The Quest for the Reese Cup Treasure! (aka: The Rescue of Tiggerpaka)


Back at headquarters, Tiggerpaka marched around inspecting his offices and minions.   He found many minions to be in contempt of his orders as they did not carry on TFEOBB during his absence as he instructed. 

He ordered his minions to go out and complete their drills in triple time to give him time to ponder their punishment.  But he had Nutello stay behind for debriefing. 

 “Nutello, I am afraid it is the end of an era.   Time to dismantle headquarters,  I need to figure out how to break the news to the minions.”

“What do you mean, Sir?”  Nutello asked

“Well, with Pokemon and Tireblade  thoroughly defeated, we have no enemies to conquer.  I wonder if it is time to retire.”  Tiggerpaka looked sadly at his super computers.

“What do you mean, Sir?”  Nutello was confused.  “You have tons of enemies!   Everyone hates you.”

Tiggerpaka whipped around and glared at Nutello.   “I, I, I mean,”Nutello stammered.

Tiggerpaka raised one glared eyebrow at Nutello, “Yes?”

“Uh, I, uh…..the pirates!”  Her body relaxed as she went on, “The pirates that kidnapped you!   Wouldn’t they be suitable enemies for you to obsess----I mean, focus on?”

“Hmmmmmm”  Tiggerpaka stroked his chin thoughtfully.  “There was one.”  Tiggerpaka explained.     “As I was on that ship I was hypnotized by a dastardly dog named Scoobeedoo.   She had a powerful weapon---greater than any we have ever devised---she had----hypno goggles.   And while I was under her control I am sure she learned all of my secrets,  so she would know what a formidable enemy I would be!   Which would explain her eagerness to flee the wedding….”  Tiggerpaka’s thoughts drifted off to that day, and he smiled fondly and sighed, then whispered a soft, “meow.”

“Yeah, what a horrible day!  You were definitely under the effects of  that evil Scoobeedoo’s hypno-goggles!  Why else would you leave Helga for a  squirrel!”  Nutello punched her fist into her paw.  “Yes, definitely worthy of replacing Pokemon and Tireblade on your number 2 list!!”

“I wasn’t under hypnosis then, you moron!”  Tiggerpaka argued.  “Scoobeedoo hypnotized me to write that stupid letter demanding to be rescued!   She wanted to get rid of me, jealous of the attention the Captain was giving me!   I was their pampered guest.   That old crow loved me!  Best vacation ever!”   Tiggerpaka sighed recalling the events of the summer.

“Wait a minute!  You didn’t want to be rescued?”  Nutello said in dis-belief.

“Rescue?  From what?  A pirate themed cruise?  Beautiful squirrels?”  Tiggerpaka was pacing circles, arms flying as he talked.  “I was the happiest I had ever been….except it was cold.  I didn’t like that.”  Tiggerpaka stopped pacing.  “Put that island on my number 2 list as well!”

“What about Helga?”  Nutello asked.

“I don’t think she should be on the number 2 list, Nutello”  Tiggerpaka said very seriously.  “She is after all the mother of my kits!”

Nutello face pawed.  “No, that’s not what I meant.  How could you be on that island about to marry that squirrel when you are married to Helga?!”

Tiggerpaka froze in his tracks and shuddered.  Then relaxed and said, “All part of my master plan, a, uh, a ruse, yes, that’s it, it was all a ruse.”

“But that makes no sense,” Nutello said.

“Oh ye of little brain” Tiggerpaka said as he walked out of HQ, turning out the lights on Nutello, “Making no sense IS my master plan.”

Chapter 27

As the balloon began to lift off, Helga rushed and leaped.  She grabbed the side of the basket and back flipped ninja style into the basket landing in between Pokemon and Tireblade.      The basket began bouncing wildly in the air, hovering about three feet off the grounds.   All kinds of noises could be heard----screams and beggings for mercy.  Pokemon tried to escape, blood streaking his face, horror in his eyes as tiny meerkat paws yoked him back in. 

Captain Jack looked at Tiggerpaka.   “Shouldn’t you be helpin’ the old gal, there Tiggerpaka?   After all, it seems that she is your beloved wife.”

Tiggerpaka could not take his eyes off the basket of the hot air balloon.  “I never thought I would see the day, “Tiggerpaka was barely more than a whisper, “That I felt sorry for Tireblade and Pokemon.”


“Captain!”  Jacquelyn nudged the large sparrow.  “Look up there!”  She pointed to a sled pulled by reindeer, that appeared to be falling from the sky.  “It’s the flying ship!   The Red Pirate is here!”

“Well I’ll be scally-wagged!”  Captain Jack sputtered. “It worked!  My Plan worked!”
He turned to his crew, “Ladies!  To battle stations!  The Red Pirate has arrived!”

 Crystal and Jacquelyn looked at each other.  “Uh, Captain?”

“Yes me pets?”  Captain Jack couldn’t take his eyes off the plummeting sled.

“Mal is sleeping in a fetal position at the alter, Astra is gone, takin’ the Hurl, Koobedoo and his hypno-goggles.”

Captain Jack snapped back to reality.  “Drat!  My plans be foiled!”   At that, Captain Jack flapped his wings and took to the air, “Me ladies!”  He hollered to the crew, “Take the rest of the day off!”  Then he added, “Without pay, of course!”

Jacqelyn and Crystal exchanged glances of disgust and anger.  “Me thinks Astra had the right idea!”  Jacquelyn muttered.

“Perhaps it not be too late to catch up with her,” Crystal said. “C’mon, help me get Mal outta here.   I think I knows where the Black Hurl be headed!”


As he beach cleared of pirates, the Island guests looked around at the confusion.  “So much for this wedding!”  Charlie pouted in a soft raspy voice.  “Guess I’ll just go home and go to bed and start dreaming about the next wedding.”

“I haven’t any dreams left to dream,” Dolly cried.

“Hey, what’s that?”  The cowboy pointed to the sky.

“It’s Santa!  It’s Santa!”  Charlie began jumping up and down.

The sled landed gently on a nearby frost covered dune.  Motion sick anthro’s  crawled out of the sled,  throwing  up from the turbulent ride.  The elves hopped out wondering what their problem was, as to them that was a normal, smooth landing.   Charlie, Dolly and the Cowboy rushed over to joyfully great the elves and Santa.   “Who are all these people?”  Charlie asked.

Hermey tried to explain  “We are looking for ---Tiggerpaka!!”    The meerkat had leaped onto Hermeys head, frantic.

“You gotta get me outta here!  Now!  Now!  NOWW---TELLO???”  Tiggerpaka perched on Hermey’s head watching Nutello wretch.  “What are you doing here?  Huntress?  Tiggerkat?  Cookie?”

“Mimi!”  Mimi responded, “Not Cookie!”

“Yeah, yeah, whatever.”  Tiggerpaka jumped off of Hermey’s head and stood straight and tall, attempting to take command over his minions.

Nutello wiped her face and looked at Tiggerpaka with relief and disbelief.   She rushed over and scooped him up into a bear hug.   “You’re alive!” 

“Not for long you oaf!  Put me down!”  Tiggerpaka could barely breath.  Nutello set him down then saluted and remained at attention.

“Nutello reporting to duty, Sir!”

But just that quick, Tiggerpaka had disappeared.   Dazzle started squeeking from inside the sled.  “Pipe down you rat!”  Tiggerpaka hissed.   “Santa!  Quick!  Get this thing moving!”

Everyone looked at Santa, to see his reaction to Tiggerpaka’s orders.  But Santa wasn’t reacting.   He was watching the basket of the hot air balloon.   The basket was bouncing and screeching and sounds of pain came from it.   The suddenly, it went dead still and silent.

Everyone watched as Helga stepped daintily from the balloon.  As she stepped to the ground, she gingerly brushed some dust off of herself, then delicately  picked up her parasol.    Helga used the tip of her parasol to push at the basket and the hot air balloon lifted and drifted higher and higher, disappearing in the sky.

Helga batted her eye lashes at Tiggerpaka who was staring in disbelief from the sled.  “Ah, my sweet Paka, always so thoughtful and romantic!   I see you have arranged for a beautiful carriage to take us home!”  She climbed in the sled and put her arms lovingly around Tiggerpaka.

Chapter 26

In a fury, Tiggerpaka rushed over to a funny looking boy with big round glasses and a roughed up black jaguar and leaped onto them.  They were like a bouncing dust ball of fur and fury rolling all over the beach.   “Captain?  What should we do?!” Jacqueline’s eyes were wide with excitement.  

Before Captain Jack could respond Helga marched over to the tussling ball and began beating incessantly with her parasol.   The ball fell into a heap of meerkat,  boy and jaguar.  Helga reached in and yoked Tiggerpaka by the ear.    She kept pulling his ear, yoking him away from Pokemon and Tireblade.   “Paka!  What has gotten in to you?!  You leave these nice young boys alone!”  

As she yoked Tiggerpaka into an upright stance and began brushing dirt and sand off of him.  He glared at his mortal enemies and they snickered and stuck their tongues out at him.   “Enough of this foolishness!  It is time to go home!”  Helga looked over at Pokemon and Tireblade, “Boys, prepare the balloon for our travels home, please.”

Pokemon spoke up as he and Tireblade scurried to the Balloon.   “Ha!  You’re on your own you old wind bag!”


“We are coming up on the Island now.”  Santa hollered to the group as the wind was rushing around him, making it difficult to be heard.  “We are going to begin our descent, so please fasten your seat belts!” 

“Seatbelts?”  Tiggerkat said curiously.  “What seatbel----“

The sled turned so sharply that everyone fell, tumbling against the side of the sled.   They sled began to spiral downward through the clouds towards land below.   The turning was so fast that the forces held everyone in.    As they got closer to the ground they could see that they were approaching a beach.   And below they could see several people—I mean anthro’s,---- gathered at what looked like a wedding ceremony gone awry.


Tiggerpaka froze in fear.  He had never been so afraid in his life.  No one, and I mean NO ONE talks to Helga like that.    Helga’s eyes narrowed as Pokemon and Tireblade ran, laughing and giving each other fist bumps of congratulations, back towards the hot air balloon.  As they jumped into the basket, a wisp of steam escaped Helga’s nostrils.   As they pulled in the weights that anchored the balloon, one of Helga’s feet scraped the ground like a bull about to charge.


“Ow!”  Mimi dropped her ruby.

“Bumpy ride!”  Avvy said, clutching Huntress for dear life.

“No—not that” Mimi looked confused. “My ruby---its glowing red hot.  It has never burned like that before!”   

“What does that mean?”  Nutello asked, holding Dazzle with one hand and holding the side of the sled with the other.

“I’m not sure, but something horrible is about to happen!”  Mimi said as she looked Nutello in the eye.  “I think someone is about to die!”

Chapter 25

“Paka, dear!” A plump and cheery meerkat climbed out of the balloon’s basket, hold a lacy pink parasol over her head.  “You are late for dinner!”  She frowned slightly and looked down at her watch.  “8 weeks late to be exact.”

Tiggerpaka rushed to her side.  “My Sweets!  Thank goodness you got here!  I was held captive by these pirates!  It was terrible! They tortured me!” 

Helga giggled, “Oh Paka, such imagination you and your little friends have!”

Captain Jack, Jacqueline and Crystal were trying to take it all in.  “What’s going on?”  Crystal asked. 

“More guests for the wedding, Tiggerpaka?” Captain Jack called, trying to regain control.

“Wedding?” Helga said.  “Oh, I love weddings!  Who is getting married?”

Tiggerpaka tried to command himself invisible as Captain Jack said, “Why Tiggerpaka is of course!”


The Ruby in Mimi’s paw glowed more intensely.  “We have to hurry!”  Mimi pleaded.  “It doesn’t look good!  I think if we don’t get there soon----he’s going to die!”

Nutello let out a gasp, then fainted.  


