Friday, July 20, 2012

A Visit to Curl Up and Dye

I Got The Job!!

So I grabbed my Lucky Scissors and head to the Curl Up and Dye!

They were really busy!!!

I met with the owner, Harry Cutts

He is a Fantastic Hair Artist!!

"Hair" are some of his Creations!

(get it?? Hair?  Here?  hahahhahah....I crack myself up!)

She reminds me of some of the vines in the jungles of Belize!

This was his tribute to "under the sea"

(I am not sure if that is a crab or octopus on her head)

Mr. Cutts's  tribute to Disco!

She's a Dance Party whereever she goes!

His Valentine's Creation

See how the hair makes a red heart around her head?

Wow.....Just Amazing!!

I Can't Wait to Get Started!!

Tomorrow's My Big Day!!


  1. Haha good luck! Your blog is soo funny =3

  2. Hey Tiggerkat! you post a looooooooooot... so I missed a looooooooooot while I was gone! I always looked at your blog from my iPod touch which BROKE. so this is like one of my first times viewing your blog on the actual computer! and can I be an unofficial follower too? I actually used to HAVE a blog, which i quit. so... I'm prepared for the Reese confetti!

  3. Hmm i ont think you should really do nothing crazy tigger good luck with recees on top


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