Wednesday, August 29, 2012

A Monday Hidden in a Wednesday!

So It was That Time of  Year again

Time to go to the Dentist


You can Easily Spot My Dentist's Office!

I love the Waiting Room!

But the Seats are Not Really that Comfortable

There was only One Patient Ahead of Me

I don't think things were going well for him,
I heard a lot of Strange Noises!!
(did you see he's holding a teddy bear! lol!)


Normally I Love my Dentist

But Today He Found A Cavity!!

He Had to Drill and Drill!!

Then He said He was Just Going to Have to Pull It

It took the Dentist and 2 helpers to Pull it Out!!!


Glad it was just a Baby Tooth!!


I have to Check the Calendar to see if it isn't actually a Monday!!

I wonder what the Tooth Fairy Will Give Me!!!???!!!


  1. Your dentist(s) seems really nice! :D


  2. Wow. That one big baby tooth!!

  3. Skittles/pokemon798August 29, 2012 at 7:22 PM

    That waiting room must freak you out!!! skittles clean your room!!!!!! Oh bye thats Pokemon calling me

    1. wow, Pokemon sure are bossy!


    2. Pokemon798 is just my cousin you should see bring and grey Scott ( no not grey shot or the one that meerkrat mentioned

  4. O.O I remember I brought my Raoul ÇaRoule diecast with me once to the dentist. He didn't like it very much! :P He hid in my bag almost the whole time!

  5. **faints at site of words that say they had to pull out the tooth**


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