A flicker of red flashed through Helga’s eyes.  But Captain Jack continued.  “Won’t you join us?  And your friends as well?”  That is when Tiggerpaka noticed Helga was not alone.  

Pokemon!  Tireblade!”  Tiggerpaka hissed.


When Nutello came to, she found herself in a sled---Santa’s sled---flying high in the sky being pulled by reindeer. 

“WHHhhhhheeeeeeeeee!!”  Tiggerkat yelled cheerfully.    Nutello turned over to Huntress, “Where are we?   Where are we going?”

“WHHhhhhhhhheeeeeeee!!”   Tiggerkat continued.

“And how long has she been doing that?!”  Nutello gestured at Tiggerkat.

Huntress replied, “We are over the North Pole.   We are headed to the Island of Misfit Toys.   And for about 10 minutes now.”

Chapter 24:

Chaos began to ensue as elves began denying they were pirates, as accused by Tater.  Some were beginning to look at each other suspiciously, Santa was losing his patience.

“Oh no!”  Mimi said, bringing everyone’s attention to her.  She was holding her ruby, it was glowing.  “Something is wrong, Tiggerpaka is not happy----he’s scared----terrified, actually!”


“Helga!”  Tiggerpaka exclaimed as he hopped down from the stool and rushed to the balloon.   “Helga my sweet!!”  Tiggerpaka blushed and laughed awkwardly.  “I-uh-I can explain!”


“Santa!”  Nutello pleaded.  “We have to find Tiggerpaka and save him!”

“Fine, Hermey!  Fire up the locator beam!”  Santa ordered.  Heremy ran from the room.
“And now for you and this pirate nonsense!”  Santa turned to Tater.

Tater eye rolled.   She began to point to specific elves stating them to be pirates.  It was about 15 of them, and they began to look around nervously.   That made Santa suspicious, so he whistled loudly.      Suddenly a security force rushed into the room.  They were abdominal snowmen in uniforms.  They rounded up the elves for interrogation.    But before they could even ask the first question Avvy ran over and began to eye them up and down.   She finally settled on one particular elf.   She walked up to him and tweaked his neck in such a way he was paralyzed, but still able to speak.

“Spill it!” Avvy demanded.   A bead of sweat rolled down the paralyzed elf.  Then he whimpered and whispered, “Aye. It be true.”

A gasp could be heard throughout the room.   Avvy released them and the security removed them from the room.  Santa smiled broadly.  “Well, well!  Put Avvy back on the Nice List!”  and an elf quickly complied.   “And Tater too.”  

Tater growled.  “I don’t want to be on the Nice List!  I just want to fight pirates!”

“He may still have a chance, “ Heremy spoke as he re-entered the room holding a report. 
“I’ve found Tiggerpaka---he’s nearby---and being held by Captain Jack.”

Chapter 23

“I know he sometimes is not nice,” Nutello said softly, wanting to defend her boss.

“Sometimes!!!”  Santa was truly shocked.  “Sometimes?”  Santa face palmed.  “Hermey, bring us the book for Tiggerpaka.   Hermey left the room, then came back with a wagon.   In the wagon was the biggest book anyone had ever seen.   Skittles got excited, hoping it was a dictionary, or maybe even a text book.    But then she saw the cover, which said, “Tiggerpaka”.

“Open to any random page,” Santa challenged.

Nutello opened the book, it took all her strength just to get to the middle.   Santa leaned over.  “Yes, the episode where Tiggerpaka kidnapped Tiggerkat.”   Tiggerkat shuttered in memory of the event.    “Now turn to another spot.”

Nutello turned several handfuls of pages.  Santa leaned in again, “And this is the episode where he broke into Little Billy’s house---thinking he was at some fictional pokemon’s HQ.”  Nutello blushed, because she had been there with him.  

“There has to be one nice thing in here.” Nutello insisted. 

“IF you can find it------“  Santa was cut off as a huge commotion came in through the front doors.   Everyone turned to see a group of about 20 elves dragging a large net, inside which was----Tater!

“Now what?”  Santa asked the elves. 

“This one tried to kill us!”   said one elf.

“She kept calling us pirates!”  said a second elf.

“You are a bunch of gnarly pirates!”  Tater bellowed. 

“Release her!”  Santa ordered.  As the wolf struggled free of the net, Santa sighed.  “Tater, it’s you.”    Tater’s eyes narrowed.   Santa turned to the group, “She is number 2 on my naughty list.” He explained.

“You may want to re-think that!”  Tater challenged Santa. 

“Excuse me?”  Santa’s eyes narrowed.

“Your elves have been compromised,” Tater scanned the room, “By Pirates!”


“That has to be the easiest mutiny ever!”  Astra laughed as Koobeedo pulled anchor and she took the wheel.   A wind puffed out the sails of the ship and they headed out of the cove.  “The Black Hurl, she be all mine now!”


Captain Jack  spoke, “I hear by pronounce ye, man and wi-----me ship!!  ME HURL!” Captain Jack began to run down the aisle.   Jacqueline and Crystal blocked his run, and restrained him.   Jacqueline whispered into his ear, “Calm ye Captain, we shall get the Black Hurl later, finish the ceremony!”

Crystal emphasized, “We be so close to settin’ the trap fer the Red Pirate!  Legend sez he can’t resist misfits and what be a greater misfit than these two married!”

Captain Jack broke free but stood in place, watching his ship shrinking on the horizon.  He sighed, “I knew all along they be plannin’ a mutiny.  Now they be fallin for me other trap.”  Crystal and Jacqueline looked at each other, not sure if he was serious or just trying to save face.

“Let’s finish up!”  Captain Jack returned to the couple about to be wed.  The remaining guests were unsure of everything they had seen, and were now looking at what appeared to be a hot air balloon approaching from the sky.

“I know pronounce yee, Man and Wife!”  Captain Jack said with a flurish.  He leaned over to Tiggerpaka and said, “Yee may kiss da bride!”

As Tiggerpaka raised on this tip toes a deep, deep chill went through his spine as he heard, “Yooooo Hoooooo!!!”

Chapter 22;

“S-s-s-santa!”  Tiggerkat said, chocolate and peanut butter smeared all over her hands and face.  She looked at the mess she had made, then her hands and quickly hid them behind her back.   She tried to scoot in front of her pile of reese cups and wrapper.

“Tiggerkat!”  Santa said and then he looked at each and every one of the others, “Avvy, Quinn, Mimi, Huntress and Skittles….you are being very naughty right now, you know.”  And elf was busily erasing several items off of one paper list and writing several items on a second list as Santa spoke.

The group hung their head in shame.  Dazzle continued to eat her cheese.  Since she technically was a pet, she was off the hook!

“And you Nutello.” Santa continued. “You seem to be the only nice one here.”  Then the elf was erasing one thing off the second list and wrote one thing on the first.  

“What do you want us to do with their presents?”  Hermey asked.
Santa sighed.  “We will have to see how well behaved they are until Christmas, but  for now, gather up what you can and take them back to the work room.”  Hermey and other elves did as directed, but left Dazzle with her cheese, because, again, she is technically a pet.   Dazzle grinned then stuck her tongue out of the group as their gifts were taken from them.  Then she ate another chunk of cheese.

“Nutello.”  Santa began, “Now that you are on the Nice List, what would you like for Christmas?”

Nutello had tears welling up in her eyes.  “Just one thing, sir.” Her voice was barely more than a whisper.  “To bring Tiggerpaka home.”

At the sound of his name, Santa’s eyes grew wide then narrowed and his face turned red.  “Tiggerpaka?!   Tiggerpaka!!  Do you realize he is at the TOP of my naughty list?”


Captain Jack continued the ceremony.   But sounding a bit subdued, almost monotone.  The audience stared blankly.   Except for Astra and Koobeedo.  “What we be doin’ next, Astra?”  the dog asked in a whisper.

“Me thinks it be time to head back to the ship.”  Astra whispered.

Koobeedo continued, “What about the rat?  You said you wanted to see him free.  Should I go snatch him?”

Astra smiled and whispered.  “He will be free soon enough,”  she looked up into the sky at a tiny dot  that was slowly growing as it was coming closer.  “I think he be rescued very soon in fact.”   And with that the two slipped off the shoreline and returned to the ship.

Chapter 21

“You forgot the ring?!?” Captain Jack was shaking in anger.

Jacqueline quivered in fear.   The Captain was angrily and rapidly approaching her, a wing raised for a strike. 

“Here it is!  Here it is!”  a pirate dog with funny looing goggles atop his head came running up to Captain Jack.  He presented a twisted loop of wire to the Captain.

“What in blue blazes is this piece of junk!” Captain Jack roared.

The dog nodded his head causing his goggles to fall over his eyes.  “It be a perfectly good ring, Captain.”  The dog said calmly.   Then the dog looked through his goggles at the entire group, “A beautiful ring to boot!”   and the crowd obediently oohed and ahhhed.

Captain Jack seemed confused, but calmed and took the wire loop back to the front of the service.   The dog joined the group, sitting next to Astra, who was wearing unusual green sun glasses.   Astra leaned over to the dog, “Good job Koobedoo,” she smiled and continued to whisper, “I see you got yer hypno-goggles fixed up!”

Kobeedo smiled,  tail wagging at the praise.  “Yep, it be fixed up just in time to carry out yer plan fer de ole’ cap’n!”


The bus drove through Christmastown.  The group looked at all the small houses (which were still too big for Avvy, Quinn teased her tiny friend) and in the distance they could  see a factory where all the toys were made.  Near the factory was a beautiful castle, decorated like Christmas time with beautiful Christmas trees, red and green lights, candy canes and other fantastic things.    

As the bus approached the group was speechless at its grandeur.   The bus stopped at the massive front door that was flanked with two elves.  Hermey got off the bus and spoke with them.  Then as the group unloaded from the bus, the elves blew long trumpets and the doors slowly opened before them.

A warm glow and the smells of every tasty thing you could imagine wafted through those open doors.    The group about knocked all the elves over trying to get inside.  It was so colorful and brightly lit.  Glowing Christmas trees and brightly covered packages with beautiful ribbons could be seen all over. 

“Is it Christmas already?”  Quinn said as she turned circles to take it all in.

“Maybe we time traveled on that boat.”  Avvy speculated.

Hermey laughed, “No, it’s still September.   We just have so many gifts to deliver that it is an all year job!”

“Lookie here!!  Lookie here!”  Tiggerkat was under a huge tree that stood beneath a sign that said “Belize”.   She was tearing open the orange wrapping paper to expose a giant box of Reese Cups.  “You were right Nutello!   There is a Reese Cup Treasure!!”

Nutello groaned, but everyone else ran over to find their gifts.    Everyone found their package and began to tear them open.   

Avvy found her gift to be a candy making machine. “It’s portable!  Now I can make candy anywhere!”  she hugged it gleefully.

Quinn was admiring her new fishing pole and Skittles was already reading the new set of encyclopedias.   Nutello walked past Mimi and Huntress as they admired each other’s gifts.  Nutello was getting angrier by the minute, then she found Dazzle----she was sitting on a huge block of cheese, leaned back and munching on a chunk in her paw.  

That was the last straw for Nutello.   She began to yell, “WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE!?!   WE ARE ON A MISSION!  IT IS NOT CHRISTMAS TIME!” She continued to rant, creating a scene.   All the elves stopped what they were doing and were staring at her.   They were no longer smiling.   Even the music came to a halt.

But Nutello was stopped when she heard a booming voice, “WHAT IS THE MEANING OF ALL THIS?”   The group turned to find Santa Claus, standing next to them, hands on hips---and he did NOT look jolly.

