Monday, July 9, 2012

Trampoline Time!!

The other Day Ejaecourts was bouncing on a Trampoline, it sounded like alot of FUN!

But Ejaecourts did a couple of Face Plants so I wasn't sure about how Safe it would be

SO I sent Reese on First to make sure it would be safe.....

He had A LOT of FUN!

Then Peanut Butter Tried it out

He LOVED it!!

Even Cup had a good time on it!!

(but then Cup is my Daring One!!)

Then Reese Puff got on it! 

He has got a LOT of Bounce!!

(I think he must be half Tigger with those big bounces!!)

Well, none of them got hurt, so it seemed safe enough.

So I climbed in and gave it my Biggest Bounce!!


I went flying, flying, flying!

Thank Goodness this Tree Broke My Fall.....


*I forgot today was Monday....Sigh....*


  1. LOL, my cousins, brother and I were JUST talking about trampolines when this post appeared on my dashboard. :P


  2. WHAT?? you now Ejaecourts? Shes my good friend!

    1. actually, I just know her as a follower, I don't know her in real---would be cool if I did!!

  3. hmm...*gules pillow to the ground*

  4. grabs trampoline i have good luck because i found a clover flavored skittle! wait what!? blech spits out

    1. lol!! guess that wasn't too lucky! sounds like you have bad mondays too!!

  5. Hmm you may be right...


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