Monday, August 13, 2012

Mondays at Camp Okee Dokee

Squirrels are so Cute!!

My camp mates and I decided to get a bit closer to these little guys.

But there was this warning sign:

And after we had bought all these peanuts!!

So someone suggested we go Squirrel Fishing instead!!

See, you tie the peanut to the end of a string

And technically this is NOT feeding the squirrels!

I think the squirrels were having a great time!!

until we ran out of peanuts.....

Then they started looking a bit angry......

and they went on the attack!!!!

They were brutal!!

This squirrel went right for this guy's throat!!!

And this poor girl fell and was immediately swarmed by squirrels!!

I ran as fast as I could!!

But they were faster!!

One caught me by the arm!!

They swarmed and when they finally left...........

It just was not a pretty sight.......



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