Saturday, August 25, 2012

Back to School Shopping

We go back to School in another week, 

so Today Mum Took Me to go 

Buy my School Supplies!

I Love Shopping!!

I found the most Epic Lunch Box!!

And I Found a Backpack Big Enough 

to take a small Reese Cup Supply

Found These Personalized Notebooks

And a Pencil that will Last All Year!

Then it was Time to Look for School Clothes!

I Got some new Socks!

(Although we Rarely Need them in Belize)

And Some New Shoes

I Got Some New Clothes

(that one is my favorite one!)

A close up of another new shirt:

and I was so Excited to See this One:

And I found these Awesome Pants

And we Got these too!

I think I am ready to go!!  


Give Me Your Best Bounce!!