Chapter 20

Chaos ensued aboard the tiny boat stuck on the ice at the North Pole.  Nutello was in the face of Tiggerkat screaming, but Tiggerkat simply looked bored as she munched on some reeses pieces.    Skittles and Huntress were trying to calm Nutello down.   Avvy, Mimi and Quinn were making wagers as to the outcome of the pending fight.   Tater smirked and continued to sharpen arrow after arrow.   Just as things seemed to reach a fevered pitch, the group was startled by a crashing sound.  They turned to see the plankway was lowered onto the ice and a small grey and white rat was disembarking the ship.  She scurried along the ice towards the shoreline where a crowd of elves had gathered.

“I think Dazzle has the right idea, let’s get off this ship!”   Quinn motioned to Avvy and Mimi who trotted along with her down the plankway.   Skittles and Huntress  joined them followed by a bouncy Tiggerkat.  Nutello sighed and said, “Come on Tater, guess we can at least get to shore and see if the elves can be of any help.”

“Nah.” Tater replied. “I smelled pirates, I’m staying here in case they shows”

“Suit yourself” Nutello responded as she left the ship.


“Beloved, we be gathered here today,” Captain Jack began, “To be witness to the union of Tiggerpaka and Mal”  Tiggerpaka grinned, looking lovingly into the brides eyes---which were glazed over and still under the effects of the medication that had been slipped into her drink.

“Mal, do yee take Tiggerpaka, no matter how annoyin’ he be, to be yer husband?”  Captain Jack waited for a reply.  He leaned in to look closer at her, then smiled, “Well, I be takin’ that fer a yes.”

Then he turned to the meerkat  “Tiggerpaka, do you take Mal, to be yer wife, no matter how bossy, or fat or mangy she may get?”  Tiggerpaka smiled, “I do”

“The ring please”   Captain Jack said, looking around.  “Who be havin’ the ring?”  Everyone looked around, but no one stepped forward to say they had it.  “Jackie!” Captain Jack shouted.  Jacqueline had fallen asleep and snapped to attention.

“Yes Cap’n?!”  She said, eyes red with sleep.

“The rings, lassie, where be the rings?”  Captain Jack asked.

Jacqueline patted herself all over, the crowd began to murmur amongst themselves.
“Uh….I think it be back on the ship, sir.”


As the crew reached the beach, the elves had gathered around.  The lead elf had blond hair with a large curl in the front.  “Greetings, friends!  I am Hermey, Welcome the North Pole!”  The crowd of elves starting shouting their greetings as well and it became quite noisy with all the squeaky little voices.   

“You look cold” Hermey noticed.  “We have to get you warmed up!”  The elves swarmed the crew, covering them with warm blankets and leading them up from the shoreline to an elf bus waiting nearby.    As they got on the bus Hermey handed out hot coco and he said, “Sugar free!  Because we want to keep your teeth healthy and strong!”

“Do you have reese cup flavored coco?” Tiggerkat asked hopefully. 

“Of course, Tiggerkat!” an elf smiled and handed one to her.  “And we have a nutella hazelnut flavored one for you, Nutello, and cheese flavored for Dazzle!”

The elves knew everyone’s name and their favorite flavors.  Candy sweet flavored for Avvy and Quinn, and blueberry coco for Mimi.  The elf that gave one to Huntress, kept calling her “Carrot” and she addressed Skittles as “Akili” and the crew learned that was their real names.

The bus was a bit small for the crew (except Avvy) but the warmth filled them and everyone was happy as they headed into Christmas town.

“Wait!  What about Tater?” Quinn asked. 

“I don’t think Tater would like to come into Christmastown.” Hermey explained.  “She, uh, she is usually on the naughty list, so I don’t think the big guy would approve.”

“The big guy?” Avvy asked

“Santa!” Tiggerkat bounced in her seat.  “We get to see Santa!  He has all the best reese cups!!”

Hermey smiled.  “Tater will be fine.” He assured Quinn.  “I have a special crew of elves going out to her as we speak!”


“Aha!  There be you gnarly pirates!”  Tater drew her bow and began shooting arrows at a group of elves that were approaching the ship by ice.

Chapter 19

“Don’t worry, Nutello” Mimi put her arm around Nutello’s shoulder.  In her hand she held her ruby, which was glowing warmly.  “My ruby tells me Tiggerpaka is alive and well…..and happy?”  Mimi looked at the ruby closer, rubbed it with a paw and then held it up to look even closer. “Yes, he’s happy.”

“Happy?  How can he be happy?!! He’s  still lost, probably still being held captive, maybe being tortured!” Nutello looked grieved.  “How can he be happy without HQ?  Without….me?”

“Tell us about these pirates,” Tater interrupted, as she sharpened the blade of an arrow.

“They be a funny sort of pirate.  There be many, but they be small.”  Huntress began.

“Small like me?” Asked Avvy.

“Uh, no.  Not that small.”  Huntress said, then held up a paw about 3 feet off the ground, “Small like this.”

“What did they look like?”  Skittles asked.

“They were strangely dressed.  All in green.  With pointy shoes, pointy hats and pointy ears.”  Huntress said.

“Pointy ears?  All in green?  And its super cold?”  Nutello suddenly realized where they were.  “Elves!   TIGGERKAT!!  You buffoon!!   You brought us to the NORTH POLE !!!”


“Mr. Tiggerpaka, sir”  Captain Jack knocked on a cabin door. “Be you dressed and ready to go?”

The door slammed open, hitting the Captain in the beak.  “Beautiful day, my good Captain!  Beautiful day.”  Captain Jack rubbed his soar beak and glared at the meerkat who was oblivious.  Tiggerpaka was dressed in a tux and as he passed the captain he tugged at his cuff links, then snapped his fingers at Captain Jack and said, “Let’s not keep the bride awaitin’!  Hurry along!  And don’t forget the rings!”

As Captain Jack fell in step behind Tiggerpaka, he gave a signal to his first mate.  Jacquelin nodded and rushed ahead to lower the plankway which she had covered with a red velvet runner.   She fell in step with Captain Jack behind Tiggerpaka and the three walked down the plankway to the beach.  

There was a chill in the air, but otherwise a lovely day.   A gazebo had been erected with white streamers, paper wedding bells and colorful balloons bobbing gently in the light breeze.    The crew was seated on rocks or logs covered in white cloths that were lined up as pews in a chapel.   Under the gazebo was a lovely red flying squirrel, in a beautiful wedding dress.   The train of her dress concealed the leg chains that bound her and the bouquet covered the cuffs on her hands.  A scrutinizing eye could see that she was slightly,   uh,  medicated.   Her eyes were droopy and a bit of drool had gathered at the corner of her mouth.

“Ah, there you are my lovely Meow!” Tiggerpaka smiled with all the charm he could possibly muster.  “You are a stunning vision, my sweet!”  He hopped onto a stool pulled next to the red squirrel so that he could take her hand.  Even on the stool he wasn’t even shoulder high to Mal.    “Meow, what lovely silver bracelots!” Tiggerpaka commented as he saw her cuffs.  “A family heirloom?  A little something “borrowed”, maybe?  Well I am a traditional meerkat.  I have a little something for you, my dear.”  He began to dig into the pockets of his tux.  “I see you have something “old” and something “borrowed” covered, and I have,” he pulled his hand out of his pocket dramatically, “Something blue!”  

The crew flinched and recoiled in disgust as Tiggerpaka held out a fat blue grub to Mal.  It was dead and oozing from being in his pocket.  “Oops, sorry about that.”  Tiggerpaka pushed the grub back into his pocket.  “Guess they don’t make grubs like the used to!”  He laughed nervously at his own joke. 

“What about something “new”?”  Crystal called out, amused at the spectacle.  Astra snickered beside her.  

Tiggerpaka shot them a look of anger.  “Watch it you two----or do I have to tell you about my number two list again?!”

“Oh no!  Not the number two list” Crystal and Astra reeled back feining horror.

“Settle down you scurvy lot!”  Captain Jack admonished.  “Our guests are beginning to arrive.”  Over the snowy dune came a group of unusual looking individuals.   

In the lead was a funny looking fellow in a polka dot outfit.  He introduced himself as Charlie.  Next was a pretty girl who introduced herself as Dolly.   She was clutching several tissues as she said she cries very easily.    Finally there was a Cowboy who was tying up the Ostrich he rode in on.   The group smiled and greeted everyone and took their seats.

“Ahh, now that everyone is here, let the ceremonies………begin!”  Captain Jack said dramatically.  He positioned himself between the bride and groom and began the wedding service.

Chapter 18

 Tater sat back, leaning against the boat's rail.  “We are slightly outnumbered.  We need a plan.”

Nutello perked up.  “We need reconnaissance.”

“Recon-a-cents?”  Tiggerkat looked perplexed, then a look of understanding swept her face. “Reconnaissance!   I love reconnaissance!  We have a reconnaissance fair out my way every year in the fall.   It is such fun.  We dress up in old timey clothes----Ow!”  Tiggerkat rubbed her head where Nutello just rapped her.

“ReCONnaissaince!   Not Renaissance!” Nutello face pawed.  “Ok, Huntress, fly high out of their sight range with this spotting scope and see what you can learn.”

“Sir, yes sir!” Huntress saluted, took the scope and flew straight up and out of sight.

Moments later she returned with her report.  It was not good news.  “There are 1000’s, Sir.  1000’s.  And no sign of Tiggerpaka anywhere.”  She lowered her head sadly, “Perhaps we are too late.”

Nutello looked crest fallen.


“Captain!” Jacquelyn stood at attention. “Festivities ashore are complete and ready for that annoy---er, I mean our special guest, sir!”

“Ahhh!  Good work, first mate Jackie!”  Captain Jack smiled broadly across his beak.
“Have all the invitations been sent?”  he asked

“Yes.” Jacquelyn replied.

“And the meal prepared?”


“And Balloons?”  the captain looked dreamly, “I like balloons.  There will be balloons, mate?”

“Er—yes.” Jacquelyn was beginning to wonder who this party really was for.

“And a very special cake?  Exactly as I ordered?”  Captain Jack leaned closer.

“Yes, Capt’n.  Exactly as you ordered.”

“Bully Jackie!  Good job!”  Captain Jack held up his spotting scope and scanned the shoreline.  “And the others, they know what is expected?”

“Yes, Capt’n…but Mal, she ain’t none to happy, sir.”  Jacqueline snickered.


“I HAVE TO WHAT?!?!!”  Mal’s face reddened with anger. 

Crystal choked back her laughter.  “Aw, c’mon Mal.  It ain’t so bad.  Just think, you get ta wear somethin’ pretty!”

Mal shot a total look of evil at the tiger. 

“It’s Captain’s orders, Mal.” Astra was not amused, but then she seldom was.

“I don’t think even Koobedoo’s hypno goggles could make this work.” Mal eye rolled.

“Where be that salty dog anyway?” Crystal looked around. 

“Last I be seein’ her she be tryin’ to hypnotize some sea birds” Astra smirked.  “Fer what purpose I not be knowin’”

“Nay, not birds.  That looney dog be tryin’ to hypnotize sea turtles.  She be sayin’ they be mighty handy transportation.”  Mal explained.  “And I don’t care what Cap’n’s orders may be---I will NOT be marrying that rat!”

Chapter 17

It was dark.   No moon, no stars.  The boat was bobbing gently in the water.   The group lifted themselves slowly up from the deck and peered out. 

“Where are we?”  Quinn whispered.   

“I don’t know.” Avvy whispered back.  “B-b-b-ut I’m c-c-cold!”

“Snow?”  Mimi looked skyward and put a paw out. “Do I see snow falling?”

“TIGGERKAT!” hissed Nutello loudly. “WHAT HAVE YOU DONE NOW!?!”

“SSSHHHHH!!”  Tater whispered harshly, the peered over the  boat’s railing. “I smell pirates!”

“Do you smell Reese Cups?” Tiggerkat whispered.  “Because I don’t smell Reese Cups.” She continued with a furrowed brow.  Nutello nudged her and put a finger to her mouth to signal quiet.  Then she gestured for everyone to get to peek stealthily  over the edge of the boat.

