeated Fire “What else could I mean?!”
            “Don’t be silly, he’s got to be in there” Said Tiggyfish who poked her head in.  Then she looked at the gang, with a very puzzled look.  “He’s not in there? Where else could he be?”
            Suddenly a flash of fish came bursting out of the sunken ship and bounced off of Prince (who grunted) and backflipped to the middle of the group.  “Hoo Hoo Hoo HOOOO!  Here I am, did someone call for me??”  smiled Tiggershark.
            “Tiggershark!” fussed Fire  “where were you hiding?!”
            “Hiding??” asked Tiggershark, confused. “I wasn’t hiding!  I was seeking!!  Seeking Reese Cup treasures!!  You getting old and senile there Rainbow?, buddy ole pal?”
            Fire glared at Tiggershark.  “Rainbow!  why you!  I oughta! Ugh!!  You!”  Fire was mad and swam off to cool down.
            “So what’s up guys?” asked Tiggershark.
            “Where were you?” asked Sapphire.
            Tiggershark sighed heavily and rolled his eyes.  “You guys are really slow today aren’t you?!  I was where I always am, out in the big blue searching for Reese Cup treasure.  What’s that crazy pink girl done to all your smarts?”
            “You know about the pink girl?”  questioned Prince
            “Yeah? Of course”  Tiggershark looked confused.  “Who’s the new guy?”  Tiggershark whispered to Tiggyfish.
            “That’s Prince.  He’s new to the tank…er, ocean”  explained Tiggyfish.
            “Ocean?”  Tiggershark questioned. “Tiggyfish?  Did you hit your head?  We’re in a FISH---TANK”
            Tiggyfish and the others shook their heads in disbelief.  “Yeah, we know that, but we didn’t think you knew that?!”
            Tiggershark laughed.  “You must have me confused with Neon!  He’s the dumb one, not me!  Why wouldn’t I know we were in a fish tank?”
            “Because you are always babbling on about the “Big Blue” and treasure chests full of Reese Cups”  Fire said as he returned to the group.
            “Well there is a Reese Cup treasure chest out in the Big Blue and I’m getting really really close!  I’m telling you, I can smell it!  Its behind this big reef near the red coral…..”
            “Now who’s telling stories!”interrupted Fire with a laugh.  The group smiled.
            “I’m not telling stories!  Follow me and see!” and with an angry huff Tiggershark went back into the sunken ship
            “Wow, I’ve never seen Tiggershark mad before” said Tiggyfish.  “Maybe we better follow him?”
            “to where?!” demanded Fire “There’s no room in that silly aquarium decoration for more than one of us!”
            “Well I’m going in to see” said Sapphire and she went in.
            “Me too” said Tiggyfish and she too went into the ship.
            Prince looked at Fire.  Fire looked at Prince.  Prince shrugged his pectoral fins and turned around and entered the ship.
            “They’re all crazy” Fire said.  “they can’t all fit in there.  They must be coming out on the other side.”  Fire swam around to the back of the ship. No one was there.
”Where the heck are they?”  Fire swam around the fish tank.    They were no where to be found.  Only Rox, Pinky and Neon were in the tank with Fire.

