Sunday, October 27, 2013

Make Your Choice! Which do you like more.....

Night or Day

On or Off

Up or Down

Toes or Fingers

Facebook or Instagram

Dogs or Cats

Salty or Sweet

Fork or Spoon

Socks or Shoes

Tiggerkat or Tiggerpaka

Eggs or Bacon

Tea or Coffee

Reese Cups or Reese Pieces

Left or Right

Coke or Pepsi

Kit Kat or Poopy Diapers

Saturday, October 26, 2013

A Must See!!!!

My Photo

My Great Friend Koobedoo Kittyslug
Has a New Blog!!

It's Called:  Koo's World of Books

It is very interesting, lots of different things!

There is 


Book Reviews!!


Ok---no picture for this, but trust me, they're there!

Go Check Out and Follow This
Awesome New Blog!!

Hurry Up!

10 Reese Cups for the first 100 followers!!!

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Need an Idea for a Halloween Costume??

Here are a Some Awesome Ideas!

You can Serve Your Head on a Platter!!

Where's Waldo?

Penny for Your Thoughts??

Star Wars

You can go for something Fruity


Another Headless One

A cool Aquarium

Go Large with These!

Go For the Gold!

And the Best Idea of All!!!

Great Inventions!

Read an Article that Chinese Scientists Invented a Light Bulb that
Emits High Speed WiFi!!


After Reading that a Light Bulb Went off in my Head!!

Maybe I could invent a Light Bulb that Emits Reese Cups!!

I Gotta Get To Work!!!!

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Extreme (Ocean) Pumpkins!!!!

Today I went to the Belize Annual Scuba Pumpkin Carving Festival!

Divers Grabbed Their Pumpkins

And Started Carving

Until A Giant Turtle Attacked!!

The Divers Had to Swim for their Lives!!

Those Who Survived took their Pumpkins to the Judge:

Captain Jack Sparrow!

All Pumpkins had to be Ocean Themed!

Here Are the Finalists that Captain Jack Judged:

The Deep Sea Angler

The Kraken

Sea Urchin Alien

Scary Octopus

Sea Turtle

Giant Jelly Fish

But this was what Captain Jack Choose for Grand Champion!

I think he was Biased in his Judging!

Then, Dockside

We Heard an Explosion

As pumpkin zombies emerged from a pumpkin!!