Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Cup's Day at the Beach

Ok, Generally Cup does not like to go to the Beach.

But For some Reason, Today He wanted to Go

He kept giving me those big black eyes

Who could say no??

So we headed back to the Beach, Just Me and Cup

I played in the water with my friends

Cup set up his spot on the Beach

Then he had a little picnic

Then Cup played in the sand

But he had trouble draggin the sand bucket around!

So Cup decided to ride some waves.

And later He collected Sea Shells

He tried out a New Beach  House

I think he liked it but it was a bit pricy, so he didn't buy it.

When we finally got home, he was all Sandy and had to have a bath

I thought the quickest way to dry him would be,


to put him in the dryer!

He came out Pretty Fluffy!!

And he was so tired, Cup fell right to sleep on the towel!

I guess he had a good day!



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