They found they were behind an icy large rock outcropping .    They were very near the shoreline, and the waters between them and land was frozen solid.  “Where’s the pirates?” Skittles asked.

Tater pointed towards a frozen hill above the shoreline.  Dozens of men could be seen milling about the treeline.   Wide eyed, Skittles whispered, “That’s not pirates….that’s a pirate army!”


A fire crackled and spat as it warmed the pirates gathered around it.  There was a definite chill in the air and a light snow was beginning to fall.  “How much longer you ‘spect Cap’n’s gonna keep that annoyin’ little rat?”  muttered a wolf who was  stoking the bonfire.

“Aw, C’mon Jacquelyn,” A second wolf replied. “He’s not that annoying, I kinda feel fer the little feller.”

“Astra, you be one crazy wolf, feelin’ sympathy for that rat”  A tiger replied as she turned something over that was cooking in the fire.

Astra jumped pulling a sword on the tiger.  “You wanna see who be the crazy one, there, Crystal?”  

Crystal  looked at the sword that was barely an inch from her nose.  She smiled and nudged it to the side.  “Save yer energy for later, Astra.  It ain’t time to be fightin’ just yet, besides,  it’s all Mal’s fault, anyway.”   She pulled the cooked critter from the fire, it was black and crispy, no longer identifiable to what it may have been.   Then in one bite, Crystal ate it, then used the stick like a toothpick to clean her teeth.

Astra sheathed her sword and glared at Crystal.  Then she relaxed and smiled, “You can’t really blame that rat for falling in love with Mal….she is a beauty.”


“Captain!  Permission to speak, Sir!”  A beautiful red flying squirrel approached a shadowy figure. 

The figure in the darkness sighed.  “What is it now, Mal?”  The figure was seated at a table, finishing a meal.  As it looked up at the squirrel it became apparent that the creature was a large bird, an oversized sparrow to be exact, with oily black feathers.  It had a bandana around its head with beads dangling from it on one side.  Some braided feathers/ whiskers hung from its beak.  The bird put on a tri-corn hat and leaned back as Mal continued.

“That obnoxious little rat won’t shut up!   He’s driving me crazy, singing---“ Mal looked like she was going to be sick, “Singing Love Songs to me!”   She clamped her delicate paws to her ears and closed her eyes as if in pain.

“Obnoxious is in the eye of the beholders,” the bird smiled and approached the flying squirrel.  “Or so the saying goes.”

“Cap’n Jack,”  Mal sighed, “To what use do you see in keeping that worthless rat?”  Mal continued.  “He orders us all around, babbles on about tires and blades and poked men.  And he thinks he’s an emperor of some country called ‘Bloggosphere’.  Crazy as a loon, he is!”

“Crazy yes, worthless no.”  The bird stroked his chin, then turned and looked out onto the snow covered beach.  He could see his crew by a bonfire.  “You see, my dear Mal.  There are legends some locals be tellin’.   ‘Bout a red pirate of great wealth, with a passion for funny lookin’ critters  and this funny looking rat is going to help us to catch him.”

“Aye, I’ve heard the legends, I hear it told that this red pirate has a ship that can fly and is rarely seen in these parts.”  Mal elaborated.

“Aye, Mal.  And when he comes to these parts he snatches up the natives, for what purposes we know not,” the captain commented, “Surely an evil fellow, this one!”

There was a noise at the doorway of the captain’s cabin.  “Meow, my sweet!  Where are youuuuuu?”  sang a voice.   Mal rolled her eyes, “For the last time!  It’s MAL!  Not Meow!”

The door burst open, a meerkat scampered in, carrying a bouquet of mashed up orchids.  “Ah, my lovely Meow, here you are!”  He presented the messed up bouquet to the flying squirrel.  “A tribute to your loveliness, my dear.” 

Mal grabbed the flowers roughly and stomped out of the cabin.  The bird chuckled in amusement.  “Ah, Captain Jack!  I did not see you there!”   The meerkat hopped up on the table.

“So my good man, when do we set sail?  I am getting bored of this cove and I am certain my travel agent mentioned more warmer climates than what you’ve shown me these past few weeks!”  The meerkat leaned into Captain Jack and pulled his chin whiskers tugging the bird closer to the meerkat’s nose.  The meerkat said in a low tone “You ain’t holdin’ out on me, now are you?”

Captain Jack brushed the meerkat aside and chuckled at his boldness.  “No, dear Tiggerpaka, I do not intend to be deceptive.  I be plannin’ a great celebration in your honor sir, and I be needin’a little more time.”  The sparrow took off his hat and swept it across him as he bowed.

“A celebration you say?”  The meerkat’s eyes brightened.  “Now that’s more like it!”  He hopped from the table and started out the door of the cabin.  As he left, he waved off the captain dismissively and said  “Carry on, my good Captain, carry on!”

Chapter 16

“Not if I have anything to say about it!”  The squirrel pushed the two aside and hopped out of the boat over to the group that appeared to be in riot mode.   Except for the starfish that continued to hide, and the blue squid who was taking video of Mr. Crab’s pending doom.

“Ok you land lubbers!”  The squirrel marched up to the group “It is time for you to go!”

“Sandy!  Help me!” Mr. Crabs cried.

“I’ll help you Sandy!” said Spongebob bravely.  “Heeee---ya!”  and he karate chopped through the air wildly with his spatula.   He spun around and around, until he ended up facing the wrong direction.   He grinned, “Hey Sandy!  I scared them all off!  They’re gone!”

“Uh, Spongebob?”  Sandy said, “Over here.”

Spongebob turned around, “Oh.” He laughed nervously, sweat dripping.  “Uh, I uh, think I hear Gary calling!  Gotta go!”  and he ran over to a pineapple and went inside of it.

The squid began to laugh giddily.   “This is the best day ever.” He smirked.

“Squidward!”  Sandy ordered, “C’mon, we gots to help Mr. Crabs!”

“Why?”  Squidward said flatly.

“Ugh!  Lousy no-good squid.  Alright you varments!  Looks like its just all of you and me now!”  Sandy rolled up her sleeves and looked murderous.  “Last chance to leave Mr. Crabs alone!:

“Not until he tells us where Tiggerpaka is!”  Nutello glared at Mr. Crabs.

“Er, what’s a Tiggerpaka?”  Mr. Crabs asked. “If I knew what you were talking about maybe I could help ye find some?”

“Nutello?”  Huntress asked.  “I don’t think he’s the right pirate.”

“Pirate?!  Mr. Crabs?!”  Sandy began to giggle uncontrollably.   The minions released the crab, who scuttled over to Sandy.

“What’s so funny there, you sorry sea rat?!”  Mr. Crabs was angry.

Sandy stopped laughing.  “Sea Rat?!  Who you callin’ a sea rat? I ain’t no stupid rat!”

Dazzle perked up at that comment and her eyes glowed red with anger.    She ran up the mast and chewed on some ropes, releasing a net that swooped down on Sandy and scooped her up.    Then Dazzle ran over to the dangling squirrel and squeaked angrily, shaking a paw at Sandy, then bit Sandy’s tail.

“Ye-OWWWW!!!”    Then Sandy’s eyes turned red and steam blew out of her astronaut’s suit.

“Uh-oh,” said Mr. Crabs, “This don’t look so good!”  and he scuttled behind some rocks.   Squidward dropped his camera, “Every man for himself!”  and disappeared into a Tiki statue, you could hear several locks clicking to secure the door.

The steam grew and the squirrel was breathing heavily and angrily, and was actually growing larger and larger.

“uh guys?”  Huntress began backing away, “let’s get out of here!”

“RETREAT!”  Nutello ordered and the group scrambled back into the boat.

Once in the boat, Huntress began to draw shapes on the deck.    “Hurry!”  Mimi shouted as the squirrel broke free of her net. 

Huntress shouted rapidly:

To the east and to the west
To all spirits high and low
We call upon your wisdom and your strength
To guide us to where we must go

We plead to you, oh mighty ones
To take us away from here super quick!
We ask for swift and safe passage please
In exchange we offer you this ……

Huntress looked around wildly, “this….this……

“REESE CUP!!”  Tiggerkat shouted, throwing her the Reese cup.

Huntress held it high and the world began to spin.  Sandy, now a giant squirrel, was stomping their way like a giant Frankenstein.   Just as she made a swipe to smash the boat, she disappeared. 

The group relaxed----but not for long, when the sound came.   A sound that surrounded them and filled the air, over and over again they heard “Hoo--Hoo-Hoo-Hoooooo!” and the sky grew orange and black striped. 

The group covered their ears----but not Tiggerkat, who stood calmly and grinning.  “It’s so prett—eeeeeee!!”   She shouted gleefully.    A giant tigger appeared in the sky, bouncing around in the swirls.     Then the giant tigger reached for the Reese cup.  Tiggerkat stopped smiling.  “Oh no you don’t!”  and she bounced towards Huntress. 

“No!!!!”  Huntress shouted, “You can’t come in the shapes!!”  But it was too late, Tigger bounced into the center, snatched the Reese Cup and bounced out.   The giant tigger looked down at the boat, “Where’s My Reese Cup?!” It demanded.  Tiggerkat pretended to throw it overboard.

“There it goes,” Tiggerkat pointed, “Go get it!”  The giant tigger disappeared under the boat. 

The swirling, spinning world stopped. 

Chapter 15

“So did you knuckleheads find your dear meerkat this time?” Tater asked dryly.

Nutello shot Tater a dirty look, which made Tater laugh, and she knew all she needed to know just from that look. 

“One  more chance, Nutello!”  Huntress pleaded, “I know I can do it!”

Tiggerkat chimed in, “Take us to Hershey, Pencil Vani-ya!”  Then she leaned over to Mimi and whispered, “That’s where Reese Cups come from!”   Mimi responded with a single raised eye brow.

“No, I’m going to get us to Tiggerpaka, if it’s the last thing I do!” Huntress vowed.  And she began to draw on the boats deck.  Everyone covered their ears anticipating the worst.

This time Huntress drew two interlocking triangles.  She stood in the middle and began her chant.

To the east and to the west
To all spirits high and low
We call upon your wisdom and your strength
To guide us to where we must go

We plead to you, oh mighty ones
To take us to Pirates and  Tiggerpaka, me laddies
We ask for swift and safe passage please
In exchange we offer you this krabby patty!

“NNnnooooooooooooooo!!”  Screamed Nutello as the world began to spin.  Her protests were futile.   

As Huntress held up the crabby patty a deafening and annoying high pitched laugh filled the air and could be felt deep into your bones.   Everyone clasped their ears and fell to their knees, eyes squeezed tightly shut as a large yellow square appeared floating before them. 

The yellow square had large eyes and a long nose and two large buck teeth in a grotesque smile.  The square grabbed the crabby patty and began to sing, “I like krabby patties, I think they’re swell, can you not tell?  Laaaa lalalalalala!”

“Shoot him!  Shot him now!” Nutello howled on her knees with ears in pain.   Tater drew her bow and loosed the arrow which sank right into the heart of the yellow square.   The yellow square stopped singing, looked down at the arrow, pulled it out and laughed obnoxiously and disappeared.

“Ugh!”  Mimi groaned, “Where are we now?”

“We seem to be underwater!”  Avvy said.
Tiggerkat began to panic, “But I can’t swim!!!!!!  Help!  Save me!”  She laid on the bottom of the boat flailing her arms and legs. 

“Tiggerkat!  Tiggerkat, stop!”  Avvy urged.

“Here, give her this.”  Mimi handed Avvy a reese cup.  Avvy held it under her nose and Tiggerkat grew still, a dreamy smile breaking across her face.   She took the reese cup, sat up and calmly ate it.

“Nutello?”  Huntress asked, “You’re the Intelligence Officer, where are we now and how is it we are breathing underwater?”

Nutello shrugged. 

