Sunday, July 15, 2012

The 2012 Summer Olympics Tryouts

So we went to Belmopan Today

(That's the Capital of Belize)

To Attend the Olympic Tryouts!

Mum won't let me Tryout

She said I'm too young

I know she just would miss me too much if I were gone to England for 3 weeks!

But it is fun to watch the Tryouts here!

First we practice lighting the Olympic Torch

Then We Went to see the Archery Team Practice

Hmm.......He's pretty Steady,

but my eye is on this New Guy!

Peanut Butter wanted to watch the Belizean Fooball Team Practice

I liked watching the Swim Team Practice Their Diving

This is Kit Kat's Favorite swimmer

We also have a rowing Team

Cup wanted to See the Belizean Weight Lifters

He's routing for this guy!

My favorite group are the pole vaulters!!

Although I don't know why they need a pole to bounce so high!

Well, I think we will have a tough Team to Beat!!



  1. I'm gonna beat kitkat for tigger kat!

  2. XD, But I also want the real Olympics (No on your blog but in real >:3) XDD. Gymnastics 83....I love your blog! ;D. I want real Olympics, AND Animal Olympics ;DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD


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