Friday, July 27, 2012

2012 Olympics Opening Ceremony---Tiggerkat Style

Today is the Opening Ceremonies for the Olympics in London!!

Here in Belize we will Hold our Own Opening Ceremonies
to Honor Our Athletes!!

Here come the Olympic Rings down the Harbor!

From the Harbor begins the Parade!

Here are some Local School Children Leading off the Parade!

Next Comes our Olympic Torch Runner

He passed it off to my Uncle Bob..........

Not such a Good Idea....

Well that was Exciting!


Here Comes our Government Leaders

Next is our Military

(Airforce, to be Specific)

And What's a Parade without Elephants!!

(That's my BFF Ellie on the Left!)

And Now the Highlight of the Parade:

ME !!

I got to be right behind Ellie and her Brother!!

Isn't that Grea............

UGH !!!!!!

"CLEAN UP CREW!!----NOW !!!"



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