“It must be a dream!”  Quinn suggested.

“Or we are all dead.” Nutello muttered.

“Dead?”  Came a voice from a nearby rock.  A starfish popped out from under it, looking terrified.  In a shaky voice it whispered, “I see dead people.”  Then he shouted, “Hey Spongebob!  I see dead people!” and the starfish laughed a doofus kinds of laugh.

“Well, they are not very nice dead people, Patrick”  said the yellow square with his arms crossed.  “That one shot me with this feathered toothpick!”  He held up the arrow and shook it angrily at Tater.

Tater shrugged and said, “She told me to,” pointing to Nutello.

Nutello shouted angrily, “That infernal noise he was making was so, so, So Annoying!”

“I like that one,” came a third voice, this time from a blue squid. “She must truly be your Intelligence Officer!”

Then a southern twang was hear, “Intelligence Officer?  Did I hear someone say Intelligence Officer?!”  A squirrel in an astronaut’s suit walked up to the boat. “Well I’ll be hornswaggled!  I would love to spend time with you contemplating the mysteries of the universe.”  The squirrel jumped on board and took Nutello by the paw. 

Nutello pulled back and looked at the squirrel like she had three eyes.  “What’s the matter there, fuzz face,  ain’t  you never seen a squirrel before?”

“SQUIRREL ?!?!”  Tiggerkat shot up, her head twisting rapidly left and right. “Where’s the squirrel?!”

“Ok, that one I do NOT like,” said the blue squid flatly.

“Now Squidward, that isn’t nice!”  The squirrel said.   “You really should---“

“Who in Davey Jones’s Locker are these scallywags?!”  A crab scuttled over to the boat. 

Before anyone can answer, Tater shouted, “Pirate!”and jumped over board and pinned the crab to the ground.   She was quickly followed by Nutello and Huntress.  They surrounded the crab, all of them had weapons drawn. 

“Hey! Hey now! Hee Hee,” the crab laughed nervously.  “Er, what can I do you fellers for?”

“Finally, this is getting interesting,” the blue squid smiled.

“Where is Tiggerpaka?!”  Nutello demanded.

“Tigger---wha??” The crab sounded confused.

“Leave Mr. Crabs alone!”  The group turned to see Spongebob, with a colander on his head, a pizza box for a chest protector, shaking a spatula at the minions.

“Oh no!”  Quinn said, she was watching the action from the boat. 

“What is it?” asked Avvy.

Quinn frowned “I think there is going to be a huge fight!”

Chapter 14:  (no, you did not miss a chapter!  13 could bring bad luck to the characters, so I skipped it!)

After the group cleaned up the destroyed section of the forest, including scrubbing the yellow brick road with toothbrushes, Glinda allowed them to return to their ship.

“Tater!  Wake up!”  Nutello pushed the hammock making Tater fall to the floor.  The group began to laugh, but Tater sprung up so fast, sword drawn and pointed into Nutello’s nose.  It was so fast that Nutello didn’t have time to react.   The group tensed up, wondering what would happen, holding their breath.

Tater smiled and then sheathed her sword.  The group sighed relief.  “Never wake me from a sound sleep” Tater warned, “You just might loose a body part”  She chuckled.  “So what did the great explorers discover?  Did you find Tiggerpaka?  Did you leave me some pirates to kill?”  She snickered.

“I think you already know the answer to those questions” Nutello muttered.  Then she turned to Huntres.  “Okay, think you can get it right this time?”

Huntress stuck her tongue out at Nutello, then reviewed her book.  She erased the previous drawing on the deck and this time drew a square surrounded by a circle.  She got into the center of the shapes and reminded everyone to be silent.  Then she closed her eyes and chanted:

 To the east and to the west
To all spirits high and low
We call upon your wisdom and your strength
To guide us to where we must go

We plead to you, oh mighty ones
To take us to Pirates and  Tiggerpaka, oh MY!
We ask for swift and safe passage please
In exchange we offer you this pie!

“Pie?!”  Nutello faced paw, “Now the gods want piiiiiiiiieeeee—“ and again the world spun wildly into a blur, but the boat did not move. 

“I hope we don’t see Kit Kat again!”  Tiggerkat looked upwards.  There began another annoying droning sound.  “oh no” Tiggerkat said flatly.  Everyone covered their ears as a “Woof! Woof! Woof!”  sound repeated over and over and over, getting louder and louder.    But it wasn’t a cat, this time is was a small dog----in a taco shell, pooping confetti. 

He swooped down and grabbed the pie and disappeared, three arrows flying after it, one after the other.   The noise disappeared and the world stopped spinning.  “Almost got it!”  Tater growled.  

“Where are we this time?”  Quinn asked.

“I smell candy!” Avvy smiled.  “Just like what I used to make a long time ago,” Avvy got a far off look on her face, then frowned.  “But I don’t want to talk about it”

Tiggerkat was wiping big drops of drool from her lips, “I smell Chocolate!  And Peanut Butter!”

“Look!”  Mimi pointed.  “A factory!”   You could make out the smoke stacks just over the hill from where the boat was standing.   But it wasn’t smoke pouring out of the stacks, it was a rainbow of colors, and a rainbow of smells!   Chocolate, blueberry, cherry, grape, peanut butter and more!

I’m getting hungry just describing it!

**Author takes a break**

**15 minutes later, wiping chocolate from mouth**

Ok, where were we? 

Oh!  They didn’t wait for me!! 

The group is already up to the factory doors, and Nutello is knocking on the front door!  

**Author runs to catch up**

“About time!” Nutello looked over her shoulder at the author.

“Who is it?” came a voice from the other side of the door.

“Nutello and crew!”  Nutello answered

”Do you have your golden ticket?” the voice inquired.

“Uh, yeah, sure!” Nutello lied.

The door opened.  Before the group was a strange looking man wearing purple clothes and a red top hat.  “Welcome!  My Name is Mr. Wonka, and this is my Chocolate Factory!”  He spread his arms wide in a welcoming motion. 

He looked at the group, showing a large, wide cheerful grin.  “Now, present your tickets please!”   Everyone looked nervous, and looked a Nutello. 

“Tickets?” Mr. Wonka asked again.  Nutello hung her head and everyone looked at her angrily. 

Mr. Wonka’s arms dropped to his sides.  “NO TICKETS!  NO CANDY!”  and he slammed the door shut in their faces.

”Way to go Nutey-o!”  Tiggerkat glared angrily at Nutello.

“Well it’s a waste of time anyway,” Nutello turned to head back to the boat. “It’s not like Tiggerpaka’s here anyway.”

“But I smell Reese Cups!!!” Tiggerkat wailed woefully.  She collapsed in a dramatic heap on the ground.

Mimi, Avvy and Quinn rushed to her side.  “I think she’s dying!”  Mimi exclaimed.

“No she’s not” said Nutello who had already started walking away.

“But she’s not breathing!” Quinn shouted after Nutello

“She’s fine!” Nutello called back

“I can’t find a heartbeat!”  Avvy hollered to Nutello.

“Nutello, shouldn’t you do something?” Huntress asked.  Nutello stopped. Huntress and Skittles looked concerned.

Nutello sighed, turned to face the group.  “I was saving this for an emergency, but I guess now will do.” She reached into her back pack and pulled out a bag of Reese Cup miniatures.  She ripped open the bag and waved a hand to make the smell waft back towards Tiggerkat.

When the smell reached Tiggerkat her nose began to sniff and wiggle.  A huge smile broke across her lips and she actually floated in the air!   Then her eyes popped open, “Reese Cups!” and she landed bouncing on her tail and pounced Nutello to the ground.  Tiggerkat sat on Nutello’s stomach and dug a paw into the bag of candy and began chowing down.

“Ugh!”  Nutello grunted, “Get off!”

Tiggerkat obliged, Skittles helped Nutello to her feet and the group returned to the boat.

Chapter 12:

“What the heck!” Nutello cried out.  “I think my ears are bleeding!”

“I wanted to shoot that thing with my arrows,” grumbled Tater, “But I couldn’t let go of my ears!”

“Did that think actually poop rainbows?”  Tiggerkat asked.

“Kinda, sort of, but not really,” Huntress replied.

“Wow!” Said Nutello dripping in sarcasm, “Great explanation.”

“Where are we?”  asked Avvy.

“It looks so strange! But Colorful!  And pretty!”  Mimi studied the new surroundings.  It was like a dense green forest.  But with large colorful flowers and mushrooms.  “And there is a road that looks paved with yellow bricks!”

“Let’s explore!”  Skittles said excitedly and jumped off the boat.  “Come on everyone!”

“Do you think its safe?” Quinn asked.

“My ruby doesn’t seem alarmed.” Mimi replied.

“Good enough for me!”  And Tiggerkat bounced out of the ship.

Nutello sighed.  “C’mon, let’s go.”  Dazzle was already in place on her shoulder.  The group began to climb out of the boat. Except for Tater.  “Are you coming?” Nutello asked.

“Someone has to stay and guard the ship.” Tater replied. 

“Suit yourself” Nutello said as she hit the ground.

“I always do” Tater replied as she fashioned a hammock to nap in while everyone else explored.

“Its so pretty!”  Mimi said again, taking it all in.

“And huge!” Said Avvy who was dwarfed by the giant mushrooms.

Skittles ran all over, around the flowers and mushrooms.  She was a blur amongst all the colors.    Tiggerkat bounced from mushroom to mushroom shouting in glee.   Mimi, Quinn and Avvy were sampling some of the fruits.  Huntress began to soar at the top of the forrest.

“I see something!”  Huntress said.

“Tiggerpaka?” Nutello asked.

“I don’t think so, its too pretty for pirates or Tiggerpaka.  It’s some kind of village” Huntress answered.  “And there are lots of people---little people.  And they’re headed this way!”

“Minions to Battle Stations!”  Nutello ordered, getting into a fighting stance.  Skittles ran up and posed in a fight stance next to Nutello and Huntress swooped down to do the same.

“What about us?”  Avvy asked. 

“You are honorary minions, come to battle station!”  Nutello ordered.

Quinn, Mimi and Avvy looked at each other.  Mimi shrugged and the three lined up along with the three real minions.  But they stood there looking awkwardly.   “Fighting stance, minions!”  Nutello ordered.

“We don’t really have one”  Quinn said.

“Yeah, I’m more of a free lancer, kinda do my own style” Avvy explained.

“Uh, guys?  Where’s Tiggerkat?” Mimi asked.

The group looked around.   Avvy grinned and pointed at an orange and black striped mushroom---with a tail.  “Just leave her there, she will be the most help when she is no help” Nutello said.

Just then there was a rustling sound.  A group of colorful, but very small people emerged.  Only Avvy and Dazzle were smaller.   Nutello smiled, feeling no threat of danger from these little people.

“Hello, I’m Nutello, Leader of this group,” Nutello smiled in a friendly manner.  Suddenly Tiggerkat’s head shot up from behind the mushroom.

“But I’m the Captain!”  Tiggerkat then hid again.

A murmur broke across the group of little people and the leader spoke up in a squeaky voice, “What was that?”  The leader approached Tiggerkat and as he went around the mushroom, Tiggerkat moved around the mushroom, so each were circling it around and around.   Then the leader turned around and said “Gotcha!”  and threw his arms around Tiggerkat.  

Tiggerkat panicked and began to bounce wildly around.  The little man was flopping wildly, hanging on for dear life!  “Heee—llll---ppp !!” he cried out.

“Tiggerkat! Stop!” Nutello ordered, “They’re friendly!”

“He won’t let go of meeeeee!!”  Tiggerkat panicked further.  The group of little people became alarmed.  They started chasing Tiggerkat in circles, jumping and trying to catch their leader.    Then Quinn, Avvy, and Mimi started chasing the group that was chasing Tiggerkat and the little man stuck on her.  The entire situation crumbled into chaos.   Nutello was running around shouting for everyone to stop, but no one could hear her.  Huntress and Skittles were running around trying to stop Nutello.     Flowers were being trampled, mushrooms knocked over and leaves torn from trees. 

