Sunday, July 8, 2012

Final Clean Up after the Attack of the Clones

well, thanks to everyone's help I got rid of all the clones.  But Mum and Dad are very angry and I am in BIG trouble!   And Reese, Peanut Butter, Cup and Reese Puff are very confused and upset.  Kit Kat is mad, she liked all those clones and the combined evil.

I figure the only way out of all this is to get one of those Memory Erasing Pens like used in Men in Black

But these are not Just sold in stores.

So I had to look on:

(It's amazing what you can find there!!)

I had it Expressed Delivered!

And here it comes right now!

Ahhh!  The Official MIB Neuralizer!

and they came with these really cool protective eye wear!!

Ok!  I'm Ready!   Here goes Nothing!


Why is everyone looking at me??

Why are Mum and Dad looking angry at me??

Why am I aiming this laser pen at myself?

I'm so CONFUSED!!!!


  1. Hmm you did it to your self grabs blaster and forgets that I ever posted this

  2. Ih and that was me skittles above
    ME skittlrs

  3. U ARE SERIOUSLY TWISTED... [Mimi runs from far] Kitkat!!!! Stop using my account, you hacker!!!!!!!!!! >:0 Yuck!


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