Sunday, August 12, 2012

A Day in the Life of Camp Okee Dokee

Today was Archery Lessons!!

I am a great Archer!!

I  used to practice all the time with Kit Kat.....

until Mum Found Out

aaahhhh, memories.......

Anyway, we have an Amazing Instructor!

Look at her Shots!!

All In the Bulls Eye!!

Next was my camp teammate, Teddy's Turn!

Wow!  He is a great shot too!!

Next was this boy whose nickname is "Goose"

He had the coolest arrows!

Archer Shooting a Goose Arrow

But he had trouble hitting the target

Then the Instructor said it was My Turn!!

I was a bit nervous, so 

I imagined I am the coolest Guy in the Camp

I aimed..........

then Released.......



that looks like that hurt!

But if you look closely, it is a Bulls Eye!!!!



EPIC !!!!


  1. Nothing wrong with pretending to be Fred Figglehorn. XD

  2. *As night falls...* Camp instructor: Lets all tell ghost stories! >:D


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