Suddenly there was a bright white flash in the air.   Everyone came to a grinding halt.   A beautiful woman in a sparkling white dress appeared before everyone.   She looked angry.  Hands on her hip, one of them  holding  a magic wand.   The little people immediately bowed. 

“What is going on?” the woman demanded in a tone of authority.

The leader had finally gotten to his feet, but his head was still bowed as he approached her to respond, “My dear Glinda, strangers have entered our land.  This bouncy one,” he pointed to Tiggerkat, “Tried to kidnap me!”

Tiggerkat’s eyes grew wide with surprise, “Me? What? You?” she stuttered. “You tried to kidnap me!” 

Then arguing broke out on all sides, the noise growing louder and louder.   Glinda put her hands over here ears, “Enough!  Stop this! Stop this now!”   The group fell to silence.  “Who among you strangers is the leader?” 

Nutello and Tiggerkat looked at each other, then at Glinda, then back to each other.  Simultaneously they pointed at each other and said, “She is!”

Glinda face palmed.   She looked at Huntress.  “You there, with the beautiful wings”  Huntress blushed.  “Please explain yourselves to me”

Huntress began, “We are looking for our leader, Tiggerpaka, he was captured by pirates.”

Glinda looked surprised, “Pirates?” she laughed.  “I assure you, there are no pirates here!  You are looking in the wrong place!”

Now Nutello face palmed and looked evilly at Huntress.  “Nice spell.”

“Maybe I wasn’t supposed to use the cake” Huntress pondered thoughtfully.

Chapter 11:

“So how does it work?” Tiggerkat asked Huntress.

Huntress closed her eyes.  “I will need absolute silence.” She ordered.

The group stood still.  A low grumble could be heard.  “Shhhh!” Huntress warned.  She began to draw a large triangle with chalk on the boat’s deck.   The grumble sound grew louder.  “Shush!”  Huntress spoke harshly.   Then she drew a circle around the triangle and stood in the center of the shapes.  The grumble growled again.  Huntress put her paws on her hips, “Who keeps doing that noise?!”  She demanded.

The group looked around and Tiggerkat blushed.   “Sorry,” she said, “It’s my tummy, I haven’t had a reese cup for a couple of hours now.”

“Well get a reese cup so you can be absolutely silent!”  Huntress waited impatiently while Tiggerkat disappeared below deck.  Five minutes later she returned to an impatient group, wiping peanut butter and chocolate off her face.  There was one glob still hanging on her whisker and it bounced as she walked.  Avvy and Quinn saw it and cracked up.  Then the rest of the group saw it and pointed at Tiggerkat and laughed.

“What did I miss something?”  Tiggerkat wondered aloud. 
“Yeah, you missed something alright,” Skittles laughed. 

“Enough!” And a sword swiped Tiggerkat’s face, narrowly missing her nose, but slicing off the globbed whisker.    Tiggerkat wrapped both paws around her muzzle and glared at Tater who sheathed her sword.  Tater was getting restless and impatient.  “Hurry up, Huntress.  Cast your spell and get us moving!”

Huntress cleared her throat and began to chant:

To the east and to the west
To all spirits high and low
We call upon your wisdom and your strength
To guide us to where we must go

We plead to you, oh mighty ones
To take us to Tiggerpaka the Great
We ask for swift and safe passage please
In exchange we offer you this cake!

Huntress produced a small cake, and held it upwards in the air while bowing.

The group remained silent, heads bowed.  Then one by one, they looked up and around, waiting for something to happened.   Then Nutello broke the silence.  “Cake?” Nutello asked. “Cake?  The gods want cake?”

Huntress glared at Nutello.  “Yes, they like cake.”

Nutello responded.  “Well?  Nothing seems to be happening.”

Huntress began to look concerned. 

“Maybe you said it wrong?”  Quinn offered helpfully.

Huntress picked up her dusty old book and reviewed the spell.  “No, I think I said it right,” she said.

“Ugh! Worthless spell!” Nutello began stomping around in anger.  “We are stuck here!  We are nev---“  And suddenly the world began to spin, faster and faster, into a blur.  The boat itself did not move.  The world was a blur of colors, nothing was recognizable, then it seemed to explode around them, into stars…and rainbows.   A droning sound from distance grew louder and louder.  Then the sound became more clear, it was a repeating sound, a single word---a single, obnoxious word, “Nyan! Nyan! Nyan!” over and over again.

“Kit Kat!”  Tiggerkat pointed upwards.  

“She’s stuck in a strawberry poptart!”  Mimi exclaimed.

“That’s NOT Kit Kat!” Tiggerkat covered her ears “It’s worse!!”  and her voice was drowned out by the “Nyan Nyan Nyan!” noise.   Everyone covered their ears, tears slipping from their eyes,  gritting their teeth in pain from the noise.   The creature scooped up the cake and disappeared.  And the noise too.  The spinning of the world slowed.    And ever slowly, the world came back into focus….a world no one recognized.

Chapter 10

 “Yes, yes, THIS is the map”  Tiggerkat said with a cough.

Tater and Nutello gathered around Mimi and Tiggerkat.  Mimi was holding her ruby again in her paw.  It was on a necklace, but when it was held in her paw it seemed to have a slight glow.

“When I was looking at the map, and holding my ruby, I could see Tiggerpaka.” Said Mimi.

“Where?!?!” Nutello said excitedly.

“Here” Mimi pointed on the map, “Near this island”

“Great!  Let’s go, get this boat moving!”  Nutello said eagerly.

“Not so fast”  Tater cautioned. “That island is very dangerous.  It is guarded by a fearsome Lion.  And all the natives are very strange, they look weird and act even more weird.”

“Then that is the obvious place to find Tiggerpaka”  Mimi laughed. 

Tiggerkat smirked.  She picked up the map to study it. 

“What are you doing?” Nutello asked in a tone of frustration.

“I’m looking for the best route to the island!”  Tiggerkat glared back.

Nutello snatched the map from her, turned it around, then gave it back.

“Whoopsie” Tiggerkat blushed.  She cleared her throat, then traced along the map in a path from where they were currently floating to the strange island.  “Here.  This looks like the best route”.

Tater looked over Tiggerkat’s shoulder.  “Yes, but that route will take 6 months to travel.”

Nutello face pawed.  Tater took the map and studied it further.  “I don’t see any path that would be much shorter than a few months.” 

Nutello slumped.  “Unbelievable.  I can’t wait that long to get Tiggerpaka!”

“And I can’t wait that long to get those Reese Cups!” Exclaimed Tiggerkat. “I’m down to my last 100 dozen!”

“No worries, dear friends!”  Huntress chimed in cheerfully.   She presented to everyone the old dusty book she had been reading.  “I have been working on my magic and I have just about perfected my teleportation spell!”  She said proudly.

“Just about?” Nutello asked doubtfully.  “What is your success rate?”

“Well, I, uh, I prefer not to brag,” Huntress looked a bit embarrassed.

“Do tell us” Nutello urged with a sly smile, “Because I don’t remember anything about teleportation in your monthly minion reports.”

“Well, I do have one success……” Huntress started, then looked down, “Sorta.”

Tiggerkat interrupted.  “Can you teleport me to a Reese Cup factory?!”.

“Or me to some blueberries?”  Mimi asked

“Or me!  Me to my favorite fishing spot!”  Quinn was jumping up and down.

“Me! Me!  Send me to the biggest library in the world!”  Skittles was getting excited too.

“Sqeak!  Squeak! Squeak!”  Dazzle was dancing on her hind feet.

“No, Dazzle,” Nutello explained, “She can’t really teleport us anywhere.  If you want some cheese there is some in my back pack.”  

Dazzle looked disappointed.  The entire group looked disappointed.  Nutello reviewed the map again the spoke,  “Well Huntress,  I guess we may as well try, what do we have to loose, Tiggerpaka won’t last six months with those pirates.”

Huntress did back flip spins in the air in joy.

Chapter 9 

YOU SHOT HIM?!!!!??”  Nutello fainted.

Tater laughed.  “I didn’t say I killed him!” 

Skittles rushed quickly to the ocean and came back with a bucket of water and threw it onto Nutello’s face.  Nutello sputtered and sat up and looked around blinking.  “What did you do to Tiggerpaka?!”  she had a panicked look in her eyes.

“I shot him” Tater smiled.  Nutello was just about to faint when Skittles threw a second bucket of water on her. (Skittles is really, really fast!)  Nutello sprang up and leaped at Tater trying to put her paws on Tater’s neck.  
Huntress flew in between them. “Stop, Nutello!  Tater didn’t kill Tiggerpaka!”

“But she said she shot him!”  Nutello glared at Tater.

“Yep, hit him in the butt”

Mimi, Avvy, Quinn giggled.  Tiggerkat busted out laughing, then Huntress, Skittles and Tater all laughed.  Nutello glared at them, then noticed even Dazzle was laughing!   “Ugh!  I give up!” Nutello began to stomp away.

Tater straightened up.  “C’mon there, Nutello?  Right? That’s your name?” Tater put a paw around her shoulders.  “I bet I can help you find your Tiggerpaka, and maybe even get to kill some pirates in the process!”


With Tater’s help the group was able to fix the boat and push it off the beach and out into the sea.    It was a tight fit.  Avvy and Dazzle, being the smallest, climbed up the mast to share the crows nest to keep watch for the pirate ship.

Quinn was concentrating on staying dead center in the boat, as she had a fear of water.  Huntress was reading a dusty old book, while Skittles was reading a…..uh…Dictionary?
“Affirmative” Skittles tells the narrator, sounding very smart.   Mimi was reviewing a map, holding a beautiful red ruby in her paw.

And Tater was gripping her head in her paws, trying to keep from exploding with irritation as she watched Nutello and Tiggerkat argue over who should be Captain.

“As the highest ranking minion, I will be Captain!”  Nutello asserted.

“Soon to be the lowest ranking minion!” Tiggerkat shot back.

“Why do you think that?”  Nutello asked with gritted teeth.

“Well, you’re the one who lost Tiggerpaka!” Tiggerkat said as she bounced a circle around Nutello. 

Nutello took a swipe at Tiggerkat who bounced out of the way.  Nutello took out a weapon and started to take aim when Tater jumped up and took it away from her.

”You trying to sink the ship before we get anywhere?!” Tater shouted in Nutello’s face.  Tiggerkat grinned then stuck her tongue out at Nutello.  Nutello lunged for her, but Tater stopped her.   The group became aware of the commotion and gathered around.

“What’s going on?”  Huntress asked.

“They can’t decide who should be Captain” Tater explained.

“Well I am the highest ranked minion!” Nutello asserted again, pushing Tiggerkat behind her.

“But Tiggerpaka picked me to come find him!”  Tiggerkat said as she bounced back in front of Nutello.

The two began pushing at each other and the group began to argue among themselves as to who should be Captain.   The ruckus was growing when the ears were pierced by a sharp, loud whistle.  The group fell still and looked at the source of the sound….Mimi!

“Tiggerkat should be Captain.” Mimi said.

“Wha???” Nutello was dumbstruck. 

“I was holding my ruby, which can see the future and it shows Tiggerkat as the Captain---and me as First Mate.”  She said sincerely.

Nutello was suspicious---she knew the two were best friends.  She began to protest when Quinn spoke up.  “Her ruby is never wrong, everyone along the river knows this.”

Tiggerkat gloated and grabbed an old paper to fold up into a hat.  She placed it on her head and took the ship’s wheel.   “Hoist the sails!  Swab the decks!  Get to work you scallywags!”

Avvy, Quinn, Huntress and Skittles saluted awkwardly, bumped into each other, turning left and right, tripping over ropes, falling on each other into a pile.  Tater had stayed in the back, away from everyone, sharpening her arrows, snickering at the chaos.

