Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy New Follower Day!!

Welcome to my newest Follower:  Scar the Lion!!!

He has a blog call  Ezylrb's Library but it is a private blog, you have to be invited to see it....
which makes me just   DYING OF CURIOSITY!!!!!!!!!!

I HAVE TO KNOW what that blog is like!!!!!!!!!

*deep breath*calms down*

Anyway,  He is also an Author on Trooper26's blog:  Animal Jam Candy

So let's give a Big Reese Cup Welcome to my newest follower:  Scar the Lion!!

Wait! Since it is 4th of July----Reese Cup Fireworks!!!

*the crowd goes wild!*

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  1. X3 thanks! my blog is a story blog, and random stuff... though I don't post on it much since I became an author on Trooper's blog XD


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