Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Cooking Class at Camp Okee Dokee

After very little sleep last night, today I had a cooking class!

well, sort of

It was apple carving!!

We each grabbed an apple and made our grand design!

Here is some of the finished products from my Camp Mates

That Really Cool Guy made this really cool Butterfly

Goose made a Duck

(ha!  bet you thought he'd make a goose!)

One of the zombie kids from the first day made this:

This is Teddy's Creation

This one is by our Archery Coach.

This one is by the Camp Leader

Then it was My Turn!

I gave it my Best Effort!!

But the Instructor was not happy with it.

So the only other thing I could think to do with an apple is

Add Peanut Butter and some Chocolate!!

See!  An Apple Reese Cup Sandwich!!

And then I  ate it!!

(well except for the apple part, blech!!)


  1. The instructor should be ashamed! The first one you made was the best apple I ever have SEEN!

  2. You should have done a sculpture of me! I'm sure the instructor would have thought it was EPIC! *grins*


  3. Can you give me the apples?

  4. -eats apple part- YUM!


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