Nutello did an eye roll at the group as they untangled themselves then said to Tiggerkat, “Fine Captain” she said the name dripping with sarcasm. “Just where are we headed?”

Tiggerkat looked at Nutello confused.  Then she looked a bit nervous and unsure of herself.  She laughed nervously, then looked over at Mimi, who’s arms were crossed, staring at Tiggerkat in disbelief.  “The map, Tiggerkat, look at the map!”

“Map?  What map?”  Tiggerkat was clueless.

Mimi sighed.  Then took the paper hat off of Tiggerkat’s head and smoothed it out, revealing itself to be-------a map.

Chapter 8:

The group worked day and night on fixing the boat.  They stopped only for meals, made up of the fish caught by Quinn and fruits found by Mimi.   On the third day Tiggerkat and Nutello were trying to position the mast upright when arrows began to whiz by their heads.   “We’re under attack!” Nutello yelled, pulling Tiggerkat down to safety.  “Minions!  Counter attack!”

Huntress took to the sky, out of range of arrows, where she could hopefully detect this enemy.  She saw something shiny glinting in the sunlight across a gorge on the side of a hill.  She signaled Nutello and Skittles.  Nutello gave the signal and Skittle raced into position behind the archer.  She moved so swiftly that she was undetected.

With the minions in position, that is when Nutello realized…they had not brought weapons with them.   She growled in frustration.  “What’s wrong?” asked Tiggerkat.

“I forgot the our weapons.”  Nutello replied.

“No problem!”  Tiggerkat grinned.   She pointed to a grove of coconuts growing above the archer.   Nutello squinted then saw Dazzle at the tops of the palms.  She was gnawing the coconuts loose!    The fell towards the ground, disappearing into the bushes.

KLUNK! KLUNK!  “Ow!”  KLUNK!  “Ow!  Stop it!”   A gray and white spotted wolf stood up from the bushes, rubbing her head.  “Cut it out you dumb rat!”   Dazzle squeaked angrily and gnawled another coconut loose.  The wolf dodged it, lost her footing and fell down the hill into the gorge.

Avvy and Quinn reacted swiftly, entangling the wolf in one of Quinn’s fishing nets.   Avvy grabbed the wolf by her whiskers and demanded an explanation.   The others arrived as the wolf began to talk, “I am Tater!  This is my cove and I don’t allow any tigers here!   I shoot all tigers I see!”

Tiggerkat looked around, confused.  “You mean Avvy?” 

Tater looked at her captor---her eyes went cross as she tried to focus in on the tiny tiger holding her whiskers.  “You mean this striped rat?” 

“I ain’t a rat!”  Avvy yoked harder on the whiskers. 

“Ow!”  Tater growled.  “You ain’t a tiger either!” then she looked at Tiggerkat with disdain.  “But that one there is!”

Tiggerkat looked right, left, over each shoulder and between her legs behind herself.
Then she realized Tater was looking at her.  “Me?!  I’m a tigger, not a tiger!  That’s T-I double Ger-Er!---”

“Oh no” Mimi groaned, “Here she goes”

“—and that spells Tigger! And did you know..” and she began to sing and bounce all round Tater and the group:
The wonderful thing about tiggers
Is tiggers are wonderful things!

Their tops are made out of rubber
Their bottoms are made out of springs!

They're bouncy, trouncy, flouncy, pouncy
Fun, fun, fun, fun, fun!

But the most wonderful thing about tiggers is
I'm the only one!!”

Tater looked over at Avvy and Quinn and whispered, “Is she really the only one?”
The two nodded.  “Thank Goodness!”  Tater sighed and slumped in relief.

“Ok, Ok, I’ll take it from here!” Nutello finally spoke up.  She pulled Tater upright and pulled the net off of her.   Tater stood up and aimed her bow at them.   Then she lowered it.  “Aw Dang!  You ain’t pirates!”

“No, but we are going looking for pirates!”  Skittles said.

“They have Reese Cup Treasure!”  Tiggerkat grinned.

“Never heard of any Reese Cup Treasure.” Tater shrugged.

“Of course not!  It is a super duper super secret!”  Tiggerkat folder her arms and threw up her chin.

“And we are trying to find our leader, Tiggerpaka.  He’s been captured by pirates.  Ever hear of him?” Nutello asked.

“Tiggerpaka?”  She looked at Avvy and Quinn.  “I thought you said that (she gestured towards Tiggerkat) was the only Tigger!”

Tiggerkat looked insulted.  “Tiggerpaka is Noooooo Tigger!”  and she bounced off in disgust.

“Tiggerpaka is a meerkat”  Huntress explained.

“A crazy meerkat” Mimi elaborated.

“A crazy meerkat?” Tater looked like she was beginning to remember something.  “About a month ago a crazy meerkat came up to me demanding I take him to sea in that broken ship over there.   Said he was looking for traitors….” A look of realization came across Tater’s face.  “He was looking for you!  He said Tiggerkat and some other fella……Great, uh, Great, hmm. Oh! Scott!  Yes he was looking for Tiggerkat and Great Scott.”  She smiled at Tiggerkat, “Guess he didn’t find you.”

Tater looked at Mimi.  “He was definitely crazy.  Thinking we could sail in that busted up boad.  When I told him to go stuff it he started calling me a traitor, called me a Poke something or other.”

“What did you do?!”  Nutello asked.

“Oh”  Tater smiled looking down at her bow and arrows. “I shot him.”

Chapter 7

The group followed Tiggerkat who was bouncing along the banks of the river.  The river was growing deeper and wider as it came closer and closer to where it met with the Caribbean Sea.    As they approached the sea the group admired it’s sandy white beaches and azure blue waters.   The sun shone brightly, but a steady ocean breeze kept it from becoming too hot.

Nutello, Dazzle riding her shoulder, was first to step out of the forest and onto the beach. 

“Wow!  No wonder Helga always wants Tiggerpaka to take her here!”  said Nutello, “It’s beautiful!”  She looked turned around to the others---but no one was behind her . She spun her attention back to the beach—but did not see minions dedicated and ready to for their mission. 

This is what she saw instead:   Avvy and Mimi were playing in the warm waters.  Quinn was building sand castles while Tiggerkat was bouncing over the gently crashing waves.   Huntress soared above the waters taking in the view.  And Dazzle---Nutello couldn’t believe her eyes!  There was Dazzle, collecting sea shells with Skittles!

Nutello exploded.  “WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE?!!??!!”

The group froze in their tracks, suddenly feeling badly, guilt washing over them,  for playing cheerfully and enjoying the moment, knowing that Tiggerpaka was probably suffering greatly at the hands of his captors. 

Just kidding!  They ignored Nutello and kept on playing!

Just as Nutello was about to explode with anger, Huntress came swooshing down, exclaiming, “Guess what everyone!  I found a boat!  We can use it to look for the Reese Cups!  Uh---I mean, Tiggerpaka!”

Nutello relaxed, relieved that the mission was finally about to get underway.  Huntress led the group down the beach and around a jetty and into a secluded cove.   Indeed, there was a boat.  Beached onto rocks.  Broken sail masts and a large hole in the bow.

“Great job, Huntress” Nutello groaned sarcastically. 

“You don’t like it?” Huntress said with a pout.

“Huntress, there is a giant hole in it!  We have no tools!  How will we ever fix it and take it out to sea?” Nutello responded in distress.

“Well, you’re so smart, you figure it out!”  and Huntress flew off to another part of the cove. 

Dazzle began squeaking.  “Not now” Nutello said, depressed about the situation.  She sat down under a palm tree and closed her eyes, hanging her head low.

“Well, back to fun in the surf!”  Tiggerkat announced gleefully and she and the others went back to playing.   

But not Dazzle.  She climbed the palm tree just above Nutello’s head and began to gnaw.  After a few minutes, sap began to run out and drip onto Nutello’s back. 

“Dazzle!  Stop!  That stuff is sticky!” Nutello was trying to wipe it off, but it stuck to her fur.   The more she tried to clean it off, the stickier it became.  Even water couldn’t wash it off.

“Wait!  I have an idea!”  Nutello froze in excitement.  “Hey everyone!  Round up any lumber you can find!  We can use the sap like glue and patch up that hole!”

Then Nutello said to herself, “I knew I would figure this one out!  I’m not the Intelligence Officer for nothin’!”  Dazzle sighed and rolled her tiny eyes.

Chapter Six:

The group had been walking along the banks of the river for a couple of hours when Skittles asked, “So guys, what’s the plan?”

“Ask Tiggerkat,”replied Nutello

“Me??!  I thought YOU had the plan!”  Tiggerkat stopped and stared at the Intelligence Officer.

“In the note Tiggerpaka said you would know how to find him!”  Nutello shot back.

Tiggerkat stopped bouncing and took on a very rare, serious expression.  “Why would I know how to find him?  What exactly did that note say?”  Nutello handed her the note and she read it aloud to everyone:

You must come at Once!
I am being, uh, detained
by Pirates!!
I have attached a map of my location to this bird......

Stupid Bird!
Come Back Here!!
You are on my # 2 List!!!!

That was my only map, but Tiggerkat will be able to locate me!
Go Get Tiggerkat!

Sincerely,  Your Beloved Emperor of the Bloggosphere
The One and Only
The Greatest
The most awesom.....
gotta go!

Come Quick!!

Everyone scratched their heads and thought really hard about the note.  Tiggerkat held it to the sun, turned it upside down and backwards, with a perplexed look on her face. 

Then, she sniffed it…then licked it!   “I know where he is!!”  she exclaimed with excitement.

“Huh?” Nutello was puzzled.  “What could you possibly figure out by sniffing the note?!

Tiggerkat grinned with pride.  “Well, my dear Intelligence Officer” Tiggerkat began, the she bounced away singing “That’s for me to know and you to find out!”

Nutello face pawed (yet again---I wonder if it is starting to leave a mark?) and said to the others, “C’mon, let’s go before she bounces out of sight.”

Chapter Five:

Tiggerkat looked at Nutello triumphantly, arms folded. 

“What?!”  Nutello glared back at Tiggerkat.

“I have provided THREE helpers to our mission.   I don’t see you coming up with a single minion!”  Tiggerkat gloated.

Dazzle squeaked angrily at Tiggerkat, defending Nutello.    Nutello stroked her to calm her down and replied to Tiggerkat, “Just wait, my friend, just wait.”  She dug around on her toolbelt and pulled up a two way radio and spoke into, “Nutello to all Minions!  Attentinon!  Nutello to all Minions! “ she spoke with authority.  “I need all minions to report to the river bank immediately!   We are organizing a rescue mission for Tiggerpaka, so you must come at once!”

Nutello smirked at Tiggerkat.  “You better stand back, when the minions arrive you will be knocked off your feet for sure!”

The group scanned the skies and forest, up and down the river, waiting for the minions.  Five minutes passed, then ten, then twenty.  Nutello was starting to sweat.  Tiggerkat tried to stifle a laugh when something appeared in the sky.  Nutello relaxed and smiled, “I told you they’d come!”   The dark spot grew closer and closer.  But it was only one minion---a Pegasus, no a fox, no---a unicorn?  

“Huntress!” Nutello announced as the Fogius (fox/unicorn/Pegasus) landed gracefully next to the group.  “The others must be close behind!”

“Uh, Nutello?”  Huntress began.

“Yes?” Nutello replied.

“There are no oth---“ Huntress began to tell Nutello something but was interrupted by crashing sound in the forest as a black blurr raced out of the woods, past the group on the river bank, down the shoreline, turned and ran back at the group coming to a sharp halt in front of Nutello.

”Minion Skittles reporting to duty!”  said an unfamiliar Timber Wolf.

Nutello looked blankly at the wolf, then looked at Huntress, “What’s going on?  Where are the others?  Who is this wolf?”