***CHAPTER 3***
Tiggershark swam around hurriedly, practically bouncing off one object to the next, like a loaded spring.  The gang tried their best to follow, but found it best to just sort of hover in the center of the tank and watch Tiggershark go.  At one point Tiggershark disappeared into a sunken ship and out came a flash of orange.  “Tiggershark!” the orange fish hollered, “You scared me and woke me up!”  The orange fish had brown stripes, looking much more tiggerish than tiggershark actually did.  
Tiggershark yelled from inside the ship “sorry, Tiggyfish!”
Tiggyfish joined the group in the center of the tank. 
“Another late night?” questioned Fire. 
“yep” replied Tiggyfish, “who’s the new guy?”
“this is Prince” introduced Fire, “Prince, this is Tiggyfish, Tiggershark’s cousin”
“Hello” Prince greeted them.  The gang was startled by a tap on the glass and they all quickly took cover, leaving a confused Prince out in the open.   Rox darted out and pushed Prince into the grasses. “What’s that all about?” asked Prince.
“Trouble!  Watch out” yelled Pink.  A swish sliced through the water.  It was a small net. It sliced back and forth, the fish swam in a panic.  Suddenly, Neon was caught by the net and disappeared into the sky.   The group remained hiding.  “What’s happening?”  Prince whispered to Fire.
“It’s the crazy pink girl.” Fire explained. “She and her pink brother think it is fun to scoop up us fish and plop us into little cups and try to turn us pink with some kind of dye.  She thought she succeeded with Neon, because he can actually change color and he turns pink when he’s scared so she likes to torment him pink!  She also turned Pinky’s fins pinked with some kind of dye that made her so sick she nearly died!  That crazy pink girl is evil!! Pure evil!”
There was a splash and Neon sank to the bottom, sideways, looking half dead.   Rox rushed out to him and pushed him into the grass for cover.   Rox used some special blend of grasses to help revive Neon.  The fish remained  hidden for several hours before they felt it was safe to come out.
“That girl really is evil!” Prince spoke.
“You have no idea……” Sapphire said, not much louder than a whisper.
“I’ve been working on a plan for our escape” Rox explained to Prince, but Fire interrupted:
“yeah, for about 2 years now!  And you still have gotten us no where!” yelled Fire angrily.
“calm down, guys!” admonished Pink.  “the two of you fighting gets us nowhere and it makes my fins droopy!”  She looked at herself in the glass.
Suddenly Tiggershark burst out of the sunken ship.  “I think I’m getting close!”  He shouted excitedly to the group.   “I can almost smell the Reese Cups!”  he was so gleeful he was swimming back flips.   Then he came to a sudden stop as he realized the group was in a down mood.  “What’s wrong?  What did I miss?”  Tiggershark had been in the sunken ship the entire time.
“Tiggershark!  You ding dong!  While you were in that stupid ship hunting your imagined treasure chest of reese cups, we were hiding for our lives!  That crazy girl was at it again and she caught Neon and did who knows what to him!  He’s not even fully revived yet! “  Fire looked back across her dorsal fin towards the grass.  “Rox is working on him, but Neon looks bad”  Fire frowned.
“Oh.” Tiggershark frowned as well.  “But really!  Guys I came really really close this time!”
“Tiggershark!  Your fantasies have to stop!  You crazy guppy!  You think you’re a shark out in the ocean, but you’re not! You’re a guppy in a stupid pink fish tank!” Fire yelled. 
“Oh” said Tiggershark, deflated and he swam away.
“Was that necessary?”  Pinky asked Fire with an angered look.
“Someone has to snap that fish back to reality!” Fire replied.
“Things are not always what they seem to be, Fire” said Sapphire.
“Tiggershark’s harmless, even if he is clueless” chimed in Tiggyfish.
Prince just looked at the group.  “Look!  Neon’s up and swimming!” Prince said as he swam to the grass.  The gang followed.


"Let's look for the Reese Cup treasure!" Tiggershark was swimming in circles.
"For the last time, Tiggershark, we are in a fish tank with no Reese Cup treasure!" Fire gave her a cold stare.
"Reese Cup treasure?" Prince echoed.
"Everyone knows there's a Reese Cup treasure! Don't be a fool!" Tiggershark growled, and her stomach growled too.
"Rainbow, I thought there was a guppy treasure!" Neon then laughed weirdly.
"It's Fire, not Rainbow! Neon, don't you have a guppy to eat?" Fire narrowed his eyes.
"Suuurrre do! See yeh! Huh, huh," Neon swam off.
"Neon is surely weird," Prince remarked.
"You're just now figuring that out?" Pinky swam over. "Neon's surely a moron."
"Come on, everyone! Let's GO!" Tiggershark cheered, and swam off.
"We have to play along," Fire whispered to Prince. Prince nodded, and followed Tiggershark.
"Is it ok if I come?" Pinky asked.
"We could use the help!" Tiggershark called. Pinky tailed along with Fire and Prince.
On the way, they came across a beautiful blue seahorse wearing a sapphire necklace.
"Hi, Sapphire!" Pinky called out.

"Hello, my friends!" Sapphire swam over, then lowered her voice, "helping that Tiggershark look for the 'treasure', are you? Who's this blue guppy with y'all?"
"He's Prince! The newest fish of the pink aquarium," Fire nodded.
"Nice to meet you, Prince," Sapphire smiled. "Can I help you guys with Tiggershark?"
Tiggershark swam back to them. "You want to help, Sapphire? Of course! But I'm not sharing the treasure."
"Thanks," Sapphire nodded, and the group swam along with Tiggershark.
Prince looked around at all the fish, but one caught his eye; it was an odd-looking fish, it was blue and gray with big eyes.

Tiggershark swam over to the odd fish, followed by everyone else. "Hey, Rox! Want to help us look for the great Reese Cup Treasure?"
"I just conducted a fascinating experiment," Rox said, "I found out that my length, in centimeters, is-"
"Shut up, Rox, you're not exciting," Fire glared, then her turned to Prince. "Rox is my brother, and he's the smartest fish in the tank, but he's always informing us on things. Like one time, we were all-"
"Fire! Stop telling so many stories!" Sapphire scolded. "Once you start, you rarely shut up."
"Come on, Rox, please help us!" Tiggershark begged Fire's brother.
"It'll be fun," Pinky added.
"The Reese Cup Treasure is something in Tiggershark's crazed yet big mind, for she believes she's a shark in abig ocean filled with big, yellow fish and scientific rocks," Rox glared.

***CHAPTER ONE*** (thanks GS for getting me started on my next story!)

Once upon a time (as all GREAT stories begin) there was an evil girl who loved pink.  She wanted everything to be pink. She even made her brother wear pink (and a pony tail!) 

Her heart was as cold as glass.  She had a fish names Prince.  She thought he too should be in a pink aquarium.  She decorated her aquarium all in pink and then one night, when Prince was asleep, she moved him into this pink aquarium.   He couldn’t stand pink.  He did not like pink and he did not like his evil girl owner.  “I gotta get out of this place” Prince muttered to himself.

“Who’s there?” came a voice from behind the coral.
“My name is Prince, show yourself!” Prince demanded.

From behind the coral came a small red fish with blue stripes. “My name if Fire” said the small fish proudly.

“No it’s not! It’s Raaaainbowww!”  sang another voice.
Fire became even redder with anger.  He puffed up his fins to look fierce.  “Tiggershark!  Knock it off before I knock you off!”
The voice laughed and a shadow could be seen swimming off.
“Sh-sh-sh ark??” asked a concern Prince
“uh, don’t worry about Tiggershark, he may be a shark, but he only eats Reese Cups.” Explained Fire
“oh! Whew!”  responded Prince.
“besides, he’s crazy.”
“Yeah, crazy, he thinks there is a treasure chest somewhere filled with Reese Cups.  He thinks he’s in an ocean and he keeps searching for this treasure chest.  He’s in denial that he’s a small shark in a pink fish tank!”  laughed Fire.  “C’mon, I’ll introduce you to the others!”
“This is Neon” said Fire “Neon is likes to eat young guppies, but that shouldn’t be a problem for you, since you’re like a teenager guppy!  Neon also isn’t very smart, he makes Tiggershark look like a genius!  Neon, say ‘Hi” to Prince”
“Hi to Prince!”  smiled Neon. 

“And over here” Fire continued “is Pinky.  She’s the lady of the tank!”
Fire leaned over and whispered to Prince , “She’s always admiring herself in the reflection of the glass walls of the tank”.


  1. Does the pink fish tank have anything to do with a certain unnamed story?

  2. @ Trickertreee

    The story is based off a game.

    @ Tiggerkat

    You can get some better pics here:

    Here's a new charecter:
    Boss of Doom
    My bud, ILoveTakoForevea, wants to be Boss of Doom. He's evil.

    1. @bigGoldfish which game? i wanna see it

  3. keep sending the ideas! I will work on it when I can!

  4. I want to be called Fire, but the owner named me Rainbow. I get mad if someone calls me Rainbow. Fire is red with blue stripes and likes to tell stories, sometimes too much...

  5. I wants to be the blue seahorse!
    Name: Sapphire
    The owner called her Pink. PINK. Seriously, how bad of a name is that? She is blue!
    Sapphire is adventurous and hates the color pink. One of her friends is Rainbow and she wears a sapphire on a chain around her neck. She also like reese cups (provided they are colored blue first)! She is also very smart and reams of getting out of the tank and to the Great Barrier Reef in Australia. (She is a dolphin under the curse of Pink, but no one except her knows that!)

  6. Can I be that guppy with a blue tail, the second fish?
    Name: Rox
    Rox is a guppy and is always swimming back and forth, thinking. Despite his dumb looks, he's the smartest, and is Fire's brother.

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    @Tako---hahahahhahahahaha!!!!! funny!

  9. I am Boss of doom.


  10. I'm Easter Candy! Remember to go to my sister's blog and put the pics up!

  11. can be in it too cuz?
    color:orange and black of course!

  12. Ooh I have an idea but you don't have to put it in. What if the curse of Pink on Sapphire gets broken when she reaches the ocean...?

  13. @Piplup-------you must be reading my mind!!!! quick! tell me!! what am I thinking right now???!!!!

  14. I'm writing this on meh ipad on the way to the dentist, I cannot read minds on the way to or in the dentist's office...

  15. I can understand that, the dentist messes with my special powers too!! Can you believe how evil dentists are?? Blocking you from mind reading and telling me too many Reese cups are bad for my teeth??!! Pure Evil!

    1. @Tiggerkat- dentists aren't evil the try to take care of your teeth and plus too many reese cups are bad for ur teeth

  16. @Goldfish and Loveless---tell me more about Easter Candy, her part is coming up!! She's a part of the reef. If you don't clarify I'm making her a sea anemome that is cute and helpful to the group.

  17. Story Idea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    BG let me chance some things about some animal's profiles.

    Easter Candy's New Profile

    She may look cute, but she's evil! She is Boss of Doom's best friend, one time Easter Candy almost killed a shark!


    Boss of Doom is pure evil and he will kill anything! (exept his evil friends) He had killed Neon's sister, Rainbow! Boss of Doom is a sea animal called a Ultravore.

  18. this story seems to be taking an ugly turn!

    1. I like bad people in stories and BG let me do it. If you don't belive me, ask BG.

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