Sunday, August 19, 2012

Reese's Day at the Pool

Since I have been gone all Last week 

I promised Reese I would take him to the 

Dog Pool Today

He loves Relaxing in the Pool !!

Until he sees the Pretty Girls, that Is!!

Then He Just Has to Show Off

Some Dogs Really Know how to Chillax in the Pool!

Even Reese Puff!!

Some Just like to Hang out in the Sun

And Some Who are not Strong Swimmers

 Prefer the Kiddie Pools

Even York Came to the Pool Today!

Turns out she is a Great Diver Too!!

What a Beautiful Day!!


  1. Hahaha 😄 your do funny!

    Skittles out ✌

  2. you got the pretty girls picture from the secret notebook thing... i have one too

  3. and also wanna know the recipe for reese cup milk? here it is: 1. get reese puffs 2. get milk 3.pour milk into bowl\cup 4. pour reese puffs into bowl\cup 5. eat all reese puffs 5. drink milk!!


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