Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter Fun!

The Easter Bunny Was on his Way to Belize....

When He had an Unfortunate Accident

See---he wasn't wearing his Helmet!!

Shortly thereafter, A there was a Knock at my Door.

When I opened I saw.....


(Eggs In Black)

They drafted me and my posse to act as Easter Bunny for Belize until a New Bunny Could be Found

Reese was very excited to help!!

He got straight to work producing Easter Eggs!

Which I collected and painted!

Peanut Butter said he would deliver the eggs....

But those short legs are just too slow!

Kit Kat offered as well...

But she looked too.....uh.......

It's Easter, I have to be nice!

So me being the fastest, I would deliver the Easter Eggs!!

Tiggers are great prowlers, which means we are great at sneaking!


I am soooo very sneaky that this guy  doesn't even know I'm there!!

Well, it didn't take long to hide all the eggs all over Belize!

And I haven't forgotten YOU,

Happy Easter!!!!

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Welcome Koobedoo Kittyslug!!

I think that is Cherokee for Laughing Wolf

which explains her avatar!

I never would've pictured a wolf!
This is what I thought a KittySlug was:

or maybe:

 or even:

But never mind, I am sooooo  soooo Happy that she is newest Follower!!!!

We must Celebrate!!

**wheels out reese cup cannons**


**rains reese cups on everyone!!**

Welcome KittySlug!!!!!!

(I like your stripedy stripes!!  we just need to paint you orange!)

Thursday, March 28, 2013


If you'd like to learn more about the real Easter story please go to my "Ode to God" blog


But who are they??

I have to recognize my newest Followers!

Who has joined since LeNeon??

Monday, March 25, 2013

TTFN Part Deux

Thank you for the Kindness

But, as I said,

Tiggers don't say Goodbye



This is a TTFN

Ta Ta For Now

How long is Now?
I dunno

I will NOT delete the blog

I will still post Welcomes to new members
( if I get any)

And I may make an occasional post...


I can't commit to a daily posting

Or a Weekly Posting

Or even Monthly


I will be around the Bloggosphere

You may see me on Your BLogs

In Great Shot's Stories

and On My "Ode To God" Blog

So thanks for All the Fun

And May God Bless each and Every One of You!

Now, I must get Back to My Latest Art Project!!


Saturday, March 23, 2013



Ta Ta For Now!

 Well, From the First Bounce

To the Last Reese Cup

This Blog has been ALOT of FUN!!

And I Love Love Love

All of You!!!

But I am going to stop posting on this Blog

I am a very busy Tigger, you know!

I have my Art Classes

And Gardening

And Homework

And Fending off Imposters

And Taking Care of My Critters

Surfing with Reese

 Cooking with Peanut

Going on Spying Missions with Cup

Playing Frisbee with Reese Puff

Playing Dress Up with York

And Building My Kit Kat Defense System

And Mostly Building My Fortune in Gold!!




You will Still "See" me Around the Blogosphere!

I will still be posting on:

Tiggerkat's Ode to God

And I Occasionally on Other Blogs

And Will Still Try  to Comment on my Favorite Non-AJ Blogs
(See List on Side Bar)

So Don't Fret....


Tiggers NEVER say Good Bye!!


Thursday, March 21, 2013

rerun reposted! enjoy!!

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I Scream! You Scream!


One of my favorite ways to "Beat the Heat" !! 
I love, love, love when the Ice Cream Truck comes to our neighborhood!

(notice the tigger-like orange color!!)

I tried to get to be first in line, but I was too slow....

Reese and His Friend rushed to beat me!

Reese just Loves Ice Cream!

Everyone from the neighborhood turned out for Ice Cream and pushed ahead of me!

That's ok, I can be patient

 Did You Ever Wonder how much Ice cream could a wood chuck lick
 if a wood chuck could lick Ice cream?

This one got carrot flavored ice cream! (ew!)

Some neighbors get really dressed up for their Ice Cream!

I finally got my Ice Cream!

But before I could start to enjoy it,  I noticed this dude!

This guy I am sure stole this Ice Cream! 
You can't trust monkeys!

See!  I was right!  He stole this little guys Ice Cream!

No problem, I'll give mine to her and go back for more for me,

 Back to the end of the line for me!

Peanut Butter took his Ice Cream home to enjoy!

("HOG"-n-daza: get it??)

Here's Cup getting his Cup sized Ice Cream!


Here is Kit Kat's Ice Cream Cone.............



No way was I going to let that happen to Cup's friends!!

I don't think Kit Kat really needed to eat anything anyway!

Oh no!!   I took too long fighting with Kit Kat and Monkeys! 

Look what happened to that Ice Cream Truck!!

Oh well.............I still have my Reese Cups!