Tuesday, July 24, 2012

I was Tagged by......Me???

That Crafty Cinnamonrose!!    She tagged anyone who read her Tagging Post and as much as I tried to not read it, my eyes kept looking at it and my brain kept reading it!  I was betrayed by my own eyes and brain!!  Sheeeshh!!  You just can't trust anybody these days!!

Ok, Here we go:
Rules:  (Don't we all know these by now?)

1.  You must re-post these rules
2. You must post 10 things about yourself
3.  You must answer the questions provided by the tagger
4.  you must make up 10 new questions for the person you tag
5  you must tag 2 people

10 things about ME

1.  I do eat foods other than Reese Cups.....when I have to
2.  I have 4 cousins who play on Animal Jam
3.  I think the Bible is a fascinating book
4.  I love science and think it proves what is in the Bible
5.  I love art
6.  The last good book I read was The Hunger Games
7.  I have not read Warriors or Seekers (and don't want to)
8.  I love funny movies
9.  I love hanging with friends
10.  Reese Cups really are my favorite candy

Answers to Cinnamonrose's questions:

1. Would you rather sleep without a teddy bear or sleep on the floor (with everything you need)?
I can sleep without a teddy bear

2. What would you do if you found out you just won $10,000?
scream and bounce all over the house

3. What would you do if you heard the toilet flush in the middle of the night by itself?
hide under the covers

4. What would you rather do, drink water from the toilet or go to a pool party wearing a ball gown?
pool party in a gown----now that is funny!!!

5. What would you do if someone came up randomly and started polishing your shoes?
be really worried, bc I am not wearing shoes!!

6. Do you like food?
Only if it is Peanut Butter coated in Chocolate

7. Am I (Cinnamonrose) awesome?
So You've told me.....(lol!)

8. Have you ever wet your bed at over 6 years old?
**blushes**  yes

9. Green or red?
bed wetting???  ew!!

10. Red or green?
I never eat a reese cup that is Red or is Green!

10 questions for the tagged people to answer: 

1.  What did you wear for a costume last Halloween?
2.   What is the last great Movie you saw?
3.   If you had a million dollars how many reese cups would you buy for Tiggerkat?
4.   If you could do one thing ALLLLL Day, what would you do?
5.  If this was your last meal, what would it be?
6.   What do you have from your baby years that you still love?
7.   Mountains or Beaches
8.  Will you watch the summer olympics ?
9.   Is it Football or Soccar that is played in the World Cup?
10.  Do you wear socks with your sandels?

I tag:    ALL OF MY FOLLOWERS !!!!!!!!!  bwahahahahahaha!!!! 

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