Monday, August 6, 2012

Diving for golf balls.....on a...*gasp!* MONDAY!!

Well, really, what could go wrong??

I am only training today!

So I grabbed my Floaties and Headed out the Door!

When I got to the Golf Course Water Hazard, 
My Trainer wasn't there just yet.

But a Couple of Golf Pros were!

Wonder What They are Pointing At??


On the Golf Course??!!

Here Comes my Trainer, Big Mac.

He doesn't seem too concerned.....

Dude!  That is a SMALL Boat!

Luckily that is not the one We will be Using!!

So we headed out to the middle of the water hazard 

Big Mac says he likes to do a little "fishing"
(air quotes!  he used air quotes!)

 before we Dive.


I said it looked like he had already done some fishing,

but he said, No, that's our Bait.


For What??



Some of those Crocs Can Jump!!!

Big Mac laughed and said he isn't really "Fishing"
(there are those air quotes again)

He's Feeding Them!!

So that they leave him alone while he Dives

Then  He said to Brace Myself

Big Mama Croc


Oops....Wrong Pix

Let's Try Again.....






  1. XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD Sooooooooooooooooo funny XD!

  2. Where did tha50t shoe come from I guess I'll give it to big foot :-D


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