Huntress laughed nervously, not sure where to start.  She would try to speak, then closed her mouth, then try again, then sighed in defeat.  “The minions are gone, I don’t know who this is, she just showed up this morning, claiming to be the newest minion.”

“I submitted my resume a week ago and Tiggerpaka the Great did not call or email me, so I knew he was testing my level of commitment, so I came today for the job!”   Skittles replied.

“Tiggerpaka didn’t reply because he’s missing!” Huntress explained.

“Sssshhhhh!!”  Nutello tried to hush Huntress and leaned to her trying to whisper, “Atthay olfway ightmay ebay away yspay orfay okemonpay!”

Skittles did an eye roll. “Pig Latin? Really?”  she sighed.  “I am not a spy.  I do not work for Pokemon, or Tireblade.”

“How’d you know about Tireblade?!”  Nutello demanded.  “I never said his name!”

Tiggerkat responded, “Again, everyone knows about Tireblade.  And Pokemon.  And HQ.  And all the nonsense that Tiggerpaka goes spewing about.”

”It’s not nonsense!”  Nutello defended her mentor, again.  “Huntress, where are the others?  Where’s Hedley?  Milne? Nota Ben? Umbrello? Draco?”

“Uh,” Huntress looked a bit embarrassed.  “Well, when Tiggerpaka left, we, I mean they, saw it as an opportunity for a vacation.  Tiggerpaka works us really hard you know!  Sending us to New York, then back to HQ, then rebuilding HQ, he never gives us a break.”

”Of course not, you lazy minion!“ Nutello went on, “Being Emperor of the Bloggosphere requires lots of hard work from lots of dedicated minions!  I am going to have to issue you a demerit!”

“But Nutello, I’m here!”  Huntress defended herself. 

“Me too!” Skittles interrupted.

“You are NOT a minion!”  Nutello shouted.

“Then you can’t give me a demerit” Skittles smiled.

Nutello face pawed.  “Ugh!  No demerits for anyone! C’mon let’s go” she grumbled.

Chapter Four:

The group walked along the banks of the river when they saw a fox swimming playfully in the river. 

“Cookie!” / “Mimi!” Nutello and Tiggerkat yelled at the same time, then looked puzzled at each other.

“That’s Cookie.” Said Nutello.

“No, that’s my bestie, Mimi!”  said Tiggerkat.

“You are confused, again, Tiggerkat, that’s one of Tiggerpaka’s minions, Cookie” Nutello rolled her eyes.

“Mimi!” Tiggerkat shouted to the fox who was climbing out of the river and shaking off the water. “Will you explain to my friend “Nutty-o” that you are Mimi and not some stupid minion of Tiggerpaka’s?!”   Nutello gave Tiggerkat an evil glance.

The fox sighed.  “Tiggerkat, Nutello, I can explain.”   She looked at Nutello, “My real name is Mimi.  Tiggerpaka likes my cooking and calls me Cookie – and I hate that name—and he thinks I am one of his minions, but I’m not.  I mean, really, Nutello, how often do you see me at HQ?”

“Psssshhhhh!”  Nutello clamped a paw on Mimi’s mouth.  “Don’t mention that place, you might reveal it’s secret location!”

“Oh, you mean Tiggerpaka’s play house under that old phone booth?”  Avvy’s eyes twinkled.

Quinn laughed. “Now it’s a port-a-potty! With a welcome mat and when you step inside it is really an elevator!”

Nutello was getting quite anxious and nervous.  “Uh, no, no, of course not!  Heh heh heh.” She laughed nervously.  “Why would you think that was a, uh, Secret Headquarters?”

“Nutello,” smiled Tiggerkat, “Everyone in the woods knows.  Tiggerpaka is always going around to everyone braggin about it, and then pretending like he didn’t say it.”

“Yeah!” Avvy was laughing harder “He goes around telling everyone how he is going to be the emperor of some bloggosphere and that he was hunting down some imaginary enemies named Pokemon and Tireblade!”

Nutello face pawed.  She wanted to call them liars, but she knew in her heart that was the kind of thing her mentor would do.  She would have to re-build HQ in a whole other location----but that is for a different story---maybe on TFEOBB.

Mimi giggled.  “That is why I let Tiggerpaka think I am a minion and why I cook a grub for him every now and then.  He is so funny in his own demented little way!”

“Okay, okay, you’ve had your fun!”  Nutello fussed with the group.  “But Tiggerpaka is in trouble and he needs our help!   So are you in or not?”

The group kind of looked here and there, up and down, not saying a word.

“Oh, and there is a giant Reese Cup Treasure!”  Tiggerkat added.

“We’re In!!”  they shouted in unison

Chapter Three:

“Well we can’t go without Quinn!”  Avvy said.

“Who’s Quinn?” Nutello asked

“She’s my BFF! C’mon!  Let’s go find her!” and the tiny tiger bounced off.

“I like the way she moves!” shouted Tiggerkat as she bounced off after Avvy.

Nutello sighed.  “C’mon Dazzle, let’s go.” 

The group came near to a river and saw a Cat fishing along it’s banks.  Avvy ran up to her and gave her a big hug.  Nutello could hear them talking excitedly.  When she got closer she saw a grey cat with white paws and muzzle, neck and belly, holding paws with Avvy and showing her catch of fish to an impressed Tiggerkat.

“It took me almost two days to catch all these!”  Quinn said.

“Wow!  You are really dedicated, that was a lot of hard work!” Avvy said.

“So what’s up?” Quinn asked.

“We are going on a super secret mission!”  Avvy said.

“Really?” Quinn was impressed.  “To do what?”

Nutello answered, “To rescue my mentor, Tiggerpa—“

“To find a Reese Cup Treasure!”  Tiggerkat grinned.

“I’m in!”  Quinn quickly dumped her bucket of fish back into the river and picked up a back pack.  “Let’s go!”

The group exchanged glances.  “What??” asked Quinn.  

“That was two days work, you just dumped it!”  Nutello pointed out.

Quinn groaned as she face pawed, realizing what she had done.

Chapter Two:

When Nutello and Dazzle caught up to the site of the commotion, they found Tiggerkat swinging on a tree branch suspended in a large net.   Nutello expected her to be hurt or scared, but Tiggerkat was kicked back, lounging in the net. 

“What the heck happened?!” Nutello wasn’t sure if she should be mad or concerned.

“Just waitin’ for you guys to catch up.” Tiggerkat smiled.  “Now, can you help me down?”

Nutello felt a little steam come from her ears but she swallowed back her frustrations.  Dazzle left Nutello’s shoulder and climbed the tree and out onto the branch that held the net.   She began chewing the rope until it broke and Tiggerkat in the net came crashing down on top of Nutello. 

“Get off of me!”  ordered Nutello.

“Sheesh, Nutty-o, that’s no way to thank a friend!”

Nutello thought she would implode, “Help!?!  Friend!?!  Why I …” 

RRRRrrroooAAARRRRR!!”   A very loud,  fierce sound frightend Nutello who hopped into Tiggerkat’s arms for safety.   Tiggerkat looked confused and set Nutello down, Dazzle reclaimed her spot on Nutello’s shoulder.

“WHO GOES THERE!” demanded a booming voice.

“WhoooWhoo, Who is that?” Nutello trembled.

“It’s Avvy!” Tiggerkat replied cheerfully, calling out, “Avvy!  Its me, Tiggerkat!”

The bushes rustled wildly as Nutello trembled anticipating a large fearsome beast to emerge, and was surprised to see a……Tiger??  A tiny, tiny tiger!   The size of Dazzle!

Dazzle squeaked in laughter and rolled off of Nutello’s shoulder, hitting the ground laughing and pointing at Nutello.  

“Hi Tiggerkat!  Who’s your friends?” the tiny tiger bounced about. 

“Oh, no.” Nutello groaned, “Not another bouncing tiger!”

Tiggerkat and Avvy looked at each other confused.    Then Tiggerkat introduced Nutello and Dazzle to Avvy and explained their mission.  Tiggerkat expressed admiration for Avvy’s handiwork in making the net to protect her home, where the tiny tiger made sweets, including Reese Cups!   So you can see why Tiggerkat and Avvy are good friends!   Tiggerkat thought Avvy would be a great asset in helping them find Tiggerpaka.

“I think I remember that meerkat,” commented Avvy.  “He once asked me if I could make sweets with grubs!  Blech!” she grimaced. “I refused and he said some not so nice things and scurried off.  I don’t think I should help you guys, the forest is better off without him.”

Nutello looked alarmed that anyone could think such things about her boss.  Then she said snobbishly, “Fine. I am sure you would be more of a burden than a help considering your tiny size.”

Tiggerkat looked panicked.  “Take that back!  Don’t make Avvy mad!”

Nutello smirked, “and why not?  I don……..aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh!!!”  And in an instance, Nutello was hanging upside down by her foot from a tree.   Avvy approached her and pulled Nutello’s ear, holding it, causing a bit of pain for Nutello.

Avvy looked at Nutello angrily and said, “Look Nutello!  I may be small, but I am a master at interrogation!  I would be a valuable team member for your cause!”

“And she makes the best Reese Cups!” Tiggerkat said dreamingly.

“And, I decided to join your tream” said Avvy, releasing Nutello’s ear.  The tiny tiger snapped her fingers and somehow the rope released Nutello who fell on her head.  Nutello sat upright and rubbed her head and smiled, “Well, you certainly have talent.  Welcome to the team!”

Chapter 1:

"Sheesh, Nutello!" complained Tiggerkat, while looking back over her shoulder at the heading.  "We're not that late, it's only Chapter One!"

"The longer we wait, the more danger Tiggerpaka might be in!"

Tiggerkat responded with a yawn.

"And" grinned Nutello evily, "The more Reese Cups get eaten out of that Treasure Chest!"

Tiggerkat bounced straight up in the air in fright.

Nutello laughed.  As Nutello moved onward into the forest, a small white and grey creature climbed up her leg and onto her shoulder.  "Hello Dazzle" Nutello smiled.  The small rat smiled when she squeaked in reply.  Then the rat squeaked rapidly at the black anthro wolf that carried her.  Nutello smiled and said, "I don't know, Dazzle.  Tiggerpaka's note said only Tiggerkat could help.  And yes, we will definitely go along with Tiggerkat.  I can only imagine the trouble she would get in without our great intellect guiding her!"

Tiggerkat rejoined the two and bounced ahead of them saying, "We must get a crew together!  See which of Tiggerpaka's minions can help us!"

"What about you, Tiggerkat?  Don't you know anyone who can help?"  Nutello asked.

Tiggerkat bounced back to Nutello and Dazzle and bounced energetic circles around them as she grinned and said, "Buddy-Wolf, Ole pal!  You are in for a real treat!!  Hoo Hoo Hoo Hoooooooo!!"  And she bounced ahead and out of sight.

Dazzle and Nutello looked at each other, confused.  Dazzle squeaked and Nutello replied, "I'm hurrying,  I'm hurrying!  I know, Dazzle, I know!  We won't lose herrrrrr......." then they heard a horrible crash in the distance ahead and a faint "Hoo Hoo Hoo Hooooooooooooo" and a cough, a wheeze, then silence.


It was a dark and stormy night.  The ship creaked as it tossed in the brutal waves.  The winds pounded rain like heavy nails into the sailors as they tried to secure the sails and masts.  The Captain called to his crew to stand fast and strong and show no fear to the gods of the sea!

In the dark recesses of the ships bowels a small creature hid, shivering in the cold, his fur soaked to his bones.   His eyes shone wide with fear.  The little meerkat whimpered, too scared to even cry out.  The meerkat was alone, captured by those mangy pirates, wondering what fate awaited him----IF he survived the storm.....


"You have spent enough time in the tub!  It is bedtime!  So hurry along!"

Sheesh!  Mum sure can spoil a good start to a story!
**tosses aside